Daily Reading #224

The high costs of things are entirely due to government’s enormous share of the economy. End all the subsidies, break up the monopolies and conglomerates, the mandates, the loans, then drop taxes to 25% of now. Costs would immediately fall to the point we could live normal lives again, lesst the enormous social and institutional complexity-cruft this society has accumulated. This is another good link from wrsa, I think I have two today :


Our government can’t be honest about anything. The story wrt the 30 Seals who died in Afghanistan is bogus. The usual many things that don’t make sense for many reasons and signs of a military coverup. Most likely answer is that 7 suicide insurgents were on the copter, there was a firefight in the chopper. Also someone in our command chain stopped our top cover from eliminating the Taliban fighters on the ground, so an RPG took the ship down. Screwups by command at several levels and a coverup of that by higher levels of the military. More trading of embarrassment and possible hurting of careers for long-term trust of the voters who employ them.

This is an officer corps far separated from the kind of honor needed for effective leadership, in case you wonder why we have lost all of the many wars we have started for the last half century. CIA behavior has infected the Army, I wonder if that is why regular army dislike the special forces :


We have all the tools we need to control global warming, as the warming is due to degradation of land, easily remedied with better grazing management and control of erosion, thus biodiversity. Too bad that warming is not likely our major problem :


PropOrNot, the first ‘fake news’ propaganda effort, shows it is not possible to do secret operations in a world that collects data on everything :


This is the NATO version of producing propaganda and another case of minor facts, mostly ignored or not noticed, change the meaning of an event. Look at the CIA guy guiding the various incarnations of ME mercenaries, labeled at different times populist, moderate Islamists or jihadists, now trying to hide the bad-guy Islamist contingent among the Kurds in NW Syria. This is the only article I have seen that mentions that, I think Morphonios missed it yesterday. It certainly makes me side with Erdogan, knowing he is doing good for Assad. Well, Erdpan will have done good if he eliminates the 15,000 non-Kurds, very good if he also goes back home :


Those will have very little effect because there are so many things to be interested in, who can attend to and remember all of the details. Same as this article, discussing the goings on in N Syria, with Turkey attacking Kurds on Syrian territory.

Obviously, PTB depend upon everyone attending to Hollywood and getting their news via Legacy Media, both of which the Deep Black Swamp controls completely. Otherwise, these are the kinds of details which erode trust in our social order :


George Webb continues the investigation into corruption among our elites :


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is hopelessly corrupt. Do not go to Vegas, the cops are a danger to citizens :


I have been watching Hannity once in a while to see what information filters out via Legacy Media. They are just behind the leading edge of the political crimes, but nowhere on the many others in the background. The woman reporter said that there were 10 bullet points of major threads of criminal behaviors, the FBI-Clinton-CIA coverup and framing of Trump is just one of them. As I have been saying, 10 years of controlling the news and the political agenda awaits the political group that does the best job of using the outputs of these investigations. Should be Rand Paul in the Libertarian Party, so sad they all made such stupid decisions :


More from Hagmann. Obama’s birth certificate is bogus. Obama’s SS# is bogus. Obama’s draft card is bogus. Obama is gay. Obama’s background was not real, e.g. he didn’t go to Columbia. Obama’s family is connected to the CIA. This deals with the birth certificate :


I had not looked at Sargon of Akkad in a while. He wants to organize to pushback against the spreading collectivisim.


It is much easier to learn details of many things than ever before in history. This is a Glock 43 :


This is anti-Trump. It is dismissive of ‘small donors’ cash, tho that was the largest amount of small donor cash ever. Nevertheless, Hillary outspent Trump 2:1, maybe more because there was a lot of dark cash that went through her campaign via the various PACs :


I have watched a couple of Reich’s talks in the last few days. This one is more recent, some different discussion and examples. This brings up an interesting idea. We now have pretty good dates for the last big migrations into every region. If your group now claims superiority, it must be a result of the last mixture or a mutation since. Those could be found by genome-wide association studies, your group vs other groups. Not likely, I think, but the inevitable attempts to do that will teach us all a lot :


China vs India in international science :


Remember what I have been saying about there being no shortage of weapons in the US? In addition to the many creative things I have proposed which are bu a small fraction of things others will think of, equipment keeps improving, this is snipering for the masses. You do not want to be going after a civilian population that can operate equipment like this from a remote location. The necessity of controlling the area around your elements out to 1000 out makes occupying hostile territory difficult. Cheap scopes + webcams can do it for shorter ranges, much cheaper. I predict that IEDs aren’t the worst thing to happen to occupying troops in an asymmetric war :



This promised that medieval attitudes toward sex would be more enlightened than simple Christian morality. Not much, hardly worth reading :


Standard government program, 50% overhead to manage homeless day laborers paid $12/hour :


I talked today to a long-time friend I don’t do much more than exchange Christmas cards with most years. He knew of this web site because of links I had put in ZH comments. This social media stuff works.


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