Daily Reading #223

This is one of the clearest statements of the changing alignment in human affairs I have seen. We are all in this together, we are one humanity, positive-sum play is the only strategy. Thus the most efficient way to affect our greater world is not to support political groups, rather to make our individual lives positive-sum and work that through our community :


And I immediately find another writer with the same ideas. He isn’t fully rational, e.g. his statement that increasing social isolation will only fuel the radical social groups. What would prevent it from affecting all groups? :


Israel is bad for Jews, the US is bad for Americans. If you think back over the last 30 years, society’s dysfunction is lockstep with growth of laws. The Temperance Society lead to Prohibition, a huge dysfunction resulted and Prohibition was repealed. But the Temperance society didn’t stop, they used state laws. Because Jurists had already lost the idea that the Constitution was a means to increase individual Freedom, state prohibitions were used to over-ride personal ownership of yourself and personal choice, the many drug laws followed. Immediately followed more social dysfunction. We didn’t have speakeasies and crime lords before the prohibitions, we had more drug problems afterwards as well as far more crime problems. The associated crime waves take 2 generations to recede. There has to be malevolence behind the very stupid decisions. Except that there probably weren’t. Everybody was just being single-minded righteous, a common failure-mode in European history to the present day. Christian nations all kill people for their own good, other nations kill people for their own different reasons :


I have not made the point of how science is changing as a result of the internet. John Hawks is a leader in open science :


Political realignment everywhere :


The Democrats should hope for this, but the reality will be the Democratic Party being trashed for the corruption and how it has benefited their senior people :


If you allow lawyers in the legislature, the laws will not prohibit crime, they will make it legal, but legally complicated :


More of Google’s part in the ubiquitous surveillance state :



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