Daily Reading #222

To amplify why Trump needs to keep surveillance powers : Simple game thinking, I thought. You can’t give up the tools they have until you have won.

The good guys have to assume that the bad guys can go on using covert means, likely they have back-doored their own agencies’ info systems. If not, they have their people scattered through the organization. Or both. Andrew McCabe and James Comey had a long time to work on the personnel of the FBI, who rose, who fell, who went to what offices. You can’t trust any of the FBI until they prove themselves by tracking down the bad guys in their own ranks.

Great, now we have a ‘he said, she said’ situation, complete with files that can prove anything, how hard is that to arrange? For all sides?

I think that untangling the webs of corruption and compromise is decades, not years. Look at Italy, they still haven’t gotten rid of the various mafias. I don’t follow Italian politics, but did the issue of Mafia corruption ever die? Or just keep building? Did some areas get clean?

Problem with all this social stuff is that there isn’t a clean in/out test for any group. We are going to find that many of our leading people throughout society have ties in shades from bright white social innocence to partners in crime black, into the blackest of the crimes. everyone has lots of connections. The more prominent you are, the wider the variety of people you have mingled with. There are political careers in the investigations. Trump and his successors can ride this for 2 decades.

Of course, they will become the issue when in some far distant future the last possible bad guy has died and fortune has dispersed beyond recall, but the surveillance capabilities are greater than ever and the successors of the current good guys refuse to end the situation.

The necessary compromise will be immediately ending all surveillance, everyone owns their data in return for amnesty for confessions, files and loss of 90% of fortunes. And open all files to everyone and run a public investigation to understand it all. That devolves power instead of concentrating it, exactly what is needed to improve our Civilization.

Jake Morphonios on the Afrin invasion by Turkey. Excellent overview of the CIA mafia’s very bad effects on our national security :


Jake discussing radical religions and Zionism is very intelligent, based on good understandings and logic. Also wise :


This is the article on Google’s fact checking I needed yesterday. Google and FB backed off on the first attempt at re-establishing the center’s control of our information flows, but they can’t stop and can’t be stopped. In fact, as soon as Google’s searches were tailored to your interests and FB’s page was changed by your friend’s acts, e.g. a post, detecting any kind of bias in their systems became difficult. So, this is the next evolutionary landscape, people and companies will provide their own QA mechanisms. It will also


Comparing ZH’s articles with the top news articles on news.google.com is instructive if you don’t believe Google is a Stasis Quo organization. They don’t list anything interesting about the FBI’s faux investigation unless you search.

George Webb continues on Nuclear Won :


Jason Goodman continues interviewing whistleblowers exposing the Deep Black Swamp :


Processors are not yet secure. ARM processors will get a boost from this. Thank God for Open Source Software. Without people like Linux Torvalds we would be entirely dependent upon Intel and Microsoft :


The more we know, the smarter animals appear. This shows that the ROI in brains is high for the increment that gives crows the ability to use tools, it produces a very significant increase in the ability to access food :


I thought I had linked to this before, can’t find it. I hated the PC tone of this symposium and the snark of the speakers against people that they view as their inferiors, but all of the talks were informative. After the low-level introduction, John Hawk, Beth Shapiro and Spencer Wells then gave outstandingly cogent talks, works of art, even at 1.25x speed. This is Well’s standard talk that I have seen before, he is a showman scientist.

Human genetics is braided streams on a nearly flat floodplain. Is a flat floodplain a floodplane? :


Excellent discussions of human evolution :


This is more of the story of mind being based on mechanisms evolved to maintain the body. ‘Embodied mind’ theory is just being worked into AI thinking. I am pleased that The Generalissimo understood the necessity and so Scherrhy was the first AI given full human rights :


Problems in cell phone forensics include false positives :



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