Daily Reading #220

I think it is very good to have first-hand accounts of the experience of war, Hollywood’s versions have been heroic glosses over the reality :


George Webb over the last few days has been tying bows on his global views of the Deep Black Swamp, Illegal Command and Control branch. This is the group mind at work, I know small pieces of this total story, but likely none of his team see the totality, not even George. But the links will keep connecting so long as there are information systems connecting the dots. One can imagine AIs in some near future obsessively mining the old data stores for clues as to exactly who was guilty of exactly what.

Every bit of meta-data, the date of a file, the time of an email, the use of a phrase are a constraint on what could be true. We use that to show guilt or innocence. Facts in the present + organizations, people + motives + metadata can work the network of truths back in time. That is the way history works, this will be big data history :

There are more breaking bombshells today than I can remember :


From the article, it is not clear that the Professor thinks ‘improving national efficiency’ using big data and AIs along with the ultimate surveillance state to enforce micromanagement of the human component of the system is in any way negative :


I had watched Dark Journalist on Hagman before, somehow started watching again and continued just to test my memory and run back over the reasoning. After the first time I saw this, 11 January 2018, George Webb’s info on Steve Bannon came out. Now we can consider why both Flynn, a real friend of President Trump committed to cleaning up the Deep Black Swamp, AND the insider Deep Black Swamp faux friend Steve Bannon were both defenestrated, and by who.


This is Dark Journalist and Joseph Farrell in an excellent discussion of the phenomena of QAnon. It is not what it appears to be, as ephemeral as that was. Information control of some kind, clever hopium porn to pacify everyone, to neutralize minds and waste mind-work with worthless connections and breadcrumbs :


We should be outraged that our media are not outraged at the many things that have become normal :


This is fairly profound. The Democratic party is the activist cadre, the base is the institutions that cadre build and operate. Their constituency are the people who pay their wages. You can’t take over the party from the grass-roots, there aren’t any. Instead, build your own cadre, your own institutions and therefore your own base. There are no shortcuts. All large political movements have done this, and the more difficult the conditions for the people, the easier it is for a political organization to organize. :


SAmerica connected to NAmerica only 5 million years ago. Terror birds were briefly successful in colonizing N America. More NAmerican species went S than vv because N America had so many large predators, the other species had adapted :


I think this version of money laundering is wrong. The size of the money to be laundered is an issue, but Capone and local criminals ran it through those cash-only businesses. The businesses deposited the illegit cash as proceeds from the coin-operated-machines, which made for a very profitable business. This doesn’t go into the transfers through the banking system and investments. So not very good, but the best I have seen :


This is an excellent presentation of the Milankovich cycles and effects on climate-controlling feedbacks in the atmosphere and ice cover. He goes wrong when he talks about C02 as a driver. The ice cores show the rise in CO2 happens AFTER the cold periods begin. I don’t know the measures for cold periods after volcanoes. I think there is a confusion in that because the volcanoes likely come in cycles and be influenced by the same gravities controlling the orbit, probably enhanced by the earth’s spin. I don’t remember anything considering all of this at once, need to look at the ice core results again. Doesn’t matter really, there are another half a dozen factors you can add in, e.g. the catastrophes from outer space that come in Great Year cycles as Randal Carlson discusses, and so every year is different even before we add in the state of the earth itself and human’s effect on the total system.

However, the Precautionary Principle is not part of evolution’s toolbox, that produces a static environment. Once we accept that we are just another species of a type that evolved inevitably by the workings of the universe as it dissipates high energies to low, and that our species will end as have almost all others, we can see how selfish that would be, depriving those future entities their time in their suns.

Of course, another bit of evolution’s mechanism is that life keeps trying, individuals continue to attempt to propagate, both controlling your environment and making it better for your kind and pushing into new environments are a normal part of evolution. Perhaps we should frame the questions as “Lowering long term support costs” :

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