Daily Reading #21F

Taleb is one of the top thinkers about our modern complex systems and evaluating and managing their associated risks :


National debt is the major known kill-the-system risk for modern economies. It is completely ignored :


Jake Morphonios continues his open source investigation. Jake is among the best of the best of the independents :


George Webb’s crowd source investigation continues :

Nice to see financial pages discussing the system discord their existence produces. Surely there must have been studies of financial scale and panics before and after central banks? We still have financial panics, but now they are world-wide and called Greater Depressions :


This is a storybook of the individuals who founded the Iroquois Confederacy, an extremely advanced social and political organization of the tribes that predated 1492. No kidding, their social organization is lovely in controlling the recurring problems in tribal societies, then scaled to handling the 5 tribes.

The Europeans learned advanced political structures and concepts from the Iroquois. Whites went voluntarily to live with the Indians, some of those Indians adopted the settler’s farming technology (and were later massacred by whites who wanted their land), but Indians did not try to live like Whites. White culture was much less personally free than Indian culture :


More was of capturing carbon, should we decide to compete with plants. There must be some break even point in net production of (xC02 + yH)n per square meter of land surface and amount of water. Plants produce more complex carbohydrates, with overhead for constructing the plant and its storage in seeds, etc. Using copper + C02 + electricity to produce ethlene is another piece of the developing artificial photosynthesis that is being developed :


This says 10M cubic meters of air can be purified passively with towers and filters every 24 hours, the amount of air in a square kilometer 10 meters high. That is 1/10th of the area under the envelope feeding the tower. So the idea isn’t useless, but preventing the crap in the area is far more cost-effective :


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