Daily Reading #21E

I get sent the damndest things :

I finally force myself to deal with this niggling problem — Why does President Trump favor ubiquitous surveillance, the 702 provisions and all the other many obvious violations of the human right of privacy from anyone’s attention. (Sorry, didn’t finish the thought, this is added an hour later.) Problem is game theory. You can’t give up advantages until you know you have won. In that process, tools embed themselves into everything, the memos, precedents, … the fabric of the bureaucracy. and normal That ratchet is part of the positive feedback inherent in power.



Hagman is encouraged for the same reasons we all are. Time to sort through the worries, in my contrarian opinion, because relaxing in the slightest before you convert the great majority of ‘the other’ to your way of seeing some things means the bastards will get you in the back. Assume something is coming up on you whatever way you face. Still, the Sagan is upon me.

But no kidding, time to redouble our efforts, imho, because people are not grokking what ‘will hang if they lose’ means. This isn’t your minor war of bureaucratic attrition that Trump tried to allow it to be. Remember when Trump tried to softpedal Clinton’s crimes? He offered informal amnesty, they doubled down. Now Trump appears to be winning, having masterfuly worked with congressional leadership and the OIGs to release the results of their investigations in a long and well-scripted sequence of intense public interest. I bet that the investigations carefully stayed within the strict letter of the law, removing any possible defense as they do so. These are going to be model prosecutions.

But, don’t forget that they hang if they lose. I believe that anything that triggers the Continuity of Government provisions means military government. I don’t recall what mechanism ensures that would ever end. Easy to find things to worry about, much harder to sort out what can be hedged and the worth of the hedges :


It is interesting how people can’t look one step ahead :


On selecting judges :


Sex trafficking is still a big business, possibly as large as drugs :


This discussion by Victor David Hanson brings up the issue of the Iran nuclear deal wrt Germany wanting the same deal. It is interesting that I don’t know anything about that deal. But George Webb’s take is that anything nuclear is complex import-export patterns. Where is Iran in that? That is, Obama and Clinton were involved, and everything they do is dirty. So the Iran deal was dirty, and until we investigate that in great detail, I have no opinion about whether Iran has the right of it. That even before the Hezbollah drug smuggling ring that was just exposed. That is very likely the same deal as the nuclear and half a dozen other flows of illegal goods.

George talks about Iran’s role below. Extrapolating and summarizing — The US military and FBI have the incentive of black budget income to sell as much uranium to overseas users as possible. As standard fuel rods, even more. Fostering their own private investments, far more. As a result of their sales efforts, stocks of highly enriched uranium are down, below levels that will affect Naval operations, as well as impacting trusting customers. Thus, Iran and others are running centrifuges on imports of UF6 and exporting HEU back into the US to be made into fuel rods. Uranium shipments are a problem because all ports and terminals now include detectors that will see an atomic bomb, even if hidden. That means the shipments must be ignored in those intelligence streams, that was the point of George’s excitement about the Maersk diplomatic containers, one of the many ratlines, including US Navy vessels.

That is the line of evidence from which I extrapolate that the US Navy will have been found to have transported cargoes of people in illegal trades. If an agency has a secrecy stamp and a permission stamp, significant people in that agency are dirty. Breaking the rules for your country easily slides into horrendous crimes for profit. Therefore, for your own safety, never give money or power the benefit of any doubt. They adhere to the rules, letter AND spirit, or we smash them. There is no possible compromise, as power has a very positive feedback upon itself. Small transparent local groups running parts of the big picture, e.g. water for a section of the city, can be completely honest. Large :


Jake Morphonios and a friend or two are piecing together the story of what happened in Las Vegas. Now we learn about the mercenaries on the ground. Jake had testimony previously about one on top of ??a 7-11 or diner??. The mercenary discussed here was likely driving around long afterwards looking for the homeless guy who stole his guns. Jake’s ability to deal with a variety of individuals makes him an excellent investigator. No need for strong-arm stuff, cops could learn.

The very real people who make up alt-media and stand up in front of their own camera and talk about their investigations are a much better model for ‘professionals’ in this new world. It is ordinary farmers going around lecturing to large crowds, people who operate profitable operations based on new understandings and are teaching their neighbors to think in new ways. It is ordinary people from all walks of life who are the tenacious journalists and attract the fellow researchers, drivers, … A new set of local reporters rose to Youtube prominence with every hoax shooting, there have been excellent blogs by taxi drivers, farmers, … Old media is fading because the new is more interesting, more immediate in people’s attentions.

It is an interesting new set of flows in information space. Ultimately, those control physical reality as we minds choose better futures.

I just watched a series of inspiring Sagan sermons, it will wear off soon :


Assessment of teaching and learning is not useful in almost all cases, is more often counter-productive. I saw it in the academic world, I see it in the business world. Interviews are an example, they are good at sorting out people like the interviewer, but not for much else :


George Webb and his group mind continue their analysis of the evidence. Our government is organized as pay-to-play. Every asset of the government is up for sale, especially the results of the research groups. The 2nd of these is the big picture of the Uranium One story and tying in Finicum and the Bundys and the great need to distract and stop Trump, the necessity to hide the fact that they didn’t down-blend HEU, I guess from the old USSR? He thinks slowing down those revelations are the reason for the Dems shutting down the government. Note that the FBI profits from the Uranium trade, giving them a major reason to unseat Trump :


This seems to me just modern GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out. Garbage thinking produces garbage results. This lays out the Elon Musk phenomena for the fraud that is :


“A world where it is increasingly hard to tell human from software”, more GIGO :


Everyone is very optimistic about Trump vs the Deep State. Notice the Deep State gets redefined a lot lately. Cynic that I am, I think that is redirection of attention and guilt :


Crows in groups, more language studies, very little is known. Must be true of other social species, e.g. parrots. The key here is the ability to triangulate positions and so follow individual birds. That ability is why you must not discuss anything any secret in any open area, not even in the middle of a roaring stadium. 3D signal processing can pull your individual voice out of the noise, easily :


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