Daily Reading #218

Glen Greenwald points out the disconnect between rhetoric and actions wrt Trump’s threat, the consistency of those wrt Deep State interests. Trump’s supporting the Deep State’s powers is not good at all. Now we will find that the Greatest President need not be very good :


As I keep saying, there is a convergence of political opinion coming that will sweep away the political establishment and many of its institutions :


George Webb :




The depth of the protection of the corrupt elements in government indicates long-term planning and placing of people in positions of government. This is CIA practice, who is using it against the US government? Trump’s State Of The Union could be very interesting this year, there are apparently a lot of sealed indictments building up in federal courts :


So many reasons to be very careful of the militaristic ideas you allow into your head. Even worse when they are codified as training manuals for police, and thence become defenses in criminal cases “I was trained that way”, the modern bureaucratic version of the “I was just following orders” defense: Once you let absolute standard of human, civil, process rights slip at all, you have doomed your society to fall into a tyranny. It seems to be as fundamental as gravity or electricity in social systems, tho the time constants are much longer.

Our CIA helped that to happen by Dyncorp’s police training and the many FBI-police and military-police and DOJ-police programs, many of whom hired trainers from Dyncorp and Israeli companies. The FBI can now set up assassinations on Oregon highways and the state police and sheriff will help :


Bruce Schneier is the most well-known US researcher into computer security issues. I have noticed that, over time, he has become mainstream in his opinions on security-related topics, e.g. NSA isn’t so bad as an institution. This link in his latest email accepts ‘the Russians hacked the US 2016 election’ total BS.

Hard to believe he read it, but a mind is responsible for its links, Google’s algorithms can’t tell whether we did or not :


Another. I just watched the trailer for “The Looming Trailer”, I normally automatically skip them. Hard to be sure, but it looks like some variant of the standard 9-11 frame, the government’s story. I still see people pushing that in comments in ZH, so many refutations nobody can still believe it, and every attempt to make us do so just generates more distrust and disbelief. These days, the counter-culture understands the evidence, judging by young friends of ours.

Yesterday I commented on the development of new species and the unintended consequences. Today I find a good example of natural intelligence screwing with signals in human arenas :


Sticks and stones in archaeology and human evolution :


This is an example of professional soldiers against untrained, poorly-equipped, but especially poorly-lead, militias. Who thinks last stands are a good idea? Who let their army be maneuvered into a last stand? You don’t have to be Sun Tsu to grasp the downside of that strategy. Rolling the dice is a negative sum game, why use a strategy that risks any loss at all? TINA situations are to be avoided at all costs seems to me to have been one of the wise sayings from ancient times, yet every generation seems to walk into them on purpose. History should be taught as the recorded list of stupid decisions by authorities, the things people can do to defend against them. The rudimentary documentary leaves open the possibility this was a case of intentional elimination of the farmers by the townspeople, so there could have been a double-cross, maybe it wasn’t bad decisions by the militia leaders. OTOH, fighting professionals on their ground with their weapons was the first response  :

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