Daily Reading #215

Why would anyone need to apologize for attending or holding an orgy? Every first-world nation has an active swinger culture. Every country in the world has prostitution. Every culture includes women trading sex for social and material advancement in normal social interactions. Sex is as harmless as anything that humans can do to and one of the most highly-valued among the things people do for each other, along with drugs, food, shelter, empathy, and sharing information and understandings.

Along with that is huge focus on the ‘shit-hole countries’ comment that Trump made yesterday. NPR hammered that and repeatedly labeled it racism for at least an hour that I heard yesterday. One of the Pacific ultra-progressive programs I heard while driving, an older guy who is often disconnected from realities I recognize when discussing economic or social issues, sided with us Deplorables as a matter of clear thought. He also wondered how the leftish side of our political system doesn’t grasp the fact that Trump voters didn’t vote for a diplomat as a matter of values, how the left can think that such obvious propaganda is hurting Republican political prospects at all. This kind of publicity elected Trump, Trump knows it, leftish legacy media seems to have no clue.

How have our species’ highest values been subordinated to politics? If the CIA-MIC-Israeli-neocons manage to oust Trump and survive the revolution that will prompt, I think their goal must be to use politically correct + neo-puritanism as the basis of political and social repression. Trump is winning bigley, the Mueller investigation, Pee Pee Dossier, insanity for impeachment are failing. The Deep Swamp draining is 10 years of political wins for Trump and his designated successor.

Yes, the Deep Swamp will have to kill Trump if they want to preserve their mafia profits :


Proper format for news is separate sections for the government’s story vs the underlying reality. Alt-media know this and use the format. Legacy media use the older style, only the government’s story. This is the case of France’s jihadists in Syria, poor fools who were taken in by Israeli-UK-US-Saudi propaganda that ISIS was a holy war. In fact, they were cheap mercenaries and are now either abandoned or are being moved to other arenas to continue the destruction of all order throughout Muslim Africa. Israel benefits from that because it eliminates national opposition to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Te Deep Swamp benefits by US military spending and the opportunity to steal the resources of entire nations, as they have done in Libya :


Associated with that, my grasp of frames seems to be getting better. I was just thinking about American Thinker, whether to keep a tab open, whether it is worth looking at that web site’s links every week or so. ‘No’, I just decided, because AT is merely a Partisan Establishment publication, social conservative, but accepting of ever-larger government, version. It presents the world as the opposite face of the NYTime’s Partisan Establishment social liberal Progressive. Their articles are ‘Red Sea as a geopolitical hot point’ anti-Iran, pro-Israel, world views accepting a world composed of contending nations pursuing their national interests, some skirting civilization’s rules.

Concept errors, imho, also intentional mis-direction. Nations’ governments, commerce and social institutions at all levels are increasingly immeshed in an international ecosystem of individuals and organizations not localized in one country.

I hopefully hypothesize that this is an attack on the CIA’s ratlines through 7-11s run by Pakistanis, and that it is part of Trump’s unfriending of Pakistan, I liked to several articles in the last few days. I find it interesting how few people are making any connections in all this. Frames limit what you can see as well as what you can express :


The Saker is a fine analyst. Nevertheless, his world view is that frame of geopolitics. Trump is not making decisions inside that frame, so to The Saker, Trump and team look stupid for the same actions and results that I think are brilliant policy within very tight constraints of US political system and politics :


George Webb :


Every now and then Youtube suggests something interesting, e.g. this karate guy’s view of efficient punching :


It means the average boxer is incredibly ineffective? And has been for thousands of years? Fortunately, youtube allows checking that immediately. Obviously from this video, at least for heavy-weight boxers, they do not telegraph, so Kai overclaims for karate :


Really, you see it in the styles of karate vs boxing. Boxers keep their gloves, arms, elbows out in front as a barrier, no individual blocks of punches. Boxers can only head-dodge round-houses, and protect abdomen with distance. Karate is more standoff, so blocks of individual punches and kicks. Strong right hand knocks boxers out, but high kicks arriving faster than the opponent can dodge are lethal in karate.

My faith in the rationality of the world and the ability of people to learn from experience are restored. White’s expertise is not comparative combat styles. Neither is mine, so while all this seems plausible, I should expect traps mere thought can’t see.

More on the mitochondrial theory of aging. Lots of biochemistry, but where is the study showing the mice live longer in the NAD+ group? :


Dance continues to evolve brilliantly :

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