Daily Reading #213

Our FBI’s leadership contains more than a few corrupt officials. The FBI can control local coroners, same as local sheriffs. How can homicide victims NOT be given autopsies? Were the half of the Las Vegas shooting victims not autopsied the ones killed with different weapons? As just one of the many things that could be hidden by this never, never, never happens exception to set-in-stone rules of evidence and law. Any defendant charged with the murders of those un-autopsied individuals would merely need point out they had no definitive medical evidence of the cause of death. Unless, of course, those were the ‘head shots’. So I never believed ‘head shots’ could have killed many people, that was BS. Trained snipers can’t do head shots from that distance in a running mob, and all the closer shooters were using pistols.

And what it means is that ‘head shots’ is going to be the reason for the missing autopsies. You watch, these guys are amateurs in creating stories. No thinking person will believe those stories, but they don’t think they have to care. Or they are dumb, IQ’s falling because they are making decisions real-time, can’t talk about the events to their normal network for evaluating situations and deciding on responses. And also because they are under increasing stress as the stories fall apart, and nobody believes anything coming out of our government.

But, ‘no autopsy in a murder case’ did happen, come to think of it. Seth Rich. The ex-homicide investigator who looked into that case said he had never heard of a missing autopsy report in a murder case. The FBI’s fingerprints were on the Seth Rich case, also. They got the laptop from his room, as I remember. There were also reports of a theft of a gun from an FBI vehicle that was back-dated one hour to before the reported Seth Rich shooting, and a report I never heard again (George, I believe,) that a subsonic ‘organ harvesting’ bullet was recovered from Seth Rich.

Of course, George also thinks there is a considerable chance that it was all disinfo hiding the fact that Seth Rich is in Indonesia, hiding out after an operation inside the DNC. Rabbit holes everywhere. Who knows what is true?

The Constitution did not intend that citizens should need to spend this much mental effort trying to understand how to protect themselves from acts of their government :


A clever investor, say an insider at AMD or Intel, who early knew of the processor design bugs would have sold Microsoft short. Next to AMD and Intel, MS is the biggest user. You see, Microsoft Server software is already very slow relative to Linux, which is slower than some of the BSDs. The processor slowdowns of up to 30% mean many more servers and many more MS Server and application licenses. MS stock probably went up immediately after the processor story broke.  But 2nd order, it will increase the rate of loss of MS’s server software business to OSS software. I think the total cost for hardware and software for porting applications to Linux or FreeBSD executing in VMs will be less than the cost of licenses and hardware. The decision will be to run light-weight virtual machines from the OSS world with light-weight OSs.

Judge Jenine and Judge Napolitano are very lucid people who state their cases vigorously. Trump’s side of the debate has the very major advantage of requiring less communications among the team. The  Deep Swamp has to distribute talking points. The differences between their version and factual reality is the list of talking points for anyone valuing reality. We are winning :

I just started watching a video suggested by Youtube. I decided in <15 seconds it was BS. It took me the time it took to write those sentences to realize, once again, Youtube doesn’t EVER suggest anything I find both credible and reasonable, I have to search for Laura Loomer, etc. I see Cernovich and Infowars, they are sometimes credible, but also I don’t like their style of reporting

George Webb. Stroczk family is obviously a ratline. Under Obama, very many intelligence operations were coordinated at the White House, e.g. Sandy Hook. Strange I never see that emphasized :



Youtube makes much better suggestions on fun topics :


I just found this on NakedCapitalism and stole it :

Honey for the Bears: “This is where we are.” [The Reformed Broker]. On Ripple: “To recap, someone wrote a piece of software code, called it a currency, and people invested hundreds of billions of dollars into it, making him one of the richest people on earth virtually overnight. The ‘currency’ is not currently in use as anything other than a tradable asset on unregulated exchanges, nor is it decentralized in the way that Bitcoin is – it is centrally owned and controlled by the software company that created it. So basically, it’s an American Express gift card with none of the reliability or utility and 10,000% the volatility…. You can shut your eyes and pretend that your fellow investors aren’t losing their minds, or you can be situationally aware and remember how periods like these have ended throughout market history.”

I think that is entirely, 100% TRUE. Beyond doubt by any rational person who has paid attention to any news in any period of history. Good philosophy, the best logic, impeccable wisdom. No questions at all.

But all that is not the entire decision-space, given a bit more context, and that context explains the ‘irrational exuberance’. The difference is, the beauty of a tulip is worth what people will pay for beauty. Bitcoin has utility. The applications being built on blockchain technologies have utility. How much are their utilities worth? We don’t know yet, we only know we have another frontier in our developing world-wide information technologies systems.

Not many companies make it big with new applications in these evolutions of the global information exchange and analysis systems, but the ones that do become Googles. In that context, a bet on Bitcoin is at worst a  ticket in a lottery rather than a tulip mania.

But I don’t see how it is different from an investment in a startup. Every VC on Sand Hill road is convinced the deal they just signed is a prescient bet on an inevitable future. Every other bout of the Fed’s free money, a bunch of them fold their current fund as their non-managing partners can’t meet their investment obligations. The rest continue their random-walk to fame and fortune.

Zero Hedge, Western Rifle and NakedCapitalism are my daily major sources of links. Again I comment on the frequency at which I see the same links on all 3, or 2 of the 3. A re-alignment is happening in this country, a major dimension is for and against the criminal cabals in our government. Neither party will die in the next few years, ballot access is worth 2 years and probably $50M per state. Just predicting, ‘reformed’ is a weak phrase for what is about to happen to the parties’ current management. Social relations with any of them is going to be increasingly toxic and pedophilia and drug scandals consume both parties’ leaders.

I wonder about my assumption of getting a new party on the ballot. I second-think the internet changes that. I think that some young, charismatic investigative reporter with the right persona, perhaps some combo of Johnathan Pye and Jake Morphonios, with 10 years to build an internet presence and following, could push that. We will know that feat is possible when the legacy media finally begin covering the alt-media personalities regularly. That day cannot be 10 years in the future, I guesstimate :


The differences between PR, advertising and propaganda are different goals == measures of success, so different techniques. Big data is not a magic wand, the problem with changing voting behavior is that voters need something to vote for and that is a problem of measurement and the discipline to do that accurately.

So I buy that opinion, a professional opinion.  And I also do not believe individuals have different mental experiences after being subjected to the different technologies, they employ the same psychological mechanism, and practitioners of all 3 arts mix the techniques freely. Ads for health products with a subtle fear message, even less than subtle xenophobias in some countries. I think people do this automatically, it is theory of mind and long exposure to the product of other minds. The 3 different arts are one at base, all are intentionally modifying other’s mental states, our species specializes in that :


Memory and thinking are facilities that require practice. I bet the tabla players have some of these same changes, certainly the same thickening of cortex and hippocampal gyrus associated with patterns and memory  :


This is a big deal and makes you wonder why nobody worked on the problem before, as it is so obvious in hindsight :


Dolphins are intelligent enough to be classified as sentient, and thus requiring recognition of ‘human rights’ for the species :


The usual leftish view of history. The Rockefeller story is not so simple, the price of kerocene fell continuously as his monopoly grew, so I assume the case for anti-trust is flawed. IBM had a monopoly also, then Microsoft, … and the nation survived :


A while back I read a series of historical novels ~14th century revolving around members of a traveling group of players which also did espionage. Judging from people today, entertainment in the old days wasn’t as high class as those novels presented it. I listened to many of this list, some are hilarious. Some great schticks played out on stage to audiences very appreciative of bawdy humor. You can now poke fun at religion in a deep southern accent, certainly a new level in our social evolution :


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