Daily Reading #20F

I am increasingly convinced by the accumulating evidence that Trump thinks and plans in terms of cascading and compounding incremental advantages with long timelines. Pretty much what you would expect from a NYC property developer, when you think about it, but Trump’s moves have left our Deep Swamp completely outclassed in strategy and tactics, another Intelligence Community that couldn’t foresee its own demise with a covert action arm that hasn’t been able to protect itself.

The Clintons, Democratic party leaders, Bannon and the other Deep State NOCs and their ratlines are being exposed bit by bit. This sets the news for the next decade, will keep the many criminals very much on the defensive. Thus the over-the-top stories like Bannon’s charges against Trump and family and the developing attempt to declare Trump insane. None of this will change the outcome, and most will accelerate it because the conspiracy is exposing itself with every defense.

Likewise, Trump and the forces of law and order are on the ascent, definitely they are winning big by exposing the Deep Swamp criminals and prosecuting them. The investigations will widen and expose new crimes every month or so and details for every news cycle. This is the entire Stasis Quo losing bigly, as there is going to be a lot of explaining to do by our elites every step through this process. This is the beginning of very major changes in our political order.

The only way to screw this up is to go un-Constitutional, e.g. the military arresting and shipping domestic enemies to Guantanamo. I don’t care if it is authorized under one of Shrub’s laws, that is obvious very against the internal logic of the Constitution. Being taken over by demagogues or military is the major threat under any form of government, you don’t allow military the power to operate against anyone within the borders of the US, those are for police powers only. Thus, I hope and trust they are acting strictly within the Constitution. If not, I will oppose Trump’s prosecutions, would support amnesty commissions for those criminals. OTOH, the Guantanamo stories would be very good distractions as this process of rolling up the Deep State’s operatives proceeds. Also, it is indeed possible that it isn’t possible to trust communications with any civilian agency in these actions, so perhaps I could be convinced, iff they put themselves back inside the Constitution at the very earliest opportunity and changed the laws to what they were.

If the DOJ does their job well, we will have many trials keeping all of the corruption in the news for as long as Trump can remain President, and probably for 2 terms of his chosen successor. If Trump pulls this off, he will go down in history as our country’s Greatest President, no question, and Trump must know this. So he will think about a successor who could carry on his legacy, make him even greater.

Even now, the DOJ’s prosecutors are jockeying for positions in the prosecution’s team which will put them into Session’s position in a few years and setting themselves up to run for President carrying on Donald Trump’s legacy. Think of a Trey Gowdy mind, media savvy and poise with daily exposure gaining the convictions of people in the CIA and Clinton Crime Cabal, going on to lead a DOJ campaign to clean up the mafias.

The prosecutions will have major and continuing political effects. An individual like that could not lose, having proven that they were free of corruption and compromise, the slightest hint of dirt in an opposition candidate would doom that candidate, Ds or Rs or both. Add in the fact that US foreign policy and both leaderships in congress have fostered ISIS for its entire existence, and still does, insurgents will obliterate current party leaderships or abandon them entirely. This will complete the re-alignment of voters that first put Trump in the presidency.

In all future contests following a series of such trials, Ds and Rs will seen as elements of the Stasis Quo, so will be automatically suspect. This will create space for a 3rd, 4th, … party. So politics in the USofA will be very different, post-Trump, and there is some hope we can get our government back inside a Constitutional box.

Trump’s many changes upset things in unexpected ways, e.g. the lower corporate tax rates increase the relative penalty for living in high tax states, which should exacerbate trends like this article discusses. “In Search of Excellence” recommended frequent reorganizations to expose opportunities for optimizations like that, Trump is following that advice. In this one act, which his strategists must have understood, Trump cuts the money flows through Democratic states, decreases their attractiveness as he compounds their problems and reduces their resources to oppose him.

This is the fastest social, political, economic and scientific-technical evolution in history. That evolution is ending the era of the Deep Swamp criminal mafias and all of the old institutions. Trump is symptom as much as cause in this era.

And in the midst of all this chaos, our criminal security and covert action arms, which have long advertised themselves as gaining advantage by their use of chaos and their ability to exploit the opportunities that chaos offers to their trained minds, appear to be helpless against an aging NYC real estate tycoon who became a reality TV star and is now on his way to being the Greatest President Ever, winning bigly against all odds. Wow, reality TV scripts don’t get any better than this :


Trump’s self-assessment is more likely correct than the leftists who think they can impeach him based on mental instability. The fact that his tweeted reasoning on the subject will drive his political opponents further around the bend is no doubt intended :


Something else I noticed watching George Webb’s investigative journalism the last few days, George’s sources are no longer oracular, no longer hints to guide his parallel construction efforts. Now, he is getting very hard and specific information, e.g. the March 12 at 9:45PM in the Situation Room, two of Peter Strokzs relatives with names and positions in the military meeting with Eugene Moke, the guy who took over from Flynn. George speculates that the meeting was wrt the Naval command’s smuggling operations being under threat.

Clearly, there are serious investigations under way, and someone is using George in a different role. George didn’t tell us about that, so far as I saw. I speculate it is coming from Congress, or the military investigations, as the FBI wouldn’t want to compromise a case and those sources have the interest of keeping the public’s attention on uncovering the corruption.

George now has help, a driver and probably armed personal security. His crowd mind is getting larger and more capable.

That combination of the set of [ insiders throughout government, George the leader-spokesman, an Internet crowd of internet researchers ] being so vastly more effective in their investigation than any previous versions of investigative journalism and political mind-changing is a new phenomena in the world, and the idea is spreading fast. George and the many other such voices on the internet, still primarily Youtube, are the new media and a new version of public discourse and oversight of our government officials.

Exciting times, endings of one era and the beginnings of the new. People starved to death a lot in previous episodes, as a quick summary of the history I think I remember. Oh yes, also, they all thought ‘this time is different’, so normalcy bias got each and every one of those who starved or otherwise died, because there is always some escape that is perhaps a leap into the unknown, but nearly certainly not as bad as staying and starving. I mean, prostituting yourself on the streets of Casablanca, as bad is it would be, is preferable to starving to death, but it takes a certain clarity of mind to make the decision to run the risk of such a fate to escape the worse fate. Not that so many German women escaped that fate as they were conquered by the Russian troops in WWII or Syrian and Iraqi women as they were conquered by America’s ISIS terrorists, either. These choices have faced women throughout the ME as a result of the Israeli-American wars over the last 15 years. The human misery of so many millions of people over so long have built up a considerable animus for Americans around the world. Karma will prevail, Discordian doctrine will be validated, it always has been, the US Empire and Stasis Quo in full power organized its own demise by its every action.

All of Europe missed the effects of WWII in their personal lives. You have to keep repeating that to get the visceral grasp of the import for the here and now. These are not normal times. I can list so many interactions at all levels for even simple coup-making/terrorism. E.g. making this country work after a few days without power and fuel to a few dozen major telecom and internet operations would be a serious challenge for everyone, likely quickly leading to food shortages and breakdowns of social order. Military would have the only effective communications systems and would be deployed to keep order, some loyal to the Constitution, some not. Cast the outages as the result of internal enemies, add some faked evidence, apply the military’s new powers to round up ‘terrorists’ inside the US, and presto, our Deep State is back on top. It is the standard military-intelligence coup.

The country’s leadership are often killed along with that, air crashes are a frequent cause. That would invoke the powers of the Continuity of Government plans, ending normal civilian leadership. The military promises to restore the Constitution after all internal enemies are rounded up. Crippled civilian communications keep that process from producing outrage.

Under those circumstances of legal, however unConstitutional military rule and given slow and uncertain communications along with the Deep Swamp’s obvious control of most of the major web sites for news and information, resistance would be slow to form, sporadic and uncoordinated. Having people commit to one side or the other before they have complete information means a mix of good and bad voices, likely on both sides. Ideal for a Syrian-class mess the length and breadth of the US. Living conditions could get worse for a long time before they got better.

TINA. You have to get resilient at the community level and all know that the enemy are the people who ae willing to kill their enemies, or have really good escape plans triggered much too early rather than 1 minute late. Realistically, you are better off planning on the first, people aren’t good at being much too early, before the signs are all completely obvious. By all evidence, people missed those also, every time :


Bannon’s attack on Trump appears to be a very large damp squib :


Youtube offered a Jeremy Clarkson video today, “The Greatest Raid”. I recognized the guy’s name from my 21yo son talking about the car series. I watched it, then sent the link to him, asking if he knew Clarkson was famous before the car videos. When he got home from work, he told me he had watched all of Clarkson’s programs, including the 5 inventions that changed the world, “similar to Burke’s Connections”, he said. Said he watched this particular one twice, once before reading Tolland’s Rising Sun and Atkinson’s 3 volume history of WWII that discussed it, then again afterwards.

Kid dropped out of school end of 7th grade, so he had time to get educated. If Flynn is correct about the increasing sophistication of concepts in information flows being responsible for modern superiority on IQ tests, my kid is smarter than the kids who went to high school. Certainly his education makes for more interesting conversations than with his friends. He starts college part-time this quarter, maybe, community colleges drop many classes around here and students scramble to find substitutes, that has happened to one of his classes already, so we will see :


Interpreting the news is always reading tea leaves, we never have enough information from public sources to be sure about anything. Trump makes this especially difficult because he has a very different framework for making decisions. In any time and place, cherry-picking evidence and fitting them into a narrative is unlikely to produce good understandings. The process is especially error-prone in times of chaos, so you can’t believe anyone’s analysis, especially not your own.

I hope that people on the inside are at least keeping notes, their real views of the Trump phenomena. In some future time, it will be especially useful to see that vs what we all speculate now.

This is the best-documented time ever in any civilization wrt the voices of individuals. Literacy is not necessary, there are no formal standards, as low a barrier to self-expression in a permanent public record as anyone could imagine. A 5-year-old relative recently uploaded a video to Youtube showing off his toys and his parents didn’t find out until months later when he did one of his bedroom. Youtube records anyone with a smart phone anywhere in the world, which is nearly everybody who wants one in 2017, smart phones are getting cheap. Add in interesting bits of security videos, email troves and all the stored meta-data everywhere, future historians will have more bare-naked reality to make sense of than they can imagine. Sociologists are already drowning in data.

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