Daily Reading #20E

Clear signs of the Deep Swamp’s losing power. This is the flip side of their propaganda papering over ugly reality, controlling other voices to prevent other understandings :


Finally, the DOJ is going after the Deep State’s NOCs, the Clintons and their crime family. Now we will see if they keep digging after the first few scandals produced by Hillary’s obvious graft, e.g. the Awan Brothers Spy Ring in Congress, the CIA’s drug imports, human sex trafficking and organ trafficking, or the Navy’s shipping illegal everything. (I reiterate my prediction that some Navy ship has transported humans being trafficked. Too easy for them to do, too hard to detect. Navy ships don’t have customs problems, the base itself approves shipments in and out, no civilians are involved. Ships have secure cargo holds with secure-cargo handlers. Container comes onto the base, onto the ship, people are taken care of via goods in another container, it is all cleaned up before port, container off the ship, off the base, no hassle. What better method could be devised? )

The Clintons are part of the world’ largest frauds and ratlines, an amazing amount of the world’s commerce, multi $Bs looted from the countries they have destroyed. Hanging is too good for them. I think that permanent stocks, moved from city square to city square to be spit on by citizens for the rest of their lives is neither cruel nor unusual, and would be very instructive to the nation :


Bannon is Deep State. By their opposition ye shall know them. George Webb’s crowd mind is making amazing progress :


I was listing to one of the Pacifica stations, some guy answering call-in questions. Basically the Progressive-Democratic internal thinking, the intelligencia wing of the Stasis Quo, talking about how to get rid of Trump. The latest push is the ‘crazy’ approach, impeach Trump for being some variety of unstable AND emoluments clause AND failure to prosecute worker safety and other such laws. Very weak, it can’t work unless Trump decisively loses in the 2018 elections.

But the total discussion of the things Trump is doing in the bureaucracies and in foreign affairs made me think that Trump’s entire strategy is to tear the scabs off everything, expose the problem the various bandaides have partially ameliorated and hidden. Net neutrality, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, getting rid of so many rules and regulations, pulling out of the latest nuclear treaty with Iran (which also will remove the $ from the many people violating the embargos on both sides), … Even the tax law is 2 levels of strategy, it seems to me. It may work to boost the economy by pulling manufacturing and many corporate world-wide headquarters back to the US because it puts other countries, with high corporate tax rates, at a significant disadvantage. The end of that game is a zero rate, which would give business such boost by removing the complexity of tax calculations from investment decisions. We can hope. But even more importantly, that tax bill is going to dramatically high-light the military vs social security debate. That is a fight the military will lose, however much the Stasis Quo would like to think otherwise.

But Trump is also amassing power to the Presidency, a dangerous trend. If the military is indeed handling the criminals in the US Deep Swamp, not the Justice Department, as Qanon hints, the situation is scary as hell. Domestic criminals into Guantanamo? Beyond Wow, and not much comment negative, as Gore says of all the more proven matters :


Stockman’s view is that Trump will be forced to compromise. This is somewhat contrary to Charles Ortel’s view that the Trump Tax plan can provide a boost to the economy, which is what the Fed’s manipulation of the DJIA is is signalling promises of. (That was well-expressed essence of the situation, if I do say so myself.) So Trump’s model of all this is one of incremental advantage, what pressure points can you afford to use in gaining incremental advantage. He has picked well, so far.

A thought I had is that an insider could wrap Trump’s admin’s acts in such a lovely narrative, however chaotic it probably actually is. The disadvantage of an intended public plan is that it gives the opposition a way to measure you. Trump has a few large goals, hard to measure progress, easily to claim victories on the path to each. Trump is forcing the pace, Deep Swamp is on the defensive, no question.

I still think that Trump is more and more in control of events. The Deep Swamp has a few more attacks, and will roll them out in a final crescendo, but impeaching Trump based on his tweeting showing him to be unhinged enough to be ejected from the Presidency? Need we point out that Trump continues to win, and we would all be happier if you would stop your opposition to Trump, he wouldn’t win so much in the direction of accumulating more power in the Presidency. None of their possible ploys will go anywhere, and if Trump merely avoids the financial crash until the show trials get under way, he will win the 2018 elections :


Jason Goodman’s Crowd Source The Truth. This is the Down Under story of Clinton’s Global Initiative criminality by Michael Smith, very interesting interview. Charles Ortel has developed into a serious analyst of the news, an explainer of the meaning of events, reports. Long and connected discussions. Their guest is Michael Smith, also a very well-spoken in paragraphs thinker. This was a good hour and a half background while writing this stuff.

Charles Orel has integrity, and strongly supports Trump’s tax plans and his executive order. Way smarter than the average person on legacy media, he is obviously not PR, is a real person, real background, real judgement wrt exactly the issues he is discussing. This is a voice that solidifies the views of anyone with values that allow them to see it.

Thinking about how rigid must be the average integrity in order to successfully run a successful organization at a given level of complexity. Probably you have to be more rigidly honest and reality-focused in subsistence lives than a modern major political campaign. First, it is clear why the Navy’s ships have been crashing into freighters, the Navy Brass is corrupt. Real leadership problems. Second, there needs to be a study of how the average noise in a cascade of decisions or summaries before the system makes more wrong decisions than correct. This requires renormalization statistics for subsystems with redundancy, … It has to have been done, but I don’t recall hearing about it, and it seems obvious, once thought of. A version of the idea in CS is numerical analysis, how to know that limitations of digital computers aren’t destroying meaning in long chains of computation, e.g. a model of a physical event or ecosystem :


Charles Rutherford continues discussions of our oligarchy’s failures :


I did not know Seymour Melman, a first-class thinker about production in the US and the economic consequences of policies. His major flaw was that he proposed policies to correct the problems :


The design flaw in processors was a typical engineering short-cut. TLBs are expensive and crucial to the performance of the system with virtual memory, itself crucial to the integrity of the total system, and so the CPUs only had one of them, shared between kernel and user spaces. Now they will have 2,


I am not sure what could be more urgent than your OS being taken over from a user-space program, but this speculates that the above problem is the tip of an iceberg. SPECTRE is not specified above, so maybe that is it. I agree, a hypervisor bug that allows one virtual machine to access another’s memory would be of considerable concern to Amazon and Google. Virus outbreaks in the cloud would be a sobering experience. Could you destroy a processor, memory, disk drives, system, cluster, cloud… with a program? If so, a hypervisor-virus could be lethal to systems and people :


Multi-dimensional data does help make good decisions :


Rock art that can be connected with existing cultures. If these interpretations are correct, we know traditions in the SouthWest Native Americans can persist for 5000+ years. That is much longer than any civilization’s traditions and likely representative of relatively stable populations in areas where outsiders can’t easily encroach like Northern Mexico and South East Arizona :


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