Daily Reading #20D

Suppose I was someone who spent 12 years as a successful and renown reality TV star, suddenly become President of the US, and who understood the magnitude of the problem that was the Deep State. How would I script the plan to take back America? One way is to directly communicate with the people, 100M people follow him on Twitter George said. What bureaucracy could resist the political pressure Trump can produce? Sessions and the DOJ, Tillerson and State, etc may or may not be acting as directed by Trump as normal routine functioning, but Trump’s tweeting certainly enhances Session’s power to get things done, and lets Trump take all the credit. Very theatrical, also, great reality TV.

The criminals infesting our social order are being exposed, bit by bit. Whoever wrote the script is a genius, this is a cliffhanger, human interest story with big personalities clashing in public, lots of action behind the scenes that we are left to guess about. The tension is building, will the good guys win? Add in Qanon with the puzzles and hints occupying the best minds for the last several months over several web sites and Youtube interpreting everything through the fog, more tension, more excitement, more anticipation, more minds watching Trump at work.

Trump was a reality TV star for 12 years and on the edge of show biz in several ventures before. Do you suppose Trump learned anything from the experiences? Could he be PTBarnum for the Twitter Age? Or the next power-hungry leader with special skills in gaining power, as Robert Gore has speculated?

I think our Deep State is very correct to be focused on Trump because I think they are losing, Trump is making them react, not vice versa as it looked for the first 6 months. And part of the way he is doing it is bypassing legacy media, escaping their propaganda control. Trump sets the news cycle with every 4:30 AM tweet, the media can’t not cover his tweet. Twitter better be nice, if Trump changed his postings to Gab.ai, Twitter would soon be gone :


I just decided that I believe that Satanic rituals are wide-spread. The evidence is more than enough to say that those exist and that the Clintons are connected to them in short sets of links. I am convinced they are wide-spread because they have been taken over by the CIA and used to control other institutions. Or vice versa, it is so hard to tell in that kind of a network intermeshing batshit insanity with criminal networks with legitimate institutions. In either case, that kind of crime, beyond horrifying to normal people, and therefore the ultimate compromise and the ultimate insider status, is necessary to keep the very large-scale conspiracies working without defectors compromising them. Nobody can cut a deal for participating in ritual torture and killings of children, and the CIA long ago understood the need for that in its takeover of the world.

People are really going to hate Alex Jones being so right :


Considered as attacks on the Deep State’s rear-guard action against Trump, Manafort is a bad enemy for them to have made. I bet he has as much dirt on them as vice versa, just from the nature of his role in the Deep Swamp.

That is a good name for the blend we see in our elites and their institutions, the very few steps from august institutions such as Harvard and its investment funds to money laundering, bribery, … Ditto CIA money throughout the university, and military money, and … Our Deep State and its corruptions are everywhere. Henry Kissinger, the evil so-called ‘genius’ was at least spokesman for a large interest in the somewhat more legitimate side of that, the foreign policy elites, all heavily influenced by financial and corporate elites :


Pat Buchanan gets this right. If Trump allows another long-running war, he will likely be a one-term president :


NSA’s employees are not leaving, by this account, because their mission is unconstitutional spying on the American people and the American people hate it :


All mappings of ‘reality’, in reality models of reality, are wrong, including mappings of maps. Different mappings are useful for different things. Choosing different kinds of models is another mapping. Humans confuse maps with reality very frequently, and also choose the wrong measures for mappings very frequently.

Integrating that idea into thinking, that there is no reality but what our minds can form a model of, in our human brain’s grasp of modeling, is as philosophically neutral a base for understanding as I know. It probably should be the measure of the sophistication of a civilization’s thinking, the extent to which they merge the limitations of the human mind with their understanding of the universe and explanations of that. Ditto bureaucracies.

This is one of the measures that intelligence agencies excel in. They know limitations of the human mind very well, it is the source of their power.

We aren’t there yet in anything but physics, and not all of that. Making thinking ‘reasoning with a model’ also transforms the debate from ‘I am right” to “In the model I am using”, exposing all of the assumptions. There are many steps in educating minds about chains of reasoning. As a society, we currently function at the level of debater’s points and public relations :


People’s views on our political contest are converging. But nothing is un-imaginable.

Truly anonymous networks with verified in-net identities and crypto-currencies can get a lot of things done in the real world. Working in those worlds will be gaining incremental trust, much like the criminal networks are. Meritocracies, work your way up from the bottom, formal training where you fit in first, and otj training putting you into the rat lines and moving you up the hierarchy. Muscles through skills and brains, a digital world of control of real-world sequences. Much like we have, tho those still require chains of meat-space trust links to work :


I was just reading comments on ZH, noting the votes up an down. What a brilliant thought it was to provide that facility. The voting data provides detailed opinions tied to an individual identity on ZH which can be tied to the actual individual by anyone with access to commercial databases. As a way of measuring public opinion of people who read comments, it is as good as it gets. Now the surveying organization can add their own comments to the comment stream, really survey questions in disguise and including ‘push-polling’ surveys, … Interactive, real-time, assessment of public opinion. Wow. No wonder ZH is attractive enough to have 3 different investors (or so I have read) since its founding.

But what NSA-CIA front organization is behind the software and servers running the voting for the many web sites that have those? There is the Deep State at work. Every dissident such as I has been identified long since, with a very accurate estimate of our hot buttons, the things that will cause us to move to the next level of dissension.

Paranoid, you say? Oh, no. Simple intelligence analysis. Assume they are as smart as you are. If I thought of it just now, some one of their FT analysts in NSA thought of it long-since, and the implementation is fairly straight-forward, it seems to me, no technical breakthroughs would be required. It is a script running in the browser, sends a message to a DB server, [ Web Site Comment ID, up/down, Web Site commenter ID ]. The pollster or analyst can post comments from anywhere and assess the results from anywhere else via a logon ID to the DB server. That is a service easy to sell, it seems to me. For the intelligence agency selling that service through some facade, e.g. Google, the questions are as interesting as the answers. They also have the advantage of being able to collate a single individual’s votes across multiple sites.

An interesting take by George Webb on the Bannon-Trump dispute. Bannon has the background and career trajectory of a No-Official Cover CIA asset. As for Bannon’s charge of ‘treason’, such BS. Banon always struck me as more rational than this. But watch George’s thinking evolve, actually the thinking of his crowd mind. :



The Turkish culture is deeply connected, This particular Mongolian culture goes back at least 2500 years :


Fission bombs are easy, McGee and other books discussed that, this article is another. But NK did a fusion bomb and several generations of ICBMs within a few years. A nation of 22M people in an agricultural economy subject to periodic starvation can’t do that :


Harvard Law’s preparing for negotiations :


How can anyone be scandalized by what is so obviously bog standard human normal sexual behavior? This is as consensual as it gets, imho. The women at these, and no doubt there are homosexual verisons with men, have ulterior motives, mixed motives, aren’t entirely in it for the sex? No kidding, when has that ever been different? I agree about ‘lines’ being crossed. I don’t think people should take MDMA. But mere orgies with drugs, young women looking for better futures and older wealthy man? What could be more normal for our species? Your ideology is irrelevant in the face of that :


Commons require rule of law or some social equivalent :


Iran’s protests are due to the power of their government to screw everything up :


Yet another item for the tech palette. Implications, just things that seem obvious are that any surface with a translucent finish can be a high-resolution 3D camera and pictures inside pressure vessels are now easier, they can choose materials that resist the reagents but don’t make good lenses. Two-photon printing of resist into nano-structures is fairly astonishing, tho early tech. Topological transistors that do not use energy in switching is an interesting possibility that could get Moore’s law back on track. The 2-layers of graphene becoming diamond under pressure could be a different way of laying out electronic circuits, but is another interesting property of materials.

This is the beginning of an entirely new era in technology. There are 100s of studies like these, new properties of materials, new materials, new ways of processing materials, every year. Humanity does not have enough people focused on these areas because the opportunities are exponential with the number of possible technologies combined, these are individual technologies to be combined :






Biology is as prolific of new discoveries as material science :


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