Daily Reading #20C

Thierry Meyssan’s take on Trump’s foreign policy is quite different than any of the others I read :



The reality is that the nation’s debts and unfunded liabilities are far too large to be dealt with, even if anyone could know how to do that. Thus, Weimar inflation is on the way, they will spend until the dollar is worth nothing because that is always the least immediate-problem path :


It is so completely wonderful to see the propaganda fall apart. The Deep State is being forced further and further into the open with every attempted coverup. Trump’s election allowed this, and then something in Trump’s administration, very likely Trump himself, is pushing against the Deep State :


This view of the dispute between Trump and Pakistan makes it seem the problem is entirely terrorism. No mention of the Awan Bros spy ring in congress or all the rat lines they run :


James Riesen, the DC intelligence reporter who never noticed anything strange about 9/11, writes inside story shows how the CIA controls the press :


George Webb continues his investigations :


The regime change plans for Iran are so similar to what our Deep State has done in Libya, etc. The Deep State stole Libya’s wealth, no doubt Israel got a cut. Human rights are an excuse, the reason for Iran is Israel’s fear of any large and powerful Islamic country in the ME :

The choices for Israel are clear. Imho, the trajectory of governments and opinion indicate that Israel is choosing genocide :

CNC and tools continue to evolve. These two videos are eye popping :



A great justification for NSA’s ubiquitous surveillance, plus even more data gathered from everyone in one centralized database. Then used by AI programs, known to be omniscient wizards for human good. What could go wrong? :


Some of Intel’s processors allow user-level processes to access protected memory. This is why I buy AMD, we need two processor manufacturers. My next processor may be an ARM :


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