Daily Reading #20B

One of the CIA’s planners and implementers of 9-11 is now in charge of fomenting regiem change in Iran. Seems to me their scripts are old-fashioned, the Iranian government can counter via social media very easily, e.g. translate and distribute Moon Of Alabama’s writing on the subject, expose the CIA plots. Then engage with the internal politics and work to fix those problems. It is only the weaknesses of other govs that allow the CIA’s pry bars to have purchase :


In case anyone wonders about the CIA’s control of the NYTimes, this should help you decide :



We had a young relative, her bf and roommate, here for dinner over the holidays. All of them into ecology, the latest music, no interest in politics or sports. The flavor of their conversation was very liberal. OTOH, the bf brought up 9-11 as a false flag. All of the parties have the same problem, their frames do not match the reality people see around them. This is the D’s side of that, but you could do the same thing for the R’s :


North Carolina’s elections do not meet global standards. Ditto the rest of the US. Trump was going to fix this, I thought :


George Webb’s crowd mind continues their investigation. More disclosure of the Pakistani-CIA cooperation in infiltrating the information systems of institutions world-wide, including many intelligence and police agencies. The original Ptech software had a backdoor :


Thinking more on the tax bill and the oligarch’s hopes that they can cut social programs so as to devote more $ to infrastructure and military, it seems to me that this is the issue that will finally force the realignment that has been happening so slowly. It is an issue that will unite the lower 3/4ths of society, left and right. “Jobs before cuts” will be the end of the current alignments. The time is right for the original Libertarian message, Freedom.

Just another thought, having seen the following video.


April LaJune has always struck me as right up at the edge of believable, but I didn’t have time for everything. But, or perhaps and, Youtube keeps giving me her videos as being ‘like’ the other stuff transiting this address and Youtube. It doesn’t give me George Webb videos, and I watch George Webb a lot, I have to search every time for his channel. Same for Jason Goodman and many of the others. At least, she has not been demonitized.

So, ever probing for the deeper truth as I am, I very much worry about things when people like her reassure me of Trump’s good intent, but 30 Congressmen are on their way to Gitmo? We certainly will see when Congress re-adjourns, but I don’t believe all this. There may be a lot going on, but sending Congressmen and other very bad people to Gitmo is not likely to be one of them. The military has no, or used to have no, power to arrest people on American soil. Oh, yeah. Wasn’t that a power given to American Command, just established a few years ago under Shrub?

But, I still don’t believe it. I more easily believe, ever paranoid, that Trump is running the greatest psyop ever, master of reality TV that he is. We are just exchanging one crime boss for another, if he is successful. When has any politician every cleaned up a system? He will use the investigations and trials to take out his opposition, to build his clan’s and allies’ power. If we plebians are lucky, more of the bad guys will be killed than the good, but rest assured, another oligarchy and parallel crime families will magically arise in their stead.

Guaranteed, they will still have the power, the secrecy stamps and approval stamps, that allow those criminal organizations to continue to rape entire countries. And to sell the software that puts the American Deep State mob on top around the globe because they have access to the inner secrets of every government agency which uses it. Or maybe, the Israeli-American Deep State mob, it is so hard to tell. Whatever, the world makes these flows of wealth and the criminal acts they enable inevitable with those secrecy stamps and approvals. So of course we need more sanctions on more countries, just like more crimes to produce more criminals for more jails. These all efficiently harvest public spending with minimal investment. Allow Cayman Islands secret bank accounts, or bitcoin, and also allow secret investigations, all parties NDAed to the point they go to jail longer for revealing anything than the perp ever will for the crimes, and you simply can’t expect anything else.

The Generalissimo was very right about his. We are evolving a new civilization very quickly. Just throwing the bums out won’t help. We could replace every legislator in America tomorrow with randomly-chosen people, and institute super-stringent security controls on everything inside the agencies, and it would be just as corrupt in a generation. This government was designed for a different time with different problems. Function follows form, as the JTTF, CIA, … every secret-stamp bearing bureaucracy and service in every government on planet Earth are proving to us with every revelation. Take away the secrecy stamps, we citizens can monitor everything. Minimize the permission stamps by repealing laws, wholesale. Freedom, it is called.

At the same time, open up the flows of information through the bureaucracy so we can all see them. Let us see the paper trail created in serving us taxpaying citizens. And likewise, any entity providing services to that government.

This is George Webb being interviewed by Farmer Jones, who I had not paid much attention to previously. He adds value, making George explain what seem to be digressions. George has my kind of mind, everything is connected in multiple ways, it isn’t easy to make a narrative out of that. People grasp narratives, remember them. So George does his standard firehose of data and connections and motives, a nice summary of the understanding of these Deep State operations.

Trump is running an interesting campaign, whatever it turns out to be :


This is a sea change in US life, social and political :


In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Mandolay Bay masssacre, the top eschelon of the LVMPD is retiring into cushy jobs, and the chief is going on to a Federal job. The autopsy reports, public information by Nevada law, is careful to reveal nothing. Those people died of gun shot wounds, many head shots. Who knew Paddock was such a marksman? Laura Loomer is on the case. :


Modern wars kill innocents by the millions :


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop reading anything about the economy. The crash of the financial system is built into the system, portents are everywhere, the warnings ever-more frequent and strident. But nobody know more than that, it is a waste of time. Nobody believes me about anything :


More evidence that we don’t know much about our fellow life on the planet :


My mother being half Amish, we ate a lot of saurkraut :


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