Daily Reading #208

A niece of MLKing saying that black politicians have betrayed the black community, e.g. Maxine Waters who made $24K / year before getting into congress and was a multi-millionaire within a few years, and that Trump is more aligned with their goals :

I love Alt-media, real people talking about their lives and how their understandings have changed. A black man on why black men prefer white women. I think a substantial %age of men of every race are attracted to people not like them. It is the other side of our exogamy and preference for hybrid vigor, in which women leave their family but men don’t. So no special explanations are needed.

Brandon Tatum is a well-spoken man, very thoughtful, who says his preference is because whites know how to live in families, it is a cultural issue, not a racial issue. “For me, like most of modern people, race doesn’t mean anything”. Yes, I think racism is confined to small proportions of most ethnic groups :


David Carroll is another excellent black voice discussing what the Black Community needs to do to fix itself, including taking on black-on-black crime. You can’t blame it on slavery, because intervening generations didn’t have nearly as much crime. Slavery is no longer an excuse. I had to run him at 1.5x, he speaks slowly :


This is the data behind David Carroll’s views. :


Israel is the country that has huge effects on US elections, Russia’s effects are near-zero. Russiagate is weak McCarthyism :


The original study showing no effect of mercury in vaccines was a fraud (and lead to a confession by one of the researchers), it dropped out all the inner city black children, who were likely also exposed to lead, potentiating the mercury effects.  Even so, ‘neural excitability’ was nearly significant.

There is no doubt, the CDC is completely incestuous with the vaccine industry, and cannot be trusted to produce good studies and keep good records of side-effects :


Facebook, Google and the other social media platforms make a great deal of money helping political candidates and other entities manage their propaganda campaigns (also known as ‘public relations’, PR). Yes indeed, they sell their hold on your attention :


Another thought on ‘Drain The Swamp’ show trials.  Trump needs those to energize the Republican voters for the 2018 midterms.  He better hurry.

Evolution optimizes for many things. We don’t know all of those for plants. Humans are much more complex :


Yes, the net is where campaigns will be formed in the future, as I said before the last election.  Multi-millionaires can play too, it isn’t just a citizen’s tool. Still better than legacy media, entirely oligarch’s tools :



If there is no oil embargo of NKorea, what is Trump tweeting about? :



Pan around this street view, a tent city in the middle of LA. There are very many homeless people in this country. Trump won’t get this fixed soon :



Suicide bomb vehicles in Mosul and Raqqa :


Another example of evolution producing optimization in new dimensions, this birds singing duets with different species, skill at which makes them more attractive to mates and more authoritative to competitors within their own species :


SWAT units are so ripe for an ambush. If shooting starts, they will have to change tactics fast :




How to raise freedom-loving kids. Good advice, it seems to me :


Interesting thoughts on private government, tho Amazon, Google and FB are currently incestuous with government, so are very bad examples to use :


Another citizen investigator on Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre. The photos from Paddock’s room were obviously leaked, the gov is controlling the news. the gov’s story bears no relationship to the reality :


George Webb’s investigation continues.


Consciousness, 15 parts so far, the first part looks good enough to read all of it. This is the first :


‘Broken window’ ideology of policing has lead both the left and the right into insanity. The constant low-level hassle de-legitimizes police because police are supposed to deal with crime, making everything a crime removes gov legitimacy. The left’s response is mere ideology, not a solution to anything. Legalize drugs, restore the 2nd amendment in cities, and these problems will recede. Yes, slowly, it is indeed a matter of what cultures allow, and the perfect storm of prohibition of drugs and self-defense, terrible economy and generous welfare has crippled a large segment of the black community :


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