Daily Reading #201

This is a very impressive system view of the world’s crisis :



The PC culture of 2017 trends very authoritarian, however you want to label that. The push-back from rational discourse continues :


George Webb continues the investigation, this discusses the Pakistani organ harvesting operation and auditors with guns :


This is completely wonderful, The RussiaGate propaganda campaign is being exposed as total fraud, conspiracy, and the criminals are identified.

Trump is indeed winning. Now the question is how far and how fast and when Wall Street ends it run and how far it falls. Mainstreet effects will be faster in this worldwide Greater Depression, I think, and those will start to limit Trump’s options :


I think this is a more accurate version of West Virginia than “Hillbilly Elegy”. OTOH, they don’t listen to the people they are interviewing, I see summaries contrary to what the interviewees said. And I agree about ‘racism’ not being much of a consideration, I know families who have the same attitudes about intermarriage outside of their kind of people, all kinds of people. These are cultural divides, not racial divides. I have also seen Russian families adjust to the new black son in law in their family, and they love their grandkids just as much as anyone else :


The US is an oligopoly, not a democracy or Democratic Republic :


Federal workers are expensive, but contract workers are more to much-more expensive :


Ripple effects of policies and economics include slavery and mass drownings :


I find this to be alarmist shit, both alarmist and dreck because they have no context, and are thus lies. Look at the climate record as recorded in the Greenland ice cores. Our climate has cooled and warmed 1000s of times in the last 10 million years. This is not the first time that beavers have moved north, and so it is unlikely to throw the planet into a positive-feedback warming loop from which it cannot recover, as postulated here :


Some things are hard to keep in mind, I may have to watch this again a few times. Black Moors governing Spain as part of a China-to-Spain via North Africa civilization is one of those. Governing Spain very successfully, much more successfully than the following Catholic Royalty. As the documentary says, it was all written out of history :


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