Daily Reading #1F9

That is a great album.

This interview with Paul Stamets is mind-blowing, much better than the clickbait headline. Fungi are the longest-lived organisms, also. Living a long time one cell wall from a hugely diverse population of viruses, bacteria and fungi is a significant accomplishment, one humans have not achieved. Interesting evidence that perhaps fungi can think :

Yes, ISIS’s supply chain has many branches terminating in the US. Also, remember Arsenal, the Bulgarian arms manufacturer that makes payments to the US Senate Armed Services committee? :



An excellent comment, picked up by The Saker, on the ME situation and Israel. Geopolitics of US and Israel now focus on ending the Russia, China, Iran cooperation and the Silk Road initiatives. Not a chance, imho, there is too much wealth that will flow from that into the local economies, so the US can’t get much cooperation. All of them need to ship oil and gas to China and Europe, all of them need Chinese and European investment and markets. The US has lost the ME wars and the attempt at world hegemony, Israel has lost any possibility (slim, at best) of a Greater Israel and probably also of a peaceful resolution of its issues with its neighbors and the Palestinians :


George Webb and Jake Morphonios are 2 of the many outstanding reporters. They put their information on the net. But the “inside story” must be worth a lot. Why are there no investment groups funding the driver and video to document their work? :



Is Israel implementing a plan B? :


Israel’s European allies :

Fracking is bad for people :


As everyone has known forever, drugs follow economic depressions. Poor economy in the ghetto, thus drugs in the ghetto, and ditto for every other group. Except for the well-off, of course. They have always had high rates of alcoholism and drug abuse :


There is a wave of repression going through our institutions. My gargantuan for-profit health care provider requires a photo ID for all dealings with them :


More on the deaths of dispair, an interview with Deaton :


More on unschooling :


This is excellent. Citizen journalists working over the internet. Makes you wonder about legacy media, how can they be so clueless? :


It cannot be emphasized enough that we don’t know how the gas anesthetics work, nor that people have mental deficits after gas anesthesia. Anesthesiologists don’t want to hear it :


More evidence that biological systems evolve to evolve :


The success of the WOD should give us great confidence in the ultimate success on the war on money laundering :


Meanwhile, Russia may be cleaning up corruption. What an advantage that would be to a national economy :


Yes, net neutrality can be guaranteed only if you own your network :


There is much research backing this up, minds work better with rest in natural settings :



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