Daily Reading #1F7

Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel on the Clinton Foundation frauds, naming some of the people who criminally assisted and profited. The world-wide scale of the criminality of the criminals, and the Deep State behind them, is just mind-blowing. Fortunately, there are way more records than can be mis-filed or erased, backups systems are excellent in IT and there aren’t provisions for over-writing the old tapes.

The Deep State criminals have not understood the problem of secrets in an era of digital networked systems. They can’t keep their own secrets, and it doesn’t take many chinks in their defenses to lever their castle down :


This says that Neural Network-class AI can never be legal, because they can’t explain themselves. He cites the EU’s regulations about that, but I think attorneys won’t like the idea of a client that can’t testify about why it did anything. These systems will have logs and snapshots of their state, so they can restore the system to a time before the incident, then replay the input to watch the decision being made. There seems to be progress in understanding the matrix of weights and what they mean for each level of the NN, so NNs are not hopeless in a legal sense, maybe. :


It is fun to see the AI world finally getting around to seeing the limitations of AIs of all types. This has some good thinking, but is still a subset of the big problem, some of which I discuss here :


More bets on a carbon credit scheme :

Batteries can’t solve the world’s biggest energy-storage problem. One startup has a solution.

Yet another example of how you can’t manage a sector of an economy. Another reason the US will soon hit parity with India in its rate of farmer sicide :


The replication rate for medical trials is about 30%, at the level of psychology and sociology studies. Wonder how well the tests of safety for pesticides and herbicides were done? This is very simplistic in climate thoughts, imho. E.g. the spikes in CO2 that accompanied every mass species loss was likely due to either mass vulcanism or a meteorite strike burning everything on entire continents:


As I have said, winding down the ME wars and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem puts the spotlight back on Israel and its treatment of Palestinians :


This is good information, but it doesn’t discuss the problems with using ‘the 100 year flood’ as a measure. Among which are the fact that the forests have been cut and everything paved over, so rain water is quicker to the ocean, meaning bigger floods :


Professors at Brown University have finally felt guilty enough to eliminate the need for student’s borrowing money for education :


Scheduling, manager vs maker :


Math is exploration, many new things are being found :


Why the world isn’t predictable :


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