Daily Reading #1F6

Mike Morell, the main CIA Clinton supporter before the election, now admits it was a bad idea for him to engage in politics. This ZH article has awesome comments. Read the best of our thinking, we American still know how to run a country, we just need to get the criminals out of the government. Replacing the government is probably easier, of course :


Yes, the FBI is a political police and cover for the Deep State and minions :



The MIC in the US has been systematically pushing to war with Russia. Why? :


Political sophistication and diversity of opinion increase in every segment of the society. We citizens are changing much faster than the institutions that wish to rule us :


Bannon and his supporters are going to win, they are more reality based. Overall, the MIC + Deep State + … are going to lose, military and intelligence budgets are insane :


Thinking more about who most influences NK’s leadership from the outside, it is likely a criminal arm of the CIA or the Mossad. It will have started out local, deals by fellow ethnics across the border and been taken over by intelligence services who claim it as an intelligence operation. Of course, drugs are the cheapest and easiest first export, and things escalate from there. We know NK exports very good crystal meth through Russia and China. There must be half a dozen intelligence services involved in that trade, extrapolating from what we know about our CIA. Among the things escalated are NK’s exports of people to labor around the world. Guarantee some of those girls end up in brothals. Organ harvested? Who would know? Who would profit? Wonder about tissue types, whether NK’s people make general organ donors?

I wish I thought I was paranoid enough, but we have a lot of evidence, e.g. Haiti and the ME, that our modern Deep State thinks on a large scale and cooperates with many forms of illicit traffic. A lot of their work is as a protection racket, protection from laws and political controversy. That is what makes the brownstone operations so important. Given normal human behavior, they can blackmail people because society makes that normal human behavior sinful. For an intelligence agency, it is shooting fish in a barrel to exploit a societal weakness for political power. Every society has something, and so is vulnerable.

An aside, rethinking Clinton’s career, it is likely that much of the Arkansas fraud she was engaged in was money laundering the cocaine cash.

Another aside, I bet that there are multiple business plans being shopped for special-purpose processors to do cryptocoin ‘mining operations’. Currently, microprocessors are too slow and use too much energy to compete with the who pros have special-purpose chips, probably mostly FPGAs, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays. Those aren’t high clock rate, less than 200MHz for a significant amount of logic without a lot of tweaking last time I looked, but they can do deep pipelines. Intel and every other chip includes instructions for crypto, new instructions are just microcode, and are rapidly standardized across manufacturers, so Intel should be leading this effort, standardizing the instructions. However, microcode is not as efficient as closer-to-the-hardware designs, e.g. an ASIC, Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. Even those are ‘connect-the-gate’ technology, a level above direct-logic. So a custom logic design could probably run at 4Gbps clock and practically would have an optimal clock-energy tradeoff in mining operations. To date, however, no special-purpose chip company has ever earned enough to complete a second design.

My son just instructed me on crypto currency mining hardware. They measure power in millions of hashes per second and per Joule. The hardware that is on the market is several generations behind what the big miners use, they develop their own hardware and upgrade often. When the units don’t pay in more bitcoin calculations per Joule, because the cost of Bitcoins increases continuously, the old stuff is sold. It isn’t worthless in the sense of mining bitcoins, but takes more electricity and produces a fraction of the work of newer chips, at the same time as it takes more hashes to discover one new coin, so the older units are expensive space heaters and don’t pay for themselves.

At least 2X per generation, mostly from improvements in their VHDL or Verilog code, the rest from larger FPGAs. Maybe ASICS, but those require a specialized team. Say 2 EEs and 2 CS people, one of whom is crypto and crypto software, the other the driver-OS. With FPGAs they would have the advantage of separating dependences, could test the hardware designs in older hardware while the new hardware is being developed. Layout of the circuit board isn’t a big deal for FPGAs. People specialize at taking FPGA designs into ASICs, and tools should be making FGPA –> logic trivial, so perhaps that is not as difficult a project as I thought, although I last I knew it cost several $M to produce the first few sample chips. Assume a fully-burdened cost of $5000 per installed system, $4K of that the chip. That is only a few thousand chips. and less than 250 bitcoins.

Cut the price to $1250 per system with $1000 being the cost of the chip. Now you need to sell 10K chips to break even. But if there is a mania for bitcoins, there could be a mania for individual mining operations hoping for luck to strike.

Yes, the government has to collapse, it won’t be given up voluntarily by any of the receiving parties :


I had not understood William Penn’s role in US history, more likely forget it, as I read a lot of American history right out of college. Wow, Quakers were as close to Libertarian as their times go. Puritans were the control-your-thinking people of power in that day :


A different take on the reasons for the current political and cultural strife :


Another good analysis by CHSmith. The first chart shows that the GDP (fudged data) didn’t fall much after the 2001 financial problems, but did after 2008. This graph could be interpreted as http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-12/three-bubblesstrikes-and-youre-out
a control system out of phase with the base economy :


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