Daily Reading #1F5

A rare analysis of how the media has done in analysis and punditry, this wrt Syria and ISIS. Very poorly, they admit, mostly propaganda, they should admit :


No kidding, there has been no economic growth. The most convincing data is the birth rate, now at historic lows and still falling :


Hillary’s supporters praise every word of Rachel Maddow’s rants about Trump, the lies and innuendo of Russian control of Trump and the election, and point to Trump’s declining popularity and the many stories against Trump as a measure of their winning. Trump’s supporters praise the media destroying itself with the lies and innuendo, the incessant propaganda and point to the media’s declining trust and audiences as a measure of their winning.

The Deep State can’t believe the propaganda is working, as voters have declining trust in all institutions, yet the efforts go on and on.

Possibilities are some great event, a war or a false flag or a military takeover in our near future, or the Deep State is cutting its losses and going into hiding. Probably both of those and more, the Deep State is a mafia, not a unified command. True, there are elements under the direct control of military and intelligence agencies around the world, but those have little commonality of goals besides power and money. I think it doesn’t take much insight to see many possibilities for bad events in our future. I hope Trump is as smart as I think he is and as well-advised as he seems to be.

I find it more difficult to understand how the Deep State got into this mess. 9-11 was a huge bet, a stupid bet, I think history will decide. That was the step too far. Well, that and the pedophilia, child trafficking and sales of opioids to Middle America kids. Inner cities have not had the power to defeat our Deep State, the CIA could make them heroin and crack dens, it was seen as a natural thing, the bad guys were the drug lords, the CIA’s patsies. When the victims are farm kids, their parents will force a real accounting, a genuine investigation. Donald Trump is the first tool, the last peaceful effort to drain the swamp :


This is the Al Jazeera sort-of documentary on the Crusades. The Crusades happened for the usual many reasons, from the pope’s need to manage politics at his level through kings and kings younger brothers needing warfare to advance their careers, the need for more commerce and allies, down to the peasants, who were effectively owned and had no choice but to join the colonization projects. The new colonies worked for a while, but were not a paying proposition after the Crusaders’ massacres and forcing people off their land had produced the Islamic Revival. (Another confirmation of Discordian theory, attempts to impose order create the opposition that restores disorder.) That ultimately won over the Crusaders in Egypt, and so Jerusalem and the rest of the crusader’s colonies were doomed.

I especially liked the idea that Muslims are the reason that Protestant religions survived. Much of the corruption Martin Luther was rebelling against was due to the need to fund the Crusades, to bribe military leaders to do so, and the Muslim resistance and threat kept the Pope from addressing the threat from Protestants until it was too late to prevail in the religious sphere. I have never heard a Protestant leader thank the Muslims for their existence.

This era allowed taking over other countries by military conquest. Every means was used to convince the populace their cause was just and lucrative, or at least you didn’t have much choice. No different than now, no different than the means the US used to take over NAmerica from the natives, Spanish, … We killed very many of them in the course of taking the nation’s best land and most of its mineral wealth. Native Americans and hybrids now make up 2.7% of USA Americans.

We are doing less-obvious, more indirect control versions of all that right now, around the world :



Left and right agree more and more :


Other cultures have different, and wider, categories of human sexual behaviors and different patterns of acceptance of them. European societies went through an early Christian-era holy man’s bottleneck. We changed to a simpler view of reality, we devolved relative to other cultures. Likely, 5 million years back in evolutionary time, we started out as a species with a sexuality more like the bonobos of the time. Bonobos are our brother species, in fact. Over time, cultures and behavior and genetics change, we became a species with an equally-wide range of behaviors as modern bonobos, but many-to-most aren’t acceptable in any human culture.

Human behavior doesn’t change, only what can be openly discussed. Has any society eliminated brothals? Homosexuality? Pedophilia? No, but it seems to me that on average open and frowned on works as well as anything, and has fewer side-effects, e.g. systematically putting the wrong people in power and increasing the amount of official- and criminal-coercion throughout the society, driven by the flows of money through that dark sector of the society.

And don’t get me started about the bad effects of such a massive dichotomy between publicly-acceptable behaviors and actual behaviors, driven by biology and human minds assisting that biology in attaining new levels of sexual satisfaction. We humans are really good at that, it seems to me. Few are proud of it, and we had no public fora available to demonstrate our inventiveness. Guilt, massive lying to ourselves and each other, … can’t be good for a society. We Christians built ours on that foundation.

None of that is to say the entire civilization or any of its variants are all bad, of course, just that none can think much outside the words and concepts their culture provides. All that gets deeply built into our identities. Those identities and the need to preserve them combine with power and economy to produce conflict at all levels.

Information flows have been increasing for a long time, now the internet has increased those enormously. Along with that, we get to see other societies in more detail, including sex. Real different, some of them. New words, new thoughts, new identities and implicit challenges to what we thought were eternal verities about deep reality, what it means to be a civilized person.

The modern discussion of sexuality distresses social conservatives in all cultures even more than the religious discussions. Those discussions put sex and sexuality into a ‘normal’ category, much like discussion of food or sports teams. I think the many people reporting sexual harassment in Western culture in 2017 is an effect of this normalization. Now our society has to calibrate the scale from mere asshole-being-inappropriate violation of social expectations through physical assault, along with many other new problems. Other cultures have other problems, but modern ideas are challenging them all. We can’t predict the outcome of any of these cultural threads any more than any other aspect of our social existence.

This woman is an example of this new zeitgeist arising. It is certainly an interesting time to be alive :


James Gleich has a very asymmetric face :


A law allows utility companies to charge customers for un-completed projects, removing more risk from utilities. Of course the companies abuse that :


This is an interesting description of doing business in Libya after NATO’s destruction of the government. I doubt the worth of the barrels being due to barrel bombs, but who knows. The rest of the stories about the decisions of companies are very believable in my experience :


This is interesting for the bulls and for the music :


Dance continues to mutate and be selected, to evolve. The second of the videos in this list is becoming famous, Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle, very innovative and athletic dance very smoothly done. #3 is Rockabilly, also great :

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