Daily Reading #1F1

Coverage of Clinton vs Trump in the NYTimes favored Trump! This is serious journalism + scientific measurement, textual analysis, a good study. First, few of the articles discussed policies of the candidates, most were politics and campaign. Second, Clinton’s scandals dominated coverage about her campaign, Trump had proportionately more coverage of policy vs scandal.

So the requirement that articles appear to be fair conveyed enough information that people made the correct decisions in voting, however biased the articles actually were :


Eric Zeusse is one of the Zolas of our age, imho :


Empire is a cultural trap :

Russia has gotten rid of the private militias reporting to $Billionaires, I believe. Soon, we can hope, the US will be able to reach the same level of civilization :


Special forces vs Al Shaabab, flying culturally blind and being taken advantage of by everyone :


America is doing the same in Syria, where we lost another war :


The argument for censorship. This is long and detailed, but basically the forces of repression are pushing the Russian story to support the idea that action is needed to prevent extreme thought from infecting American minds :


A good discussion of authority vs power. This from WRSA :

Arthur Silber is correct in his analysis of our mis-placed emphasis and virtue signaling wrt sexual aggression :



The answer to floods is fixing the hydrology via more vegetation, forests and grass ground covers. It wouldn’t hurt to bring back beavers.

I don’t consider floods the same kind of event as the Blizzard of ’49. People didn’t cause the blizzard, but people collectively cause all of the modern higher than ever floods :


Russia subsidizes farmers EU400 per year. Good for farmers there, and meanwhile farmers in the US go broke :




Another area where bad management of the land has produced a desert. This video doesn’t convince me that they understand how to fix the problem :


Interesting methods in biochemistry. A single extra neutron in an RNA can be detected by centrifuging the sample long and hard enough :


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