Daily Reading #1F0

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, pretty important, as that is a major health cost for civilization :


OK, this explains the Mandalay Massacre. This understanding, narrative, makes sense and has some evidence :


The Saker is good analysis of the positions and goals of the ME players. There are too many things happening behind the scenes to know much, but it all confirms the Mandalay Bay thinking below :


More context on victim’s testimony, long ignored :


Of course all the rise in incomes beyond inflation comes from capital, not labor. This appears to be a socialist site, so they don’t differentiate kinds of capital, e.g. local businessman vs Wall Street derivatives :


Western Rifle Shooters has 3 good links to commentary on the state of play, Trump vs the Deep State. We all see evidence Trump is winning, are all hopeful, all admit the picture is not clear :



Comments on this ZH article are excellent, in aggregate far more informative than the article. The political sophistication of the average ZH commenter continues to increase. Also of the number of commenters. Rapidly increase, imho :


The US needs $4.5T invested in infrastructure in the next 10 years to raise our infrastructure’s grade from D+ to B. The US military will have to bring the troops home. This report has a few insights, but I wouldn’t read it if I had the choice to make again, his headline caught me :


Jake Morphonios is a hardworking and intelligent reporter. This is his reporting on Google’s support of pedophiles :


The Blizzard of ’49 is an interesting piece of history :


The probability of a very cold snap for some long time is higher than generally thought. The glaciers melted because of volcanoes and meteorites. Now they melt because of industrial carbon put into the atmosphere that darkens the surface, so they absorb more son. Glaciers continue to disappear at altitudes that never thaw. Note how a Blizzard of ’49 every few years instead of every 100 years would be qualitative change in a local climate, much worse than global warming. We need to paint the glaciers, or otherwise insulate them from the sun.

Global warming is not going to be a problem, we know how to cool the planet, merely re-green all of the deserts of the world, both doable and profitable :


Experienced leaders make mistakes. Saleh’s decision to be best friends with SA only took 4 hours to kill him :


The evolution of politics. This first article gets everything correct, it seems to me, except the last bit. The problem isn’t removing ALL of the regulations, the problem is they will only remove regulations that allow them to benefit. That is the problem with giving government such power in the first place. The answer is to eliminate all regulations and rely on lower levels to handle individual situations. Elites don’t like that, they do better with the regulations, of course. The 2nd article says people in CA don’t think the two major parties are the solution to our problems. Who could disagree with that? :



The Ds have no chance of impeaching Trump without some serious crime or malfeasance. Meanwhile, their attempts are exposing the Deep State and minions everywhere. Trump is still winning, despite all of the apparently bone-headed moves :


Geology of Italy. Very active tectonics. Tunisia is only 60 miles for Sicily, which I found surprising :


As bitcoin becomes more valuable in dollars, the commentary on bitcoin becomes more interesting. This is an interesting combo of technical and social :


The source of iron before the iron age was meteorites :


World-wide civic cooperation enabled by the internet. IMHO, that is laudible, but personally I am not convinced this project is a good use of $.

Of course, in a distributed government, votes with money count. This is the way all public works would be funded. An ‘owner’s lane’ on the roads, … would be part of the incentive plan, everyone else pays a toll, transparently managed by the owners. Yes, downsides, but probably a better model than current governments, that has produced infinite corruption :



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