Daily Reading #1E6

19 Bundy Standoff prisoners have been held for 2 years in prisons that do not provide medical care and allow prisoners to be raped. The government claims they may be held 5 years without bond, even tho they have no violence in their background and the men who have gone to trial have been acquitted of almost all the charges. My country is no longer ruled by a just system, by impartial application of law. Our Deep State is obviously intent on smashing any opposition. That works until it doesn’t :


Once you start mixing cultures, they continue on their own, and the ramifications are many and various :


There is a lot of truth in this, but to consider Donald Trump as a Low-IQ reality TV star is blind elitism. There are many things I could critique Trump for, but it must be acknowledged that he whipped the entire US political establishment on their home turf, under their rules, and probably made $ in the effort. Ignorant, yes, we all are, equally to 20 decimal points to the right of zero. But not stupid and not corrupt in the same ways as recent Presidents.

All he need do to become the Greatest President in US history is drain the swamps, start unwinding the corruption and pedophilia. instead he is becoming just the latest in the declining country’s failing leaders of failing institutions.

It is long past the time we get excited about the deaths our military causes. Call, write Trump and your congress critters, we citizens are culpable if we citizens cannot get this stopped :




Our ‘healthcare industry’ and the CIA’s importers produced the opioid crisis, now taxpayers get to pay for the results.  Meanwhile, of course, the ‘healthcare industry’ continues to make $ from the addictions and the sellers of illegal drugs are doing very well indeed, as demand is way up.  Well played, CIA and ‘healthcare industry’. A bunch of you bastards are going to hang :


This is a good insight : growth via immigration has non-linear effects on capital spending for infrastructure because so many of them go to major cities :


Nobody who is at all aware has assumed anything else about any institution for at least 30 years, maybe 50. Discuss it with your sons and daughters, they will all have to face passes from people who have control over their fates. I recommend having their phone in record mode, permanently :


More social interaction and more resilient community should be the goal :


More detail on the Israeli-Neocon-US-Deep State’s loss in the ME, tho the Deep State made a lot of $ on their initiatives, both profits from arms deals and theft from the occupied nations and  trafficking of their citizens :


Another eminently sensible argument I have read frequently over the years, but which is never implemented, although eliminating the US’s fixed-position ICBMs would lower the probability of a nuclear war and also save a large amount in the defense budget :


I sometimes worked for good managers, but the average corporation was not well-managed. I have spent a lot of time in ‘classrooms’ listening to someone supposedly teaching us to be more effective. It was almost all  waste, dumb theories of personality, etc. Nobody ever taught us how to do a design review, or any other serious management task, as an example :


Other things I have read on the Muslim Rohinga’s problems in Buddhist Myanmar say that it is because Saudi Arabia is using that group to foment trouble in Myanmar in aid of some geopolitical goal, same as they used ISIS in Syria :


I didn’t read this, but am outraged that anyone could believe that describing the US Military as a ‘Zionist organization’ could by positive in any way, and further outraged to the extent that it is true. Obviously it is true US foreign and military policy backs Israel at every step, and the CIA assisted the Mossad in the 9-11 False Flag :


Another wild animal saved, Musk Oxen are being raised as cattle :

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