Daily Reading #1C4

More of the Monastary Farm. This was at the end of the English Monastary era, interesting to see what ends of eras do in a society :

Standing in the shower just now, working through the budget for enough subsistence farmers on a big enough piece of desertified land for long enough to reclaim the ecosystem, the thoughts cross-pollentated with the thought “poppy is a dryland crop”. Poppy could be grown anywhere, why just Afghanistan, NKorea and Laos?

So the franchise the CIA runs through Turkey and NATO is one of converting raw morphine to heroin and the import, distribution and money laundering networks. Yes, Mexico and various areas in S America have tried to get into the US market for heroin, and deliver very high-quality product at falling prices.

I think the fact that Mexico has such a small share of the market means you can’t get into those businesses without the protection of your nation’s intelligence agency, and in some parts of the world maybe even that won’t protect you from a drone strike. So far, South America has not been subjected to drone strikes. But all other kinds of military attacks are used on them, e.g. the film of Pablo Excobar’s life I was watching a few weeks ago.

I think that America’s foreign policy is driven by poppy supplies as much Englands was 100 years ago, and even more than by oil supplies. The CIA doesn’t have the oil franchise.


Not just the economy failing, the entire system is FUBARed :


Syria Girl is banned from Facebook


I interpret this as an anti-CIA move by Trump and Tillerson. The agency largest office is in Pakistan, and illegal trade through Pakistan is a large part of the CIA’s black budget operations :


Economic sanctions against Russia have hurt the EU more than Russia :


More baseless propaganda on the RussiaDidIt Theme. Moon of Alabama has good comments :



George Orwell : “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

George Webb and his group mind continue their investigations :




Another Crowd Source The Truth group mind discussion of one aspect of our Deep State :


Another subtle point that bureaucracies, public and private, normally miss, that measures may be useful, but not after they become targets :


Whatever your position on government providing services, this indicates that NAFTA and other trade treaties are ways for multinational corporations to begin reaping profits from those areas :


Police no longer think they need warrants, nor wait until Monday for 15-year-old girls to surrender to authorities. Wow :


The CO2 increase is not the problem. The loss of the ecosystem is a problem, the loss ground cover and the ground’s ability to absorb rain water produce erosion, a definite problem. The increased ground and air temps are a symptom, not the problem. Increased CO2 is a symptom, and a benefit to living plants :


I don’t know why anyone expects that their online self can be dissociated from their physical-reality self from their on-the-job self or any of the rest of the many aspects of their lives. It is no longer that kind of world. Intelligence agencies want to monitor all of the aspects of our lives because they think they are meaningful in predicting future actions. Why should we not believe the same wrt employees of government?

Any sane police police force, or at least their liability insurance company, would be monitoring personal behavior of police very carefully. These are people hired by the general public to protect the general public by enforcing laws upon specific individuals in a world in which organized crime pays very well.

The standard damn well should be that if you see any sign of mental abberations, e.g. unreasoned dislike of a social group, that could produce bad results for a citizen, you must report the incident.  Maintaining the integrity of every individual is the price of being part of such a trusted group as the police should be. The fact of their low trust is a measure of how poorly they have enforced high standards upon themselves, the common failing in all of our modern institutions :


Another incident in the eternal Red Queen race of disease vs multi-cellular organism :

California Scrambles To Contain ‘Unprecedented’ Hepatitis A Outbreaks


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