Daily Reading #1C2

This is another of the English Tudor era reality videos. These are the people who built the castle using tools and methods of the era, I linked to that video a week or so ago :

This is an excellent summary of how “science pursuing truth” has failed to produce much truth and has degenerated into a make work project for scientists, vs how research focused to solve problems has done, namely the great majority of the rest of scientific progress. Long, but very worth the read :


Kurdistan, whatever it means to Kurds, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians and Turks, is another US and Israeli plan to balkanize the ME, of course. As the Iraqi Kurds have expelled other ethnic groups from what it considers its territory, none of them will be able to vote against Barzani’s plans :


More failure of RussiaGate propaganda :

Hello Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, Slate: Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart

George Webb and his crowd mind continue their investigation. The third in this list begins dealing with more fake employees throughout the Federal Government, beginning with the Congressional Administrative Office. Very impressive guy, George Webb Sweigart :







Jason Goodman and his crowd mind continue their investigations. This is the interview of Dr. Thomas Rudd. Watch the cops doing the interrogation of a young woman, innocent in fact. Very different than you see on TV cop shows, these guys is not trying to find the truth, he wants to close the case. So the coroner screwed up, the cops took the advantage of a small person, 8 – 10 hours of interrogation of a mildly retarded young woman, she resists until the very end.  A long discussion of the corruption in the ‘justice’ system and law enforcement. Very bad :


No, electing crazies is he only possibility of getting anything changed. We are left with crazies as the only choice because only crazies run against incumbents who everyone knows are supported by the full power of the establishment. Provide some Constitutional Conservatives as primary candidates, I bet they would be elected also.

Hilarious “in the 90s the Republicans began losing control of their constituencies”. So did the Dems, in retrospect, the Status Quo had begun failing. 9-11 signaled the end of that era, was the ultimate failure of centralized power. We are now playing out the endgame of that failure, searching for the institutions and principles that can replace our failed USofA :


This claim that the US Constitution is the problem per se in our political system is too simple. It took 175 or so years to eliminate the gold standard, as an example. You could claim that the Constitution was too centralized, and that allowed the evolution that got us here, but everyone thought that the ability to withdraw from the Union was the ultimate defense. The Constitution didn’t fail so much as the propaganda triumphed and the institutions of government failed. It is very clear we need improved technology of limiting the power of government :


“Alexa, should I kill myself today?” is apparently a question someone expects people to be asking their chatbot.

Yes, a chatbot will have the spirtual depth, the soul, to help people make end-of-life decisions. How do they validate such a program? I can see measuring satisfaction of the users, the normal approach. You can predict that some people won’t be entirely satisfied with advice to go on living. But what about the people who took the chatbot’s guidance to terminate their lives? Might many of those people have changed to wanting to live, had they had the chance? What morons thought this was a topic for a chatbot? :


The power of propaganda in Mao’s China’s feminism :


This is the military’s ‘Skynet’ to link everything. I think it is most likely will be another overlay network using IPv4’s TCP as a transport layer. IPv4 has better security than IPv2 and TCP has become the universal transport for other protocols. That is probably not optimal, as many network ideas were not pursued after IP displaced other networks, and so addressing by lat/long and bidding for bandwidth allocation as the basis for routing, among many other ideas, have not been evaluated for effectiveness in modern communication links :


The SEC’s computer security team is minimally competent, but their insider trading code and analysis group made up for it, eventually :


Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks can be foiled, the end of an era in internet history :


Background info on the State Dept and Africa under Trump and Tillerson, not enough context to allow judging anything :

Donald Trump wants to lead a 21st century scramble for Africa—but he doesn’t know how

I keep saying that we are experiencing the fastest social evolution ever :


The great importance of getting enough sleep :


The reason for many Youtube review channels and web publications are the hidden bennies, they are advertising in another guise :


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