Daily Reading #1C1

Brain mechanisms of consciousness need the inputs from the body and gut to function. The mind and body become more connected in scientific discussions every year :


FEMA’s director says that citizens need “a true culture of preparedness”. No kidding :


Finally, we get an explanation from the Navy of ‘why collisions?’. Their answer is ‘overwork and undertrain’. Captains had too much leeway in watch standards, which they used because of their overworked crews, e.g. 100+ hours on watch per week, ships at sea 70% of the time. So finally the admirals did the root cause analysis and resorted their priorities, but it took 4 collisions to make that happen.

Meanwhile, the media, including Youtube alt-media, should reconsider their hypotheses in the light of this answer, and decide how we can do better. :


Memory palaces, song lines, mneumonic aids of pre-literate people and the astonishing amounts of information the cultures had accumulated and used :


This is a long article giving Populist history from the 1880s in the South, it was an integrated party. Complicated switch of Watson to disenfranchising blacks, and now “Redneck Revolt” as a successor party. Discussion of the many political currents in Houston, etc. The reality of the world is far more complex than history books convey :


George Webb and his crowd mind continue their investigations. They are doing great work, no question. The first of these is “Sweet Jaquaya vs Street Jaquaya’.

The 2nd is from yesterday, repeating the important message that it only took a couple of people in the right place to start the compromise-infiltration and own DC. “Compromise up, intimidate down”. He thinks 10 people run DC as a result of that small Cabal compromising the right people.

George makes a distinction between ‘compromised’ and ‘criminal in their own right’. I think that, at the top level, those factors cause each other, once compromised, perhaps by their first crime, they are freed to repeat and expand by the cover they get. George has Patraeus as the highest level of this. Maybe, but the indications are this kind of operation long predated any person in the highest levels of government, the ones who produced the system that Patraeus supposedly compromised. For example, Sibel Edmonds reported that her FBI contacts who had run checks of people nominated for federal judgeships :








Jason Goodman, What Big Eyes You Have and the crowd mind continue their investigations. This is back on the subject of the Deep State harassment of dissidents :


Another patch on a bandaide. The criminal justice system is not working because it allows plea bargains and far too many acts are crimes. Plea bargains give the government too much power, are necessary because the great majority of crimes in the US are drug-related and thus the courts are overwhelmed and need to curtail jury trials, the last check on prosecutors and judges :


Malaria is also becoming resistant to the major drugs, of course, as disease vs organism is a Red Queen race :


The American Council on Science and Health sounds the alarm on Tylenol

Is Tylenol ‘By Far the Most Dangerous Drug Ever Made?’ … permanent liver damage from chronic use :


Tylenol Isn’t So Safe, But At Least It Works, Right? … suprisingly ineffective :


This is a very sophisticated eco-farming operation on very steep land :


Very sophisticated about how to develop an eco-farming operation :


This talk on “Sustainable Urban Agriculture” is total BS. There were many SciFi novels about ‘arcology’, single buildings that provided their own food and oxygen via agriculture, effectively spaceships. Even if energy is very cheap, under what scenario would a floor of a modern urban multi-story building be more profitable devoted to farming than to apartments or offices?

I think it far more likely that suburban homes become suburban small farms, and large farms become small family farms again. That is a continuation of 2 existing trends, the growing ‘homesteader’ thinking and the growing understanding that eco-farming demands more management, but is also more profitable. Both will encourage expanding populations to produce more of their own food. The move to ‘locality’ is independent, as that is better quality vs price. As the supply goes up, as small market producers improve productivity, local will have larger share of the markets.

But ‘urban agriculture’ will never exist outside of a spaceship with really big heat exchange units :


This is the first good explanation of ‘keyline design of water management’ for farms I have seen :


Another person who is doing good for the world, I think :


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