Daily Reading #1B8

Another in the many links between Soros and Clinton and the many NGOs and activist groups, including Antifa. Clinton is connect to the Deep State criminal network world-wide, including with ?pedophile? and thus linked directly to the CIA and Mossad. There are many other, even more direct, links between all of those entities. Yes, a standard CIA soft and rolling coup operation :


People are annoyed with our rulers and governance :


ISIS is nearly gone, Syria and Assad continue, order is being restored in the ME, Donald Trump deserves some credit for that :


Russia has mass surveillance of all telecom, same as every other country. Wikileaks comes through again :


George Webb’s crowd of minds continue their investigation into the Imran Awan criminal case. I think it will be difficult to avoid a serious investigation into the criminality surrounding the Imran Awan Spy Ring. Half of Congress and top levels of every spy or investigations agency in the Federal Government, conspiracy to defraud charges with every VP of every MIC company in the world.

Big stakes people. Figure out how to challenge the Party’s candidate in all primaries. We have to take back our government, bottom up :






Jason Goodman and Crowd Source The Truth’s group mind continue the investigation of the Deep State crimes. The first of these is discussing the WaPo article and its owner, connections to CIA and Deep State, etc.

The second of these is another whistleblower from the crowd, again surprisingly eloquent and describing another fight against city hall. From Jason and George’s crowd who show up on video, one could believe that ordinary people have good judgement. Really.

The third is Hudson laying out John McCain’s corruption, the bastard prevented keeping the problem of Hanoi’s prisoner’s of war who had been left behind, about 600 men.

The stack of crimes grows ever higher, and the Internet is excellent at pushing :




Secrecy continues to gain ground :



This is a video showing the results of a good investment. So this guy must have brought the property with this farm development in mind. Looks like the property had some problems, and this permaculture design is his value-added, the water harvesting layout and pasture he can get off of irrigated grass will provide the cash to pay the mortgage. Probably also other jobs, tho I couldn’t see how large the different components were. Anyway, technology intelligently applied to natural resources ==> wealth, and the resources to do it again on a larger scale :

This is a fine video explaining how reversal of ecosystem devastation can be profitable for both governments and investors. No kidding, if you could buy 1M acres in a country with a legal system you could depend upon, and invest in N x 10,000 families, where N is dependent upon the amount of rainfall, you could give people ownership of the land after 30 years, during which they pay you 10% of their produce.

Versions of the tenure-with-payment have worked for generations in every cultural group in the world, it could be made to work again. Depending on the climate and the amount of land, the amount of needed investment, the settlers in the first 10 years fund the settlers in the 2nd, and so you have doubling of # of settlers. Scalable, the collectors of revenue for subsequent groups coming from previous groups, integrated with the local community from the first.

That is the way an intelligent investment group would work, and they could do 10X what a chariable foundation could even think about with the same investment dollars. Too bad there are no governments reliable enough.

Once said, there is far more investment capital in the world and far more opportunities that would make sense, then there are governments with rule of law. Now including the US, of course :


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