Daily Reading #1B7

This undoubtedly means that somewhere there is an investigation of voter fraud that can be tracked back to the Clinton Crime Cabal, so they are getting out in front with the counter-accusations :


George Webb and his crowd mind. The Deep State is seeing its operational methods exposed, in detail, by dissection of the careers of one individual agent, Imran Awan.

All this raises so many questions and suppositions, which I moved to another post.

Fun to watch history in action these days, usually it is slomo :









Jason Goodman and his crowd mind, today the UI includes Charles Ortel and Stuart Dean. The 2nd is a discussion with Mr. Hudson wrt the WaPo’s attempt to whitewash the Awan Brother’s Spy Ring In Congress. WaPo is a CIA front company, obviously.

There are also more hints that Trump’s people are pursuing the Deep State, e.g. the withholding of foreign aid until Hina Alby is returned to the US :



Reading rewires your brain. All information flows do the same, reading and videos can have very high information rates, but reading generally engages connections from words to everything else. Living life engages from that outside reality to thought, some of which includes words :


This video hypothesizes that Japanese monoculture and top-down control of the economy will get Japan through their demographic decline and the world’s economic problems, whereas the West’s many immigrants less central bank purchase of securities will will produce social and economic chaos. Entirely a hypothesis, there is no historical or social science evidence relevant at this scale and technology of everything.

My systems understanding still is that the systems, extremely complex and extremely large scale, are not designed to be fail-safe, and thus will fail, as that is the nature of such systems. It is extremely difficult to design such systems so that they do not fail. Institutional and individual coping mechanisms for dealing with such large-scale, extremely complex failures are entirely untested, and thus will fail.

When the Japanese have run their system through 10 generations, not just 3, I will think they have enough experience to predict their short-term future :


California courts are no different than Ferguson’s in using fines to generate revenue :


A laudable experiment in biology, showing that Mexico City’s house finches add more cigarette butt fibers to a nest when more blood sucking ticks are added to the nest. This implies that the finches understand that ticks are repelled by the nicotine in cigarette butts, and babies are thus protected. Now for the question of what ‘understand’ means to a finch in this case, and how such behaviors could have evolved.  I believe I have read this about other birds, haven’t researched that, in which case it builds off of some prior use of plants to do the same repelling bugs :


As political power of the Deep State declines, so does the power of the CIA-funded Silicon Valley companies. Antitrust is coming back into vogue, a different center gaining power :


This has the feel of some gov-sponsored project’s bragging, but there does seem to be progress, and all of it is not just gov programs :

Nevertheless, 10,000 hectars per year is not an incredible rate, given the 11 million hectares in the Sahel that need to be improved and protected. 10,000 kilogram of seeds collected by one of the centers pushing the effort. Impressive how they involve the local community, but this is something that could be entirely done by the community.

The project is funded by the EU, an intelligent response to the problem for the world, funding seems to have dried up, Nigeria dropped out of the group, Senegal is down to 5000 hectares / year, but Senegal seems to be furthest along. Other comments about the UN putting $2B into the project, World Bank funding, I think that is tied in with the global warming Kyoto protocols and carbon credits. Small amounts of good that justify the fraud of AGW, with the kleptocracy skimming everything, I believe.

Nevertheless, knowledge of how to regreen arid areas is spreading, and it is short-term profitable in many of them, and can be justified as an investment by government in those with lesser amounts of rainfall. As these investments pay off, they will fund restricting the desert in other ways.  China’s example shows that roads and rails can be built through the Gobi with green belts along side to prevent the sand dunes from encroaching.  Those take more investment and don’t become self-sustaining as quickly, but the worst sand dunes can be turned into grasslands with some trees.

In 40 years, every bit of desert could be made green and all farm lands 4X more productive, sustainably, a measure that would stop any trend to global warming.  That bit of news should be shouted from the rooftops. It isn’t. Why do you suppose that is? :

I think the first of those mentioned that the area had become drier in recent years. That is a result of the loss of the normal rain into the soil, transpired back into the air by plants, producing down-weather rain.




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