Daily Reading #1B5

Animal natures don’t seem fixed by nature, rather by circumstance and looks. Humans also. Eagles are fearsome birds, hard to know when they want to be friendly. When you look, there are multi-cultural societies forming everywhere :

Sexual and labor exploitation of children as a social order is not new :


The Myanmar story did not make sense until this.  It is just another Mossad-CIA-Saudi-MI6 infiltration of a mineral-rich country, using existing ethnic and religious problems to create chaos. This is the kind of outside-the-box opinions I love, but can’t remember without re-reading a dozen times, as there are so few connections to other things I know :


Pablo Escobar is insightful, the US’s rulers are declining very quickly on the world stage. It is a dangerous time for us all :




George Webb’s crowd mind is pushing the investigation of the Awan Brother’s spy ring in Congress. It is interesting to watch the threads of the plot unravel, link to link, despite many attempts to hide identities. No kidding, the theorem will be proved in signal processing and information theory “Illegal acts can be hidden only if infrequent and few search for evidence”. Similarities of names, people tweeting codes, … are signal to be extracted from the noise by a crowd mind :




Major corporations are in a position to censor the internet, and do :


There are not many things I like as much as evil outing itself, no help needed. Our Deep State is showing the control strings very clearly. Makes it easy to cut them :


Chuck Robb makes a good point, tho the OODA loop doesn’t add a lot of explanatory power.  However, the idea of an open source insurgency behind Trump is a good one :




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