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A bit pollyannaish PR, but an interesting piece of history, what communities used to be  :

Good advice on building community :


George Webb has an interesting life. Then he deleted the 3 in a row of a lovely young woman singing jazz blues that made me say that.

But, by the time you get thru the 6th of these, you realize again that George plays the game a lot of moves ahead. Hell of a group mind he has around him. When George has half a dozen emulators in every small village, all asking variations of ‘does reality match the claims?’, and selecting and integrating to more general levels, all with competing-cooperating group minds exchanging understandings, we have a complete replacement for legacy media. Much of government, in fact.

This is an amazing thing happening before our eyes, I repeat again and again. The comments on George’s Youtube channel say that a lot, also. :







Crowd Source The Truth continues with Hudson and Queen Tut.  Take down the state, take out the Congressmen. Lousy government is not doing what is needed, Deep State is behind all the divisions between peoples and countries.

Robert David Steele continues to be exposed, and also as an example of what we can expect of government operatives, methods and personal dishonesty, pattern of fraud.

Great stuff, revolution happening before your eyes. These people are facing up to the reality of the criminal class running our country, the depth and breadth of the corruption produced by the Deep State + MIC. The commitment to overthrowing the corrupt bastards in power is going non-linear, this has been building for years.

Truly pre-revolutionary. Thank God, I thought we might not generate enough outrage soon enough to win this.

From my reading of comments on a wide-variety of sites, I see a strong majority on the side of “anyone who starts shooting is the enemy”, intelligent citizens that we are. But, of course, so far they have always kept us killing each other, a necessary condition of their rule. I do hope we are better people than our ancestors, and manage not to hate each other this time around :


The Stasis Quo prevents change because it is united in protecting their rice bowls :


Not being able to pay soldiers is the end of an empire, its last failure :


The Archdruid is publishing on a different site, still interesting throughts :


Ecosystem thinking in cancer biology :


Lies everywhere :


The Heather Heyer story keeps changing.  This woman certainly does not look like the original picture. In any case, until I see a certificate of death and an autopsy report, I won’t believe anyone died, and until there is far more connection between the ‘grieving mother’ and whoever is named Heather Heyer today, I don’t believe that story either. Legacy media does NOT investigate any of this, a signal of a faux event :


This continues my list of horrifying headlines from 2013’s emails :

More Angela Corey and Prosecutorial Abuse

Bank of America whistle-blower’s bombshell: “We were told to lie”

Christian Conservative Pundit Hugh Hewitt: It’s Fine That the Feds are Spying on You

New drugs trail many old ones in effectiveness against disease


Yes, all military troops have a significant segment of men who behave like animals wrt enemy women after victory. I believe this history is true, from other things I have read over the years.  I believe the very marked anti-Jewish threads are correct history and have everything to do with Jewish cultural and civic life in Eastern Europe and nothing to do with Jews as a race or religion, beyond being the race and religion that had lead to that cultural and civic life. Jews were well-educated ahead of most other groups, urban, relatively cosmopolitan. They were social, spoke well, practiced their speaking in social events, generally had foreign contacts. Of course they were first infected with all of the new intellectual trends, and quickly became leaders in them. Not just politics, tho politics is the one studied.

It is only via the view through a too-tiny aperture that can make Jew especially responsible, by implication-association the race, culture and/or religion, for the outrages in Socialism in the 20th century. Individually responsible? Of course.  Responsible as a class of its time and place? No, there were individuals who rejected the Zeitgeist on all sides. And also others who shared it from all social classes in Russia.

Besides which, ‘group guilt’ is not defensible. More represented than other social groups of their socio-economic status? It is not a meaningful question without specifying the terms and measures of those terms in very great detail, and then only meaningful to that level and measure, and of doubtful generality.

Exactly the same argument applies within the US, e.g. to the overwhelming Jewish ownership of legacy media properties. Does religion play a role? Of course, people get to know each other at Synagogue, and people do what their role models and friends do. Education + many people in different aspects of publishing and theatre and films, thus ownership of media companies. Do Jews favor each other? Of course, everyone favors people closest to them in culture. I resonate with people my age who grew up in small towns in rual Midwest America, my kid’s culture is entirely different. His is different than cousins who went to ritzy private schools.

But blaming Jews-in-general for behaviors of a some of a group containing Jews is flawed reasoning in many ways simultaneously.  If you can’t list a few, consider it a good piece of homework.

None of which prevents me from assigning great guilt to Jews in Israel stealing the land of Palestine from Muslims and Christians and persecuting non-Jews for opposing them. :


And it also does not eliminate the possibility of criminal gangs, conspiracies, with family and ethnic connections including Jews. There are those, of course, probably many.  Jews have been involved in the NY and Boston rackets since early days, why would that have ended? Some of Trump’s team in the real estate business were scions of last-gen mob people and lawyers. The FBI’s man running the docks in Boston was the most infamous hit-man in Boston at the time.  He helped get the FBI’s drug shipments through the harbour.

I bet there are scions and wannabees all through our various police and intelligence services. Interesting to think like a group-with-a-goal, help the effort from wherever you will be, different goals, different groups. The complexity of an ecosystem, the number of niche environments large and stable enough to support a species, is non-linearly proportional to the energy flow through the system.

We are pumping enormous flows of dollars through our many systems. We have many data points telling us that bureaucratic favors get done and justice is not done, again and again, by the same people, with no consequence to the doers of injustice. Enormous flows ==> many species in many niches, and not all of them show up on an organization chart.

George is saying above that we should be encouraged by how few knowingly-guilty people it took to carry all these operations off, that 99.9% of every organization is honest and ethical. I don’t see how it can be true. Investigatory files must be full of information pointing to organizations behind which is a CIA puppet.

On the one hand, field agents of all federal agencies are supposedly under tight reign, polygraph checks, etc. Many cities, also. Yet Holman Square and the many FBI coverups of major crimes. Who watches the watchers? Pretty clear that many, many crimes by LEOs and intelligence officers are never prosecuted. The Alpha Jolloh people stealing cars seemed to get out of jail by magic. Etc. The Department of Justice FBI and Federal Prosecutors are giving CIA-associates a pass, seems to me.

Cry ‘patriotism’ all they wish, that amounts to a criminal conspiracy against the people of the United States. Treason. We are fools if we allow any other interpretation.  If it had been in our favor, they wouldn’t have needed to hide it. They are intent on limiting human rights. That is NEVER justified.

I never understood the reasoning that had lead to 9-11, False Flag Operation. Looking at the long infiltration of CIA crime rings into the other agencies, 9-11 looks more and more like part of a takeover plan that the CIA would execute against another country. Tie in with the criminal element, use insider leverage to assist the criminal element into the intelligence and police and justice institutions. 1993 WTC, OKC, 9-11, 2 practices for control of the elements, press, patsies, other agencies and the kickoff. They have to be going for absolute power, there is no resting point once you are on that ladder

Question is, ‘who?’. We clearly have networks of dishonesty in all of our institutions. For intelligence and army, there were generals who were kicked out in the last couple of administrations. Same in the FBI. We need them to help get this system back in line.

General Kelly worked for DynCorp, the CIA’s public face :


The issue is the lecture format, as that is known to be 1-2 standard deviations worse than a small-group tutorial format in moving understanding from teachers to students, this is a correct answer to the wrong question :


A good discussion of education in an internet age :


Elegant science in studying vision, why people have good detail vision in the dark of a total eclipse, but not at night :


I have linked to this fusion of Indian and English music before, very excellent :

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