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Yes, Zionism is racism :


WordPress has bugs. Something screwed up the GUI and I lost 1300 words that WP somehow was not able to restore.

I re-read this this AM. This country made such a bad choice when it went militaristic. Our military budgets and war spending since 1996 have totaled more than $10T. Cumulative military spending by the US has been $30T since the founding of NATO, 3/4th of all the military spending by alliance members. $40T that could have been invested in producing wealth. That would have done more to raise standards of living in 3rd world countries than all of the aid programs.  Militarism is always a bad deal, it kills empire after empire :



And the military has spent the country into poverty and impotence, with the weakest team of leaders I can remember :


George Webb and his crowd of investigators and searchers :




Crowd Source The Truth continues their investigations and reports :


The new normal accepts the NSA’s completely un-constitutional surveillance and the CIA’s completely un-constitutional criminal operations. They have faded from legacy media’s notice, and Trump disappoints his populist supporters again :


Every nation has people in elected positions that represent foreign interests. OK, we all have opinions about different countries, and so long as the voters fully understand, are fully informed, no problem. But, candidates often lie. Without the assistance of an intelligence agency, lies are easily covered up. We know of many of those amateurish efforts.  But Operation Paper Clip brought in 10s of 1000s of Germans, and was repeated for Vietnam and the ex-USSR.  How many of those people are inside our institutions, in critical places?  :


More examples of nations screwing around in other’s internal politics. If you want to prevent this, do not have divisions between your peoples :


Korea is another example :


The US isolated NK with sanctions and threats. Of course it strengthened Kim.  Of course it impoverished the North Korean citizens, economically, culturally and spiritually. Awful things my country does to other people :



Windows vanishing from desktops and servers would be the greatest boon to network security ever in history, that massive mess of bugs and security holes removed from the network.  This article says that Windows is doomed.  I add that the thing that made Windows so difficult to move onto mobile platforms was Bill Gates’ strategy of merging the Windowing and applications with the Windows Kernel as a way of tying customers to the entire ecosystem.

The reason Linux and  FreeBSD are no dominant on mobile platforms, and Windows has no developer ecosystem for mobile, and is thus doomed. Karma got Windows, at long last :


Open Source Software continues to advance human wealth :


More horrifying headlines from 2013 email, now The New Normal :

The NSA’s “General Warrants”: How the Founding Fathers Fought an 18th Century Version of the President’s Illegal Domestic Spying

NSA warned to rein in surveillance as agency reveals even greater scope

Part of the 1300 lost words was me understanding the connection between George’s stories about “the last mile” operations of the FBI, CIA, etc. and Sandy Hook. Our agencies have operating live theatre groups whose sole role is to walk a victim into an elaborate trap, to guide the victim into a torture-interrogation or worse.

Sandy Hook and the many follow-ons were mission creep. I bet all of the grieving parents can be traced back into one of those groups of players, and their associations will reveal those groups.

The Sandy Hook Hoaxen continue, of course, with Charlottesville and Heather Heyer, or at least this particular picture of a person purported to be Heather Heyer, did not exist prior to Charlotesville and thus did not die. One of the signs of a propaganda site is that they don’t allow comments :


Also lost was a longer version of :

The story on North Korea is blatant propaganda. Small agricultural nations do not become ICBM-wielding hydrogen-bomb producing states challenging a super-power without very major outside help.

Who and what cannot have been hidden from our intelligence agencies. Those entities and people are the important enemies, not NK. Israel? For sure, Pakistan and Ukraine. What entities within those countries?

Why is who and what and why hidden from the US by our intelligence agencies, while NK is built into a giant threat?

Why is there no discussion of that in our press. Whose interests are this war scare serving?

The many differences between the underlying reality and the propaganda are the big story in the NK situation.

A new thought. I was re-reading some of my own inspiring writing from a few days back and had another thought, this surely from The Generalissimo’s thinking. Take the idea of group minds seriously, each of us being nodes in different ‘modes of analysis’, e.g. a gardening group, a great books group, work at a soup kitchen, fireman, etc. We don’t have any problem with the frame of ‘group exchanging understandings’ as a general class in sociology, that group exchange of understandings is what the internet is speeding up. And allowing many more of, ever-more-rare interest groups to form and exchange views.

But at orders of magnitude higher rates of exchange than before modern times.

Recall that an order of magnitude increase or decrease is a qualitative change, one that will reorder events around it.

We have not even begun to explore the consequences of that view of a group mind. It is proving itself, even as obviously-inefficient as it is, in the parallel construction of a case against our Deep State and associated elites, produced by insider breadcrumbs and George’s orchestration of evidence and thinking and search. Crowd Source the Truth, etc.

But it was all inspiringly foreseen by Professor Mitra, whose Self Organized Learning Environments are children being part of a life crowd doing crowd searches and learning very much from the experience  :


We see a powerful analysis and decisioning mechanism forming in cyberspace. Interesting experience writing reality and not being sure you aren’t in a scifi novel doing it.

Yes, 10X is a qualitative change. We have a 10X speedup in exchanging understandings, likely a multiple of that as we build common concepts that accelerate grasp of new events, e.g. ‘False Flag Operation’. Get the outrage headed in the right direction, people suddenly are not so easy to herd, standard opinion control mechanisms aren’t working, also not the new mechanisms.

Consider an average thread on an interesting topic on Zerohedge in 2017. I think the average comment, and votes on the comments, are trending more and more wise, less and less low-level partisan, sexist, … everyone assumes those are trolls, whether human or ‘bot.

The various groups of researchers, pedogate through awangate, are increasing in effectiveness every week. Better heuristics, new sources of information, new tools for searching, and new insiders dropping breadcrumbs. And more of them.

The differential between a bureaucracy with telephones and radios that can perpetuate a crime ring and pre-internet mechanisms of crime detection was large enough to allow the CIA and MIC unparalleled growth in the 20th and early 21st century.

With the 10X increase in rate of exchange of understandings, the differential between that bureaucracy and crime ring and common understanding is reversed.  Now too much is recorded to hide all traces, so complexity and noise is required to hide them. But, the group mind gets ever-better at extracting signal from the complexity and noise.

At the the most fundamental level, any entity needs to have information about raw reality. We can be certain that NSA is harvesting every communication and processing it as accurately as possible. Bias is applied above that level, e.g. restricting information in some sectors from other sectors of the intelligence community via security classification, questions asked of analysts and restrictions on analysts’s access of data, …

At the lowest levels, things get checked and signed for, spending is tracked, books balanced, files backed up, duplicates of everything, old storage rarely thought about. Thus, be assured, there are more than traces in the files of black operations, however hard they try to avoid them. People who signed off on operations, on the budgets, on the security classifications, on the rules of engagement. Who sold what and when, where the money went. Of course there are backups, somewhere. A dragnet of government data stores would produce a lot.

The group minds forming in our use of the internet are outing the criminal conspiracies of the Deep State, guiding our civilization through difficult times, but undoubtedly a better future. The beginning of a new age, by any measure.

Those are the judgments of an engineer, not a mystic. Just follow the trends.

Not a scifi novel, either, I think.


This next link is the first of waves of such news, as the government is increasingly constrained by budget and lack of borrowing ability, rising interest rates :


But public goods continue to be generated by the emergent minds of the internet :


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