Daily Reading #1A9

The coverups of evidence and slow-footing of investigations never stops, administration to administration :



The voting systems is seriously broken, no place in the country can audit any poll, almost none check their voting rolls, that the person actually on the roll is the person voting, that the vote was tallied correctly at every level from precinct to the top level for that election. So Trump wants to fix that as one of the very important things to move the country in the obviously-correct direction, I mean, who can think a corruptable voting system is good for the country, and major Democrats object :


Who and what is Donald Trump. Another answer to the question. I wasted a lot of words, but image vs record of Donald Trump has not been clarified by anything I have read. Robert Gore sees part of the difference, and I agree with some of this. But Trump has built a resort chain. I do not think you can build and be a sociopath, nor run a happy company. I don’t think that people who know and have worked with Trump, e.g. Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and Kelly Ann Conway, would support him if they detected ‘sociopath’ in his character, and I judge them to be good minds and dealing with the reality I recognize, and doing it honestly. I don’t recall any of those 3 lying, do recall them making it a point about other people, often. I could be fooled, of course.

So Robert Gore’s interpretation is only part of the story.  Maybe, but this is a scary possibility, and everyone should be thinking about it.  Certainly nothing has slowed down the automated surveillance state, not a single aspect of the massive violations of civil liberties has been rolled back ever since the issue came up, when AT&T helped NSA tap into the first optical fiber, duplicating internet traffic. NSA now sees 90+% of the internet traffic in the world, a high proportion of the telephone calls and texts. Add the traffic light cams, the license plate readers, the street light microphones, and the security cameras everywhere, NSA can see and hear an ever-larger part of human interaction. Massive processing arrays analyze the flows, and can select on key names, words or phone numbers to direct individual items to queues for further analysis. Soon, facial recognition.

Trump is not doing anything to halt that trend to a hard police state. Wray is not an improvement over Comey, McCabe is still #2, Mueller is Special Counsel, all willing to cover for CIA operations, ditto Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein. No prosecutions under Sessions of the many frauds among the Deep State’s allies :


The leadership of our world is absolutely insane. For what can threatening nuclear war be justified? I do not care if every member of the armed forces has personally been instructed that it is the largest head-fake ever, one doubts the NK’s have been so informed :




I have long been saying that a lot of the US’s actions are driven by the need to protect illegal drug profits, CIA and others :


George considers approaching the grand jury to begin the investigation of the spy ring in Congress. He pins that spy ring on the DOD :






Of course the US is killing Syrian civilians in the attack in Raqqa, why does the general deny it? Whether there are alternatives is a question, but not the fact of civilian deaths :


I have been going through the 100s of never-sent drafts in my gmail account. Mostly articles I read back when, I am in 2013’s unsent emails now. The headlines are a horror, we are being destroyed by corruption, and it is the new normal. E.g. :

White House Changing Its Story On James Clapper’s Role In Independent Surveillance Review

Ghosts of Waco Could they end the reign of Obama?

Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying

Rock Hudson on Crowd Source the Truth last evening said that North Korea sells meth, makes $Bs in profits selling through China, Russia and Taiwan. I believe they are also growing poppies these days. So that is the $ that allows their weapons programs.

NK is a nation of 25M people, a largely agricultural society whose technology supports exporting coal and human labor and simple illegal drugs — meth and opium are not difficult to make.

This from NK’s Wikipedia article :

A 2013 study reported that communicable diseases and malnutrition are responsible for 29% of the total deaths in North Korea. This figure is higher than those of high-income countries and South Korea, but half of the average 57% of all deaths in other low-income countries.[232] Infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and hepatitis B are considered to be endemic to the country as a result of the famine.[233]

That is obviously heavily edited for minimum impact, confusing as it does infectious deaths and deaths due to malnutrition.  In reality, they are tied, malnourished people die of infection very often. Not all deaths from infection are accompanied by malnourishment. Where is the balance for NK vs the others?  Hudson said ‘chronic malnourishment, periodic famine’.

No economy with only 25 million people enduring chronic malnourishment can support the industrial base to develop several generations of ICBMS in parallel AND a 2 million person army with vast artillery corps AND fission weapons AND fusion weapons. I don’t care what the drug revenues are, nor how much meth the people use.

That economy cannot support the development of enough engineers and scientists to do the design, those projects demand many 1000s of people with a very wide variety of intellectual and practical skills.  You do not just put an ICBM team or fission bomb team together overnight, you develop them over generations.

That country just barely supports sending enough of its people abroad for training that they can intelligently select suppliers of the necessary people and equipment to execute those tasks. It does not even support directly managing the project, buying the components, engineers and support for those programs.

So who is supplying the expertise and components?

They are the enemy, and I bet our NSA and FBI could easily name them, each and every one. Why don’t they?

Pakistan, for sure, the nuclear design and components. Ukraine, for sure, the rocket engines. Control systems and electronics from everywhere, probably the easiest part.  But design and integration of all this? Israel is a strong possibility, they do arms deals with everyone.

NK as a military power is absolutely implausible without $Bs in outside help. Projects at such a scale need financing. Who did that?

That finance and that help is the enemy, not NK. Why are we focusing on NK?

Chinese restaurants come to Pakistan :


Advanced thinking in ecosystem farming :

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