Daily Reading #1A8

Seven Preconditions For Violent Revolution. Think how many of these can be influenced by our Deep State’s control of the media, the Deep State that cannot allow peace to happen, because they will hang :



I have thought that the next stage of Antifa is to start a bombing campaign, another Weather Underground. The goal is to be the reason for a crackdown, ratcheting up the police state. This next is certainly a wet blanket on the SJWs and crazies of every side, so a bombing campaign is the next CIA-Deep State ploy. They need craziness, chaos, otherwise they hang :


George Webb and his researchers continue their investigations. What an education for us all, this man is the beginning of a new era in the world. Nobody has used the capabilities of the internet to organize citizens to oppose our elites, their Deep State, as effectively as George Webb Schweigart is doing in this series. We should make him rich via Patreon, of course, as the man is saving our bacon :







Crowd Source The Truth and its researchers continue their investigations. In the first of these, the crowd focuses on Christopher Gowan, Robert David Steel and their personal ethics. Streisand effect in multiple dimensions :


Sunday with Charles presents the interesting idea that Indians and Chinese with a negative-sum ethic and enormous brain power were the first wave into the US, and pillaged US and European society. We still haven’t caught on.

One should be be careful of applying personal experience, human abilities as intuitive statisticians being uniformly lousy, but I have not worked for any foreign management team that was not crippled with double-dealing. All of the outsourcing of people and manufacturing was guided by kickbacks to the execs making the decisions, and so many of the ‘programmers’ hired overseas were phantoms. I have worked with and for foreign-born individuals who I trusted completely, and I have seen US born, standard white Americans, acting as dishonestly as anyone, for perspective :


The US needs enemies, and plans long-term to have them :



Understand that Obama == CIA, as you read this :


Drug profits corrupt governments. The only answer is to remove the drug laws, impossible because of the corrupt governments of elites depending on the profits :


Existing in an environment created by Google, monopolist :


Houston was not the only city with floods, others were much worse off :


Sighted teachers control blind children by preventing mobility. Wow :


Indeed, Wells Fargo is a criminal organization, run by criminals from the top down. All of their top executives must have known, should have known, about this and the many other fraudulent activities (Wells pioneered robosigning to deal with the problems of no paperwork on home loans). Jail them all, for a very long time :


This is obvious PR BS. ‘Ethical gunmaker’ won’t sell outside of the EU and NATO countries. How do they control resellers? All propaganda :


Another grand unified theory of intelligence. Actually, from several years ago. I haven’t heard of it since, I believe, and The Generalissimo was dismissive, as I recall, because his tests had only a single mind against the world. Hardly a realistic environment for an intelligence :


“Take the fun out of marriage act”. When Esta Soler lobbied for a bill outlawing domestic violence in 1984, one politician called it the “Take the Fun Out of Marriage Act.” “If only I had Twitter then,” she mused. This sweeping, optimistic talk charts 30 years of tactics and technologies — from the Polaroid camera to social media — that led to a 64% drop in domestic violence in the U.S

I really like her sense of humor, but don’t think it can work for a politician, not even before Twitter. Now there would be a firestorm.

Twitter allows a lot of good one-liners to be appreciated widely, also kills a lot of them before being uttered. She ignores the spread of firearms as a reason for the drop in domestic violence. It would have fallen faster if judges issued a .45 to the abused in cases of domestic violence :


Visualizing the world’s data stores. This is 4 years old, there are many of them in orbit now :


I have been cleaning up email, finding old links I didn’t remember. This is good, the CIA’s underwear bomber. So we knew that very nearly all of the ‘terrorists’ here in the US were FBI dupes, the FBI finds dumb people and leads them to agree to the crime, and usually arrests them for conspiracy to do the crime, no actual actions have happened :


The War of Northern Aggression was not intended to free the slaves, rather to enrich northern industrialists :


This supports CSTT’s interview with Michael F. McMahon, the FBI Whistleblower, of a few days ago :


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