Daily Reading #1A7

The evil that my country does around the world beggars belief, far beyond our understanding. But it done in our name, for our nation’s good, they claim. I cannot link any good to me and mine with a necessity to starve children in Yemen in Yemen’s fight to preserve their independence from Saudi Arabia, and thus Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi Muslim extreme opinions of what it is to be Muslim.  That isn’t in SA’s citizen’s interest, much less citizens in the US.

The NYTimes is the Deep State’s bitch.  They can’t resist the closing bit about Sryia’s rulers bombing and starving ‘their own people’. No, Assad figured how to unite his people, as much as they can be united, and has NOT bombed or starved Syrians.  ISIS et all did the starving, and Syrian bombs were dropped on rebels and their families, not Syrian citizens, 2M+ of whom have escaped the ISIS crazies :



Yes, NSA-CIA spy on everyone around the world :


Status of US presence in Afghanistan :


George Webb and his crowd continue their investigations into the astonishing corruption of our nation’s leadership and federal institutions :









This is Crowd Source The Truth at work.  The first is a panel that includes a lawyer, Trish, Queen Tut and Andre Taggart.  Again, the attempt to hammer someone, to control their behavior, produces the platform and motivation for Andre to really go public, and a lot of sympathy and help coming from the crowd. Social solidarity in the crowd. Andre Taggart, a random guy swept into this case by accident, turns out to be an exceptionally well-spoken, thoughtful man. Wow, it is inspiring how similar every sensible person’s views are, how many of us understand.

What a phenomena is CrowdSourceTheTruth at work. We are taking back our nation :


The emergent phenomena such as CSTT are the answer to building the future to replace the failing system :


This is the insane Canadian law on the pronouns that must be used wrt transgenders or tg-wannabes, only CA is unhinged enough to try to emulate it :


The Red Cross was corrupt when Elizabeth Dole took it over to clean up the blood donor campaigns.  It has failed to spend the money in disaster after disaster, the IRS somehow doesn’t notice. Wonder what criminal element controls the Red Cross? :


Is there no competent and honest management left in America? The South Carolina nuclear project doesn’t leave you hopeful :


Comparing modern and ancient genomes.  Most genes have multiple effects, we don’t know this wasn’t because the lost genes have to do with parasites, no longer needed as we evolved medicines.  Or something else, but the simple story is unlikely to be the last word on this shift in allele frequency :


Rescuing Houston’s bats :


Training animals to tell humans what they want :


Do NOT think you know how to use a gun, having watched TV :


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