Daily Reading #1A3

Discussions with a woman at a party last week indicated that ‘the left’ is finally getting concerned about the prospect of revolution, which sites I read have been very concerned about since before the last election, and is now accepted as a probable-necessity by many intelligent and rational analysts I read.

This is the reason the Stasis Quo is getting concerned, even tho the story is complete BS. I have seen no evidence that any group that the NYTimes labels ‘right’ or ‘racist’ ever initiated violence at any of the demonstrations, eye-witnesses speaking on our local NPR station yesterday said the same about the Berkeley-SF and Boston demonstrations. They also stated Antifa initiated what violence occurred, contrary to the standard media story. All of the sources I have seen outside of legacy media say Antifa initiated whatever violence there was in every case where Antifa participated.

Therefore, Antifa is not a backlash, and its growth is not a function of the growth of ‘the violent right’, as there is yet none. Antifa is just as big as Soros, a full member of the Deep State, can afford.

OTOH, the NYTimes is correct that violent clashes are coming, that is a necessary stage in every Soros-CIA color revolution, necessary to divide and confuse citizens and to proceed to the next stage of repression.

The frame of the story is black vs white, left vs right, tolerant citizens vs racists, Nazis vs Anti-Nazis. It is all BS. There are so few serious racists or Nazis in the US and so little support for their ideas they could have no political power, even if the rest of us considered them as just another fringe political party. But we do not, the great majority of the citizens of the US consider them to be loathsome.

If you look at the number of counties in the US that voted for Obama and switched to Trump, you have some grasp of that. Nobody I know disliked Obama because he was black, we despised the man because he was just a smooth talking Shrub, or worse, in his policies. Obama was elected as the peace candidate, he promised to end the wars, to curb militarism, but continued and expanded them. The Deep State and domestic criminals such as the banksters literally got away with murder, the corruption expanded enormously under President Obama. There were no investigations of 9/11, and the Sandy Hook hoaxen were initiated and expanded, the police further militarized, police state powers expanded, whistleblowers crushed.

Worst of all, Obama’s race was used to deflect and mute criticism. If you criticized the man, you were a racist, just as if you criticize policies of any Jewish entity or object to Israel’s domination of Congress via AIPAC and the many ways US largesse to Israel feeds back into that control, you are anti-semitic. About half-way through Obama’s term, people started ignoring that, and thus the many ‘racists’ the NYTimes cites at demonstrations.

We rational thinkers despised Obama more than Shrub only for his partisans constantly playing the race card. Some hated him for that reason, and indeed a few weak minds, some with loud voices, hated him as a black man destroying the country, as a communist, as a Muslim, all of which were overplayed endlessly in the NYTimes and the rest of the Deep State Propaganda Apparatus.

Very sophisticated propaganda, nevertheless they are losing control of the Overton Window, people are freely expressing opinions the Stasis Quo wishes to have beyond acceptable discourse. That is what the rise of the ‘alt-right’ is all about, and the rise in the heat of the rhetoric.

The Deep State is losing the info wars. If they lose, they hang. Soros will have an infinite budget for Antifa’s growth.

The Color Revolution script makes that easy to predict that shooting will begin next spring, in time to play in the Congressional elections and set Congress up for passing more repressive legislation. Damn right the left should be concerned :


George Webb and his crowd. George is educating the US about our legal system, how parties can intervene in criminal cases, and this is going to restrict prosecutor’s power. Merely filing an intervention puts information before the judge, a permanent part of the court record for the case. Judges and prosecutors will have a very difficult time ignoring that evidence, and certainly cannot claim to have been ignorant of the information. Clever, clever, and new precedents being made. We should hope this goes to the Supreme Court, it is part of winning the information war.

The Daily Caller published information about Haseeb Rana and Rao Abbas. The government’s coverup of the spy ring is not working.

George plays a deep game. Every bit of the investigation exposes more connections. When they are exposed and how they are framed boxes the formal system, limits how they can respond. The fact that George always has information not yet revealed limits them even more. With enough limits, our corrupt ‘justice system’ may be forced to simulate an honest and just Justice System.

That is hopeful rather than realistic, of course. The legal system is very complex, and complexity means there are many, many ways of wiggling through the maze of laws and regulations. Nevertheless, George is making that hard by exposing the system’s inner workings, and by doing it so publicly he is changing the future.

Great script reality is providing. No kidding, this is a hell of a movie happening in front of our eyes :










CrowdSourceTheTruth, Jason and Trish and their crowd. The third is the interview with Andre Taggart. Jason does a good interview. Andre Taggart is solid guy, and  his experience as a marine supply staff sergeant is excellent for his testimony. The further discussion of the ‘big picture’, racism, Islamophobia, etc. show Andre Taggart to be a thoughtful, common-sense mind. Excellent expression of his thinking, the essence of the Awan Brothers in Congressional IT, taking American jobs :




The pressure by our repressive governments grows because the citizens are beginning to boil. The explosion is an indeterminate time in the future, but this pot has no pressure valve except freedom, exactly what they have stopped :


Science has a low reliability, only about 50% of articles in hard-science, major, peer-reviewed journals can be replicated.  Wonder what the replication rate is for economics is? :



I had appointments today, was driving and listening to NPR. Again the morning talk show, again the subject of Antifa. The person being interviewed was an apologist for Antifa, provided history and elaborate rationale for using violence “to prevent the rise of Nazis and Fascists”, a firm denial that Nazis and Fascists were of the left. Right, I covered a bit of that yesterday, but no serious historian doubts that they were.  Read “True Believer”, Hoffer talks about how people in Germany moved back and forth between the Communist and National Socialist parties in the early days, including Jews, before Hitler revealed so much of his antisemitism.

There was an interesting division of the callers.  The only person who was against violence and was very well spoken was a journalist. The rest of the anti-violence, and anti-Antifa people were obviously thoughtful citizens, but were not smooth in their delivery.

On the other hand, the pro-Antifa callers were all very well spoken. They practiced, had done it before.

Just an observation, may be my biases, humans are terrible intuitive statisticians. But it is a signature of propaganda, the kind of thing you saw in Charlottesville, that the very well-spoken person with the best camera angle who presents the government’s side of the story, endlessly repeated on legacy media, turns out to have done the same for past events.

No way to check that for callers to a callin show, but something for everyone to be aware of in future such events.

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