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Yves Smith is a serious progressive, an advocate of Modern Monetary Theory.  True, MMT is on the wealth-from-thin-air fringe of economic thinking, but Smith is quite rational in many areas, e.g. banking and financial laws. Here she agrees with Steve Bannon on trade, and for standard conservative reasons. The world is not as presented in our legacy media, left vs right, black vs white, simple stereotypes of groups of people :


Attempting to force order produces disorder in the nature of nature.  Basic Discordian doctrine, no counter-examples exist :


The push to war continues, of course :


The reason I am moving email from google, don’t use FaceBook, don’t use google search, publish this on WordPress, and will move off Youtube as the people I watch do so, which they are. Google has enormous control of opinion via ordering of the links it provides, so don’t use Google search if you value objective information.

However, I strongly disagree with giving the government power to deal with the situation.  We have a freer information flow than ever in history. We can make individual decisions to curb Google’s power, FaceBook’s power, just don’t use their services, use and adblocker, use a browser addin that fubars their ad targeting, devalues the ads.  Move to paid platforms, not ad-supported platforms.  Pay for good journalism.

Make anti-Google videos, post them on Youtube and Facebook, etc.  We made these giants rich, there are now enough independent paths for information to make them poor :


George Webb and his crowd of researchers :








CrowdSourceTheTruth :







X-rays will be horribly inefficient as a way of transmuting elements. It also takes a hell of a neutron flux to transmute elements in gram quantities. I do not know of a mechanism that would transmute an element via microwaves. OTOH, cold fusion is new physics that transmutes elements, so maybe there are other mechanisms. After all, non-nuclear mechanisms aren’t supposed to affect rate of radioactive decay of elements, but pressure and ??maybe temp, but I don’t remember?? do :


I think someone doesn’t understand physics, but yes, obviously we have serious security holes at the ports :


Understand that the Sanctuary Cities are a means of protecting the people running the ratlines, who tend to accumulate felonies.  Also, understand that federal funding is the Deep State’s means of corrupting and controlling local police forces. Thus, the correlation of forces is zero, nothing will happen, despite much rhetoric :


Even when the government has entirely good intentions, in every element, it is lousy at producing intended effects.  When the CIA works against the good intentions, the results are as the CIA intends, iff the CIA is making money from the effort. As I have always said, only money or other personal gain is a hard enough measure and focus to guide people to the future. Mere good intentions don’t work, exactly the reason the government should not be allowed to pursue ‘the general good’ :



The push against heroin users here in the US, and blaming Mexican traffickers for the problem, is propaganda.  The amount of poppy that Mexico raises and Mexican traffickers put into the US is a small fraction of the amount that Afghanistan raises and the CIA brings into the US. Any reality behind the story is more controlling competition than anything else :


Scientific American devotes an issue to science of sex differences in humans. It isn’t simple in any dimension.  I stopped reading SciAm because they got political, and maybe will decide that about the issue, but the intro looks OK wrt the science I think I know. OTOH, I have to subscribe to read the rest of it.  Not likely, they have been political when they should have been scientific. Too bad for both of us, when I was in college, hanging around with the grad students, SciAm articles were written by the senior scientists who pioneered a line of research, and were used in graduate courses. :


Indeed, Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, but it isn’t what is discussed. After the last crash, I knew an expert in writing drivers who was unemployed so long she and her husband moved out of the valley.  She was in her 50s.  Older employees are laid off at a high rate and never get hired anywhere again :


Another great comment on ZH, among many on this article :


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

I hope that J. Assange gets an opportunity to read this ZH forum, or if anyone is in direct contact then let him know of it.

For there is overwhelming support for him here.

However there are a few things I would call attention to for discussion. If I may address Julian directly, and call to other ZH-ers for comment.

Firstly I would refrain from using the term ‘Pompeo Doctrine’ as this gives a measure of gravitas to what is clearly a logical fallacy, and can and will be used aginst you in further argument and public discussion.

Might I suggest using the term ‘Pompeo Fallacy’ as often as possible as this reveals the true motivations behind both Pompeo’s grandstanding and the Senate’s vote, and puts both M. Pompeo and the Senate on the back foot.

Then let’s examine the M. Pompeo fallacy of presumption in his own words:

“It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: a nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia,” (as reported NYT April 13, 2017)

A ‘call out’ is a challenge to justify actions or statements. In his statement D. Pompeo by using the phrase “really is” is setting up the proposition that Wikileaks has been acting under pretence. Has Wikileaks made an about turn from its original stated  purpose that it “…specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption”? As far as can be ascertained there has been no change in this purpose since foundation in 2006. The quantity and relevance of the material analysed and published has increased dramatically but the objectives have remained static.


It is a fact that Wikileaks is non-state. So are many other organisations. Not being under state direction and control on its own does not imply hostility, association with terrorism or a threat to peoples or governments. Not all non-state actors are benign (Halliday, F.) but the same can be said that not all state actors are benign either. Being non-state is a condition of being neither postive or negative. C. del Arenal has discusssed the dynamics of non-state interdependence, globalization, and the weakening of territoriality as elements of power for non-state actors. Is D.Pompeo, the CIA and the government genuinely afraid of the power inherent in the independence of Wikileaks?


In this context the inference D. Pompeo is asserting is that Wikileaks is a quasi-military enemy with malevolent intent. It’s a long stretch to suggest that an unarmed loose association of writers and publishers is a global non-state army to be challenged. And even by other definitions of the term, opposition or dislke, it is the very foundation of free speech and reasoned debate. In a Westminster style of government you have an opposition who by their very nature are hostile to the government of the day, challenge the status quo and expend great effort to release information that will embarass, shame or reveal corrupt or illegal government and agency activities. Wikileaks could be said to be in perpetual ‘opposition’ to bad, incompetent and corrupt government. And drawing on J. Assange’s antipodean homeland the D. Chipp aim “To keep the bastards honest” is a sound expression of’hostility’. Could we too then infer that D. Pompeo by his ‘hostile’ inference in this phrase is opposed to truthful revelation and is more inclined to damn by association?

Intelligence service

A careful choice of words as one would expect. If Wikileaks was a government body it would be an agency. But a service, “…abetted by state actors like Russia” is patently incorrect. It is not a ‘service’, answering to a ‘client’. It provides a ‘service’ funded by the general public to publish ‘intelligence’ material but this does not make it an ‘intelligence service’ that being an expression used as an alternative to “intelligence agency”. It is disingenuous of D. Pompeo and the US Senate to link the terms and argue that Wikileaks is an agency, when it is clearly not the case.

Abetted by Russia

Mr. Pompeo said, “Russian military intelligence, the G.R.U., had used WikiLeaks to release data of U.S. victims that the G.R.U. had obtained through cyberoperations against the Democratic National Committee.” This has been proven false in the last months.

“No one has the right to engage in the theft of secrets from America,” Mr. Pompeo said.

Wikileaks does not engage in the theft of ‘secrets’ but does publish and maintain a library of information or ‘intelligence’ it receives from multiple sources. The content may be ‘secret’ being unknown to others or ‘classified’ having governmental restrictions on distribution and publication. However not all secrets are ‘classified’ and not all material ‘classified’ by government necessarily contains secrets. Wikileaks is no different from any other media publisher in the world in that their published content may be ‘secret’ or ‘classified’ in one or more countries and not in others.

Like Mr. Agee,leakers “choose to see themselves in a romantic light,” Mr. Pompeo said.

“They cling to this fiction, even though their disclosures often inflict irreparable harm.” If content is genuinely capable of putting lives at risk, such as is the case with revealing the names of field operatives, then it is the ethical duty of the publisher to confer with the original creator and redact such content as requested, and this has been the case for example with the E. Snowden material. Irreparable harm to officials, military, and politician’s careers as a result of corruption, illegal or dangerous activity being published is no more than justice being served.

Ad hominem attack

Calling the WikiLeaks founder a “narcissist” and “a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen.” “In Kansas, we know something about false wizards,” added Mr. Pompeo, who represented a congressional district in the state until he was tapped by President Trump to run the C.I.A. The pot calling the kettle black I would suggest as the slur can be directed equally to the accuser.


“It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States,” the bill states.

My assessment of this statement is that the Senate has simply confirmed that Wikileaks is no different from any other non-profit publishers and libraries of whom some are non-state, often hostile and with the ability to provide the service of publishing ‘intelligence’ of any source and type, and therefore should receive equal rights and treatment under common law and the Constitution. But I have real concerns about the use of ‘weasel’ words in the statement. What does it mean in the mind of the Senate to have a “sense” of what is and is not? And how does something “resemble” a catchprase of loose definition riddled with logical fallacies and open to interpretation of convenience.

I am non-state. I am frequently hostile. I do my level best to gather and make use of my intelligence. I come to you as a service.

What further non-“sense” will the Congress come to resemble I wonder.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

Many Trump voters were in a similar situation :


Everyone tries to blame the drop in blacks voting on Republican machinations (and that can’t entirely be discounted), but many white voters also didn’t vote also.  Same reason, they didn’t like Clinton, didn’t have anyone to vote for.  I thin only one of my wife’s very liberal friends voted for Clinton, I think only my wife voted Trump :



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