Daily Reading #19C

The Clinton Crime Cabal is rapidly being exposed.  The principals in the CCC are Deep State and one step removed from the rest inside the various intelligence agencies, MIC and various other institutions in DC.  One step beyond that are the oligarchs.  The Deep State is unraveling, the swamp will be drained.

I think we are going to see many retirements throughout our institutions, esp Congress, military, major corporations, assets moved overseas and moves to homes in jurisdictions without extradition treaties with the US :




George :









Jason and Trish :


The Awan Brothers Spy Ring is breaking into the news, gradually and in spite of the coverup :



The Navy ships being hit by tankers is more and more mysterious.  There were, I read, 4 such incidents.  After the first 2, every Navy captain and bridge crew must have been hyper-alert, because their careers are done if it happens to them.  Of course, all the information available would have been passed around by Navy Intelligence, the real reasons or suspicions.  Those reasons have been kept hidden from the public. Careers have been sacrificed as a cover.

Then it happened twice more. Add to this the case of the Aegis system being shut down, repeatedly shut down, by a Russian airplane in the Black Sea a couple years ago, and whatever really happened to the 63 or so cruise missiles shot into Syria earlier in the year. By design or otherwise, they did little damage.

George Webb thinks it is aerosolized fentanyl delivered by a small drone. I don’t, ships are too large, moving through too much air and there are too many compartments in a ship for that to be effective. OTOH, it is hard to understand how a captain could be in his cabin when a ship is about to be hit by a cargo vessel, as in the case of the Fitzgerald. The cargo vessel could have been on autopilot, but difficult to understand why there was no radar warning.

The McCain was clearly dead in the water when it was t-boned by the cargo ship. It is difficult to understand why there were no warning, no ‘all hands on deck’ to get sailors out of their bunks. Also, where was the radar warning on the cargo vessel?

Jason’s informant ‘Rock Hudson’ and the group of intelligence analysts he represents say ‘directed energy weapon’, like the one the Russians used on the Aegis cruiser in the Black Sea. (I discussed some of the implications of that.)

Of course, any intelligence analyst, or system analyst, will be quick to say their list is very likely incomplete, unknown unknowns lurk everywhere.

Whatever the answer, I think the US is not going to be starting any wars in the next few months. I see a possible reason for Trump’s hyperbolic threats against minor countries, the trade disputes and sanctions, threats to abrogate treaties, … We got nothing else until the military is fixed, and need to distract the world from that fact :




The support of ISIS and the other so-called ‘rebel groups’ in Syria and Iraq has been via the CIA and Mossad. Other countries paid for the efforts, the mercenaries, and provided support, but very little moved without the intelligence agencies knowing and approving. We know that because of how many intelligence operatives had to be rescued from Aleppo when the Syrians took the Eastern section back from the rebels, and the huge stores of arms, including Sarin gas, the Syrians found there.

Yes, ‘ISIS’ or some other ‘terrorist group’ will take down an airliner. Whereupon the drumbeat of ‘terrorists are the threat’ will be renewed.

‘Terrorists’ are not a threat to the existence of any Western country. When genuine, as I think the Irish Republican Army was, they can be a huge annoyance. Even there, most of their effect was in the over-reaction of the British military, police and judiciary.

The more normal case is that terrorist organizations, e.g. Bader Meinhoff, Red Army Brigade, and the other ‘communist’ cells fostered more or less directly by Operation Gladio are a mechanism to control political opinion and expression for the benefit of the elites. Even the IRA was hyped far more than the actual damage and loss of life they caused.

In either case, the loss of a few hundred passengers in an airliner or subway bombing is a negligible cost in the political calculations of our rulers :


‘In Search of Excellence’ was a best seller 35 years ago.  One of the things excellent companies did was re-organize often as a way of breaking up established ways of thinking and operating. In electing Trump, we put a bull into a china shop full of obsolete items, beloved by the proprietors, but causing the shop’s failure.  Our bull will force restocking international diplomacy with more modern relationships, a result of the nature of bulls and china shops, no further planning required :



Charles Hugh Smith is both an excellent diagnostician of our social-political-economic system ills and prescriber of solutions :


Ron Paul continues to be one of the few the honorable patriots and Statesmen in the US :


Antifa-Soros ‘progress’, local solutions to AntiFa, infiltration and exposure of individuals, charges of conspiracy to violate civil rights :



Balance, not mere intellectualism.  (Linked to this before, just found it again, excellent thinking, localism is the way forward.) :


Some on ‘the right’ can do broad brush generalizations and historical comparisons as well as ‘the left’. ‘Generalization’ in human groups == ‘stereotypes’. BS.  We are around those kids all the time, in an area of the country one would expect to be most radicalized, and see none of it. All this is a creation of the legacy media, there are significant groups in social change in every generation.

Look at some of the eco-farming videos, a ‘group’ because they are in the same seminar. Consider the mix of generations and personal styles, dress, hair, hats.  It would be easy to group them in 10 different dimensions and do sociological and economic analysis in them all, create any story you wanted about social change in rural communities.  Why would it be different in any other ‘group’? College kids have in common they are going to college, otherwise must differ as much as any other group :


Causes of the opioid epidemic and attendant overdose deaths are government policies and prohibitions. Solution is to eliminate government policies, remove the prohibitions :


Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and other corporate censors of information flows will inevitably lose share of those flows. It is happening already, look at the statistics for their tiny competition, e.g. DuckDuckGo :


This is a) hilarious and b) something I long-ago anticipated.  I used it in arguments with racists on zh, can’t find it if I put it into the blog :


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