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I got that from WRSA. In comments on Zerohedge today, someone pointed out that the first slave owner in America was a black man who owned a black man, and that black men owning whites was relatively common. The legal system needed to allow it, before that judgment, only indentured servants were allowed, freed after 7 years.  Further, all of the big money from those early days, the people who endowed the Ivy League schools, made their money by trading and or using slaves. Blacks were slaves because they were available, in previous times, they were slavs and other northern Europeans taken south to Mediterranean and ME countries, whence the term ‘slave’ originates.

Charles Hugh Smith is very correct.  I have been saying that the legacy media were effectively a COINTEL-PRO in the middle of our society for several years.  Our Deep State needs chaos, they don’t care whether it is inside the US or a war they start.  We are as good a people as has ever existed, we can trust each other if we work at building community :


If we begin destroying everything tainted by prior injustice, civilization will necessarily end. We humans have not been kind to each other, very often inhuman.  Every rational individual thinks that is a fine way of fubaring your future, because it so often has.

A couple of years ago, I read all of PopeHat. Excellent blog on legal issues and the law :


Western Rifle’s version.  I read WRSA every day, often find a couple of interesting links. I differ with them mainly on their framing things as religious issues. I make this same point of ‘the revolutionaries believe in none of the issues’ often in commenting on other sites, the point that differentiates them from genuine Progressives who do.  I know many genuine progressives, some friends. They don’t support the crazies any more than I do :


George Webb and his research team continue exposing ratlines and Congressional enablers. The evidence is pouring forth, absolutely amazing. All this low level stuff will be linked back to Clinton, Kempner, Patraeus, and all the other henchmen running this part of the Clinton Crime Cabal.  They are one step from the Deep State, one more step to the oligarchs profiting from all this.

George is a master at threatening reluctant whistleblowers with the mere existence of metadata that will be found when someone else leaks, or there is an honest investigation. NSA etc. will surely be able to see the MAC addresses of particular individual Blackberries when the spy ring switches the original for the spying unit that copies all of the data to the spy server, all it takes is an honest investigation.

In fact, anyone doing a serious network security system would have had a notification whenever anything like that happened.  Again I predict, a half a dozen federal agencies were watching every packet on the air in the entire DC area doing exactly that, counter-intelligence or spying of their own.

As George gets better known, he is connecting with reporters all over the US with other pieces of the puzzles. Other ports, other frauds, other terrorist groups running ratlines.

Need any more explanations for the Democrat’s attempt to have Trump declared insane, the push to war abroad and Antifa-BLM-fauxNazi riots–>revolution here in the US?

Whether Trump intended it or not, this is turning into an elaborate mouse-trap for Deep State minions. They have exposed themselves trying to end any honesty and peace, the investigations are going to expose them all and their motivations for their attacks on Trump, the funding of AntiFa etc via Soros, and connections to the spy rings, ratlines and massive corruptions of public institutions. There are far more than enough honest people in this country and its various police and investigation institutions to expose every bit of all that.

Every time I doubt, I rethink and again decide that Trump is winning :







Jason Goodman and Trish Negron with CrowdSourceTheTruth, very excellent work as usual. The 2nd is the Charles Ortel interview on The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and connections to the Clinton Foundation.

Busy today, didn’t keep up with the investigations, not many links :




The thing wrong with The Saker’s analysis is he entirely blames the Israeli-Neocons, when they are only the most public aspect of the criminal Deep State, the drug smuggling, weapons and sex trafficking, organ harvesting, and large-scale graft and corruption, all part of world-wide criminal organizations coordinated by intelligence agencies in the US.

Other than that, yes, very bad times ahead for the US and the world :


This ‘Antifa manual’ is too perfect. That makes me skeptical.

OTOH, hard to imagine that anyone outside of the extreme SJWs could write anything that perfect. Yet nobody outside of ANTIFA could spend zero time on government corruption.

I find I agree with pieces of it, taxes and military spending and imperialism :

Good article on Northern Mexico and NAFTA, globalization is not just affecting the US :


This is ostensibly an analysis of Google’s filtering for personal preferences and search histories, showing how people can be in an information echo chamber without knowing it. But the examples all make rational people who reject the legacy media’s slants and frames seem strange.  Anyone who thinks grasping the Truth of the reality doesn’t fit in a category :


Anthropology is slowly sorting out the effects of different aspects of our species and the behavior of groups. Sex at Dawn by Ryan and Jetha was another version of this :


Modern societies have a very large list of ways of persuading/coercing others to your goals and povs :



2 thoughts on “Daily Reading #19B

  1. Stop spreading falsehood and stupid nonsebnse, blackmen owning whites in America was fairly common? Are you insane or are you trying to get attention? Iam a Caribbean man whose great grandfather and his brother worked on a former slave plantation. I also studied the history of the African Slave trade in relation to the Caribbean and North America and there is absolutely no proof that backs anythig pertinnet to slavery in the western hemsiphere that you wrote. Bear in mind that the facts are well documented concerning slavery, maybe not in North America but in the Caribbean we actually have remnants of our past still preserved.


    1. Thank you for the note. Without it, I would not have researched the issue.

      It appears that the oft-repeated claims on the net, which I repeated, are wrong in detail, but correct in that slavery was not just a white owner-black slave situation. Indians and Africans did indeed ‘own’ whites, who were indentured servants, some sentenced to indenture for life, tho the few things I have read, and probably the sparse historical record, don’t have specific instances of Africans owning indentured-for-life Europeans.

      This seems to be one of the solid sources :


      Citing this decision seems fairly solid on blacks owning whites, some of whom were indentured servants and some of whom had terms of life servitude, whatever you want to call that :

      Blacks and Indians came to own, and abuse, whites in Virginia in such large numbers that in 1670 the House of Burgesses (legislature) proclaimed that ” . . . noe negro or Indian though baptyised and enjoyned their own ffreedome shall be capable of any purchase of christians, but yet not debarred from buying any of their own nation.” [Original spelling.] “Christian” was a euphemism of the period for Caucasian. Virginia’s Slave Code of 1705 provided: “That no negroes, mulattos, Indians, although christians, ore Jew, Moore, Mahometans, or other infidels, shall at any time, purchase any Christian, nor any other, except of their own complexion, or such as are declared slaves by this act.” “[73]

      This is the case of Antony Johnson of Delaware, apparently the one referenced in the court case referenced. The whites were merely indentured servants, from this, so the source I believed was apparently wrong, not making the distinction between indentured servants and slaves.



      While the case of Anthony Johnson and John Casor was not the case of the first slave, first slave owner, or first legal slave owner, it might possible have been the first civil case involving slavery, and at the very least is the first known example in the colonies of a black man owning either indenture servants or slaves. Slaves had been here since 1619, and all slaves had been “legal” slaves (and thus their owners “legal” slave owners) since the first law legalizing slavery passed. The first man to be considered a slave by a court of law was John Punch, and his owner Hugh Gwyn considered the first slave owner by a court of law. However it might be of interest to note that in 1670, when Johnson died, a court in Virginia ruled that, because “he was a Negro and by consequence an alien,” the land owned by Johnson (in Virginia) rightfully belonged to the Crown meaning that because he was a negro he did not have the legal right to own property to begin with. [14]

      There is more to learn on the subject, but black men and Indians owned both black men as slaves, and white indentured servants, some of whom may have been indentured for life.

      Thanks for the discussion.


      Added later, another bit of history illuminating the reality :



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