Daily Reading #192

Interesting to think whether this letter would be permissible in our PC academic environment :


This is an outstanding statement of our situation, both a patriot’s and peacenik’s point of view.  Western Rifle’s link :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

George and the crowd of researchers are going after the Deep State. They don’t have a chance, we citizens are taking back our government, putting it back inside the Constitution.

The 6th link today is the beginning of the first Open Trial, which The Generalissimo presaged. He predicted the mechanism of enforcement, also.

Busy 24 hours, so many seemingly-disparate crimes linked into one criminal conspiracy by elements of the Deep State, in this case Andrew McCabe running the Whitey Bulgar crime ring and using the Tsarnaev brothers to murder potential witnesses :











The patriots of our country have not yet gotten serious about public opposition.  If the Stasis Quo does not begin restoring freedom, reining in the JTTF and all of the anti-constitutional actions of this government, they are going to be very surprised at how prepared everyone actually is, and how vigorous and coordinate the actions will be.

Trump isn’t doing the job we elected him to do.  He is the Stasis Quo’s last chance to get this straightened out without violence :


So far, they aren’t catching on to the reality of citizens being seriously angry at the anti-Constitutional trends :


This is an excellent analysis of the North Korean’s strategy, the logic and facts underlying their actions. Quite rational, especially in the face of US propaganda and actions over the last 60 years :


Another excellent analysis, this of the political rivalry between the ME monarchists and democrats, which US propaganda intentionally confuses as Sunni vs Shia :


Organizations uniting to force closure of military bases in foreign countries :


‘Privatizing any war’ is merely moving more profits to private contractors, it doesn’t reduce costs nor improve effectiveness. It does cause more civilian casualties, of course, as private forces have whatever Rules of Engagement they wish.  Also, the proposed model is “East India Company”, one of local resource extraction to fund an occupation protecting the resource extractors.  Right, that will work in an era of high-explosives :


I don’t agree with every point of this, but no question, the overall structure and function of the world we live in is not compatible with humanity nor sustainable as a system:


Chimps seem to be approximately equivalent to 4-year old kids in intellectual games :


Nearly every time I read phys.org, there is discussion of some mindbending discovery. Science is far, far from any ultimate frontiers, if those even exist :


Without real prices for every good, we can’t know what anything costs.  We cannot plan intelligently without knowing costs.  Putting a 5% of GDP subsidy into energy prices distorts everything :


Why wages are low ‘despite a tight labor market’.  Lousy premise, but nevertheless some good thoughts :



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