Daily Reading #191

The push for war continues. Remember, very many members of our Deep State will hang for their many crimes if they can’t keep our attention off of those crimes, so there is great incentive to start a war :



If NK actually has 60 nuclear weapons, which this article thinks is plausible, game over. I think NK has likely gotten cooperation from Pakistan and India in developing their bombs because they all have a shared interest in limiting the US’s foreign policy choices.

Predicted by Discordian theology, of course, which has received massive empirical validation throughout history — opposition arises as a natural and inevitable result of your attempts to impose a particular order :


‘Goolag’ is excellent. This from Western Rifle. I disagree that the reaction is ‘white men, there are many sane people protesting the modern ‘liberal’ goolag perspective in all groups.

One of our Progressive stations had an interview with the woman who wrote the books on being a coder.  Intelligent people, both of them, no question. Also they crippled their thinking with ideology.

If the claims are true, that there are many women in all professions that are not being treated fairly according to their capabilities, it means there is an economic opportunity for anyone who does fully utilize their capacity.  Either they are as good as average, but underpaid, or better than average at average pay.  Either way, there is $ to be made from the difference.

When the first wave of Feminist ideology passed through US and European society, there were some women’s banks formed. I hear about them once in a while, so probably they haven’t gone broke, but they also haven’t destroyed the competition, so any advantages from hiring women or applying a woman’s POV to products and interactions wasn’t enough to dominate the industry.

Same with programmers and startups.  There are a lot of rich women, more than men, in fact. There are women in the VC world, a fair number. So start a Venture Capitalist firm and invest in women-originated technical startups. Again, I don’t know of any of either sort.

Which is empirical evidence that the claims are BS, and that Damore has the right of the argument, which he expressed very well and based on solid science and reasoning.

I have worked in the tech industry for women, better managers than men on average in my experience. And, otoh, one them laid me off just before I finished a project that would have saved the company many $Ms in engineering costs in the first year at a cost of $50K, and just as I completed another that saved the field support people many, many support calls by automating explanation of error messages and the process of extracting them from each release of code.  It was 2 years before someone else finally fixed the problem of slow compiles – 4 hours when I left, 10 hours before they fixed it. Software engineers would like to compile in 5 minutes, what I promised. 4 hours is a major problem.

She did what she needed to do, pick someone in the group to lay off when management mandated that.  She picked on how many bugs we each had fixed, an objective measure. I wasn’t fixing bugs, I was producing tools :



George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

The Deep State’s multifarious coverups are falling apart, George is point man for a lot of it. Jason and Trish are knitting the various investigators together and exchanging the information, now extended to international investigators helping each other. Deep State don’t have a chance.

This evening show is the best evening news available, no question. Plotting the dissolution of the Deep State right out in the open is just what The Generalissimo did :








Also the various DNC stories wrt ‘the Russian Hack’ have fallen apart, not that facts have ever stopped the flood from legacy media and extreme partisans such as Rachel Maddow, clearly propagandists, not journalists :


I am confident that the Clintons will be arrested this year, charged in many different countries of the world and jurisdictions within them. Another Charles Ortel interview :


CNN seems to have gotten some sense pounded into them.  An article that is NOT anti-Trump :


An excellent comment from ZH :


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Vote up!


Vote down!


More than one way to rob people. … Gun point works. .. The fees and charges you can’t avoid picks your pocket.

But if you really want to rifle around though out the whole house looking for valuables you may need a way to calm the residents a little so as not to alarm the neighbors.

Sometimes the Bankster Dot Gov Pirates even resort to gas warfare…


~~~~))) … Don’t Worry About Kim Un(hinged), Worry About Wray Un MRAPped …(((~~~~

We do have a drug problem in this country, but it’s not the drug problem you think.

It’s when the government imbeciles start playing with dangerous drugs they don’t understand. .. We don’t have a drug problem. ….. We have a Drug War problem. .. And it’s putting people to sleep.

Why are you hearing about this fentanyl stuff all of a sudden?

Because your local chapter of the Domestic Terrorist Lodge (the Fusion Center and JTTF gang members) want you to be very familiar with the term. ……. You see, they have weaponized Fentanyl for their own use and want you to know that only extremely bad guys do fentanyl. … So they have been spreading it around the druggie community a lot as cover for their own use of the stuff. …

Yes, Margret, they control the WHOLE show, distrabution and interdiction both.

The NEW twist = Your local Domestic Terrorist Gang (DTG) or JTTF SWATeams have started using gas warfare on the local population. .. Knock out gas. …. Put everyone to sleep, odorless, tasteless gas. …. Dose a structure or area, wait a few minutes and walk in like you own the place. ……. Because they do now ‘own the place’. (In more ways than one, thanks to civil asset forfeiture.) ….. Everyone inside is asleep, unconscious, snoozing…………………OR DEAD.

Yes, dead. …… Death happens very easily with an uncontrolled fentanyl dosing delivered in a gaseous form. .. So why are the JTTF SWAT using a deadly gas? …… Because they aren’t really law enforcement, they are, in fact, a Domestic Terrorist Gang (DTG).

And you thought all terrorists were Muzzies and crazy back woods survivalists with Swastika tattoos. … (Oh, you mean like red neck Toothy McVey? .. He didn’t have any Nazi tattoos, he looked like he was straight out of a JTTF SWAT. … Only he was pulled from US Army Special Forces, also a chapter of the DTG/JTTF)

Here is how a botched gas raid goes down if DTG SWAT isn’t trained in the use of Fentanyl Knock-Out Gas properly. …….. They end up gassing themselves and have to be ‘treated’ by some of their teammates. = http://www.cbsnews.com/news/swat-officers-hospitalized-possible-exposure…

Then they have to make up a ‘parallel construction’ story to cover for the fuck-up. …… In this case they ‘knock over a table’ with powder on it that the ‘bad guys’ were using at 3 in the morning to cut and bag-up heroin. …………. That ‘oops’ dosed 18 SWAT gangsters, er, I mean, officers that were all jammed in the same room with deadly fentanyl powder. ……….. Of course ,that means the bad guys would have been working in full supplied air Hazmat suits when SWAT broke down the front door rushed in and knocked over the table. … No, it was fentanyl all right,……..Fentanyl Gas the SWAT brought with them.

Make believe bad guys only use Hazmat suits on the TV show “Breaking Bad”, BTW. ……. I’m sure of this.

Live Hard, Someone Call Service Master, We Have A Baking Soda Spill In The Dining Area, Die Free

~ DC v7.4


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