Daily Reading #190

This is how the US pushes for war across the globe. The leadership of my country is insane. I do not include Trump in that, he is exactly the bomb thrower we need to fix this broken system :



The NKorea case is the same is Iraq. Saddam couldn’t admit he didn’t have any WMD program, he would look weak internally and to neighbors. NK has an even more difficult problem, because Kadaffi gave up his nuclear ambitions and was taken out after that, so hyper-threats are what has worked for NK in the agreements so far, as well as any agreements work with the US.

If Trump isn’t as intelligent and sane as I think he is, we will sacrifice a few million S and N Koreans because nobody in any of the relevant countries can be honest. Were I NK, I would have designed their bomb to produce an EMP.  Accuracy isn’t required, an EMP will do maximum economic damage with a single missile.  To bad about the US’s West Coast :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations. The first link is the interview with Thomas Paine of TruePundit. I will follow TruePundit.

The 6th is all of the legal folks discussing the Clinton Foundation, a criminal conspiracy from day 1. No way they hide this, keep covering it up.

Love the quirky personalities and especially the tinfoil hat. Nice workmanship on the hat.

When this episode of history is done, successfully restoring the Republic as I think will happen, we will finally begin valuing these kinds of people, the only ones willing to buck the system, to follow their own reason rather than what everyone thinks. The country’s revolt against rule from England had many of them, but we have eliminated those details from our history, and so don’t know how to value them.

Our education system does its best to eliminate such independent, self-directed personalities, of course, the exact opposite of what the world needs :








Indeed, the FBI is entirely corrupt at the top, especially the Counter-terrorism group :


Illargi is excellent, another liberal upset with the system and deciding that Trump is better than the alternatives :


When cannabis is legalized, the use of alcohol goes down because alcohol is an inferior drug in every respect.  Ditto the use of opioids.  Those are economic interests that have always opposed legalization of cannabis, of course :


Indeed, Mueller is dirty, a coverup mechanism for the Clintons, an ignorer of all the real evidence on 9-11, and now a mechanism to attack Trump on behalf of the Deep State :


Wells Fargo is an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Why is it not RICOed by some state? Are there no deep pocket individuals who have been harmed?  No lawyers who want to take on a class action RICO? Bank of America, ditto, and probaby all of the other TBTF banks.

The Clintons lead the way, the entire system became incredibly corrupt :


Obviously, the Telcos and cable companies own the FCC :


Nonlinear feedback in albedo as climate keeps changing.  But evidence overall is that we are still more likely going into an ice age than a global warming period :


Excellent discussion of Federal search warrants wrt the Manifort ‘pre-dawn raid’ :


This is either a setup for a new variety of Clinton scam or for a new defense from prosecution for previous crimes :


McMaster communicates with Soros? And fires people for memos that the President likes? Another bad hire by Trump, on whose advice? :



This is a fine argument for abolishing the institution of banks, at least banks based on fractional reserve lending. That is the element that violates supply vs demand setting the loan interest rate and thereby produces the business cycle. Why do that to ourselves? :


This was fun, intelligent protest and the ordinary stupid official reaction :




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