Daily Reading #18F

I haven’t stated the intent of the ‘Daily Reading’ series in a while.

Daily Reading is my notes to myself, links I have read so I can find them if needed. Sort of a diary of reading and thoughts. I publish them for the sense of accomplishment and just in case anyone finds them useful. A few visitors seem to.

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.




Google needs a PR guy from the American Mid-West to at least remove the obvious SJW idiocy from their actions :




If this is true, McMaster won’t be in the White House for long.  Unless he was a designated spy on Soros, of course :


I think I just converted to a proponent of BitCoin.  Once again, the US’s policies have produced an emergent opposition, Discordianism in action, more empirical validation for that religion :


Accurate reporting would have been “rebels supported by the CIA”.  No doubt one of the edits the CIA’s editors did for WaPo in another article to discredit Trump :


Even the CIA’s mouth-piece has to include truth once in a while, if only to maintain some minimal credibility :


NKorea has used bellicose rhetoric for decades to win concessions. It met its match in Trump. Trump-Tillerson are an excellent team, it seems to me.  Trump plays the part of a wild man, an act he plays so well many US citizens are convinced, while Tillerson acts as the person trying to get a deal that will keep Trump from doing something crazy.

Trump’s wild man act is an act, of course. People like working for his companies, and you don’t do well in the NY real estate market being uncontrolled in any way. Also, Trump is winning against his political opponents in the Deep State and US Stasis Quo.

It seems to be working :


And, otoh, he can’t help being a certain kind of man, and/or has adopted an image that fits behavior with his height.  All personalities and images have weaknesses.  Merkel also, but her methods are rare enough that nobody knows how to deal with them :


Before you criticize Trump’s foreign policy results, realize the last 3 Presidents of the US have presided over unparalleled disasters, and nobody seemed to notice.  The comments are as good as the article, normal on Moon of Alabama’s site :


I think the foreign policy situation of the entire world would have been much better if the US and world had starting treating NK and the Kims seriously much earlier.  Indeed, if we treated all nations equally neutrally, the world would be a better place, especially for citizens of the US, e.g. we wouldn’t have had a WWII with the 405,000 US casualties, 670K wounded and the beginning of our MIC and Deep State coup-producing CIA :


The side effects of an activist foreign policy cannot be predicted, but aren’t going to be better than any other area of activist policy :


When you see an nerdy looking guy with a woman too beautiful for his obvious attributes, you think the explanation is money and sex. When you seen a reputable organization like the German Marshal Fund supporting Israeli-Neocon propaganda twaddle, you think blackmail or infiltration :



The inevitable-for-many-years failure of the US’s economic, political and foreign policy strategies is upon us. Our ruling class needs a serious war to distract us from these failures.  Yes, of course it will accelerate the failure, but if it keeps them in kleptocratic power a few more years, it is justified:


Debt repudiation comes up a lot on Naked Capitalism :


Ditto Single Payer on all the leftish media.  The real question is whether there will be a Democratic Party in existence next election. The current DNC is an extension of the Clinton Crime Cabal.

Interesting problem going bankrupt when the only important asset is being on the ballots of 50 states as a major party and debts and judgments against the DNC are 100s of $Ms.  Bernie’s people are the plaintiffs in those law suites, they make take over the party as part of settling the judgments.  Great outcome of Clinton’s strategies.

WRT Single Payer, I think Republicans oppose it because the health insurance companies would be out of business and drug companies much less profitable, not out of rational or ideological reasons. Thus, if some other group makes up the difference in their campaign contributions, they wouldn’t oppose Single Payer.

Failing countries commonly go through socialism on their way to the bottom :


Yes, ‘climate change’ is happening, it never stops. No, CO2 is not causing the problem, the solar cycle, meteors and other solar and galactic effects do. We are more likely entering another cool period, perhaps another ice age, as the last 10,000 years have been the best climate on earth in a quarter million years :


Yes, the EPA is as corrupt as all the other government agencies, completely incapable of protecting people or environment :



Yes, Google censors everything and directly influences elections up to 20% by what links it places first in the first page. Use DuckDuckGo.com for your search. I have to trying doing that for Youtube also, as Youtube’s suggestions never include sites I normally watch :


A friend came by today, expressed the idea that the market crash was 2 years away. Ha, ha. Closer to 2 months, I thought. Nobody can call the, but this has been coming for a long time, serious analysts have not believed it could last this long. The bubbles just keep getting bigger and more :


China’s Silk Road project is having positive effects throughout SE Asia.  E.g. India is increasing transportation and business integration inside India. Difficult to believe they could have thought good strategy was to leave a frontier region without roads, separated from the rest of the country :


Confirmation of Randall Carlson’s theories.  I have linked to his Youtube talks :


‘Biochar’ is ‘activated charcoal’, properly named.  It improves soils by providing a place for micro-organisms to live in the soil and as a mechanism to hold and release more minerals and nutrients than soil particles, thus improving crop production.  Amazonian Indians 1000 years ago knew this and anthropologists brought it to modern attention about 10 years ago :



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