Daily Reading #18E

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers continue their investigations.

The rule used to be that you don’t start an argument with someone who buys their ink by the barrel. Modern version ‘with anyone who has a popular Youtube channel’.

History is changing, Trump is winning, the Awan Brothers Spy ring is now recognized by DC and legacy media can’t avoid it any longer, the CIA’s plot is unraveling quickly.

Assassination of Trump won’t fix their problem, it seems to me, so he is safer than to now :






A very excellent analysis, there is no political center :


For the last couple of decades, variations on ‘insane’ tend to pepper discussions of the US Deep State and foreign policy elites :


The US’s Israeli-Neocons have a lot to answer for.  Indeed, the world has not had much will for enforcing war crimes :


Boycott Divest and Sanctions continues to gain ground, despite the Israeli-Neocon attempts at censorship. Sponsors are backing off of AIPAC’s Senate bill S720 making advocating BDS a criminal offense. Another internet effect, I think :


Another of the many measures by which Congress is not doing its job. $6.5T dollars in Army spending unaccounted for, a situation merely getting worse since the 1991 when it was first revealed, and the law to enforce audits has not helped. Marines, Air Force and Navy have their own versions of that.  Someone is getting rich on the black money :


The US does its very best to keep an enemyship going with the Russians.  I recently saw an article (can’t find the link again) saying that the US is building up ammo stockpiles and the logistics system necessary for a long land war in E Europe.  Our MIC and Deep State at work, ably assisted by legacy media’s propaganda :

We must legalize drugs, stop the insane extension of law enforcement into every aspect of our society :


More aspects of the stupidity of our Deep State and their puppets in Congress’s stupidity in the sanctions on Russia :


The evidence is that Rod Rosenstein is another part of the Deep State’s coverup of the multitude of crimes by the Clinton cabal  :


I have said for some time that I think Trump is winning :


The history of humans on earth is far deeper and more complex than yet understood :



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