Daily Reading #18C

Summary of the US political system 7 August 2017.

Trump is winning, despite appearances. All he has to do to win is for Sessions to do his job and prevent Wray from obstructing the FBI’s field investigations. And to charge Clinton, Comey, McCabe and the rest of the Deep State criminals when they have the goods on them.

Trump must win. The US is a few years from the Deep State establishing an automated surveillance system on everyone in America and Western Europe, with the rest of the world to follow in another few years. We cannot allow that, our grandchildren will curse us.

Yes, the US media are now the US propaganda organs :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd source researchers continue their investigations :









The economic and banking sanctions against Russia are exceptionally stupid strategy by our foreign policy elites :



There has been no recovery from the 2008 recession, contrary to all government claims. If you had to cite one factor in declining faith in government, those often repeated claims continually compared against people’s lived experience are that factor :


This is an excellent discussion of what we are spending money on, and how it affects retail. The rise of smart phones shifts 350 $B dollars out of the rest of the economy. Add in 3% increase in health care costs and rent increases (ours increased 40% this year) and a $T is gone from consumer spending :


This series and the book on UN Peacekeepers and the damage they do to the societies they theoretically protect do not cover the information about trafficking people for sexual services and organs, nor the fact that the CIA’s operating company Dyncorp provides many of the troops and their training and is thus the organizer of these acts :


This seems to be a balanced view of the situation in Venezuela, tho I don’t have enough background to evaluate the situation :


Economics and politics in SEAsia continue to evolve :


I already told Brazil how to handle their problem with crime in the slums :



When times are good and jobs plentiful, nations like migrants :


Hard to believe NSA doesn’t know who the leakers are, as McCabe seems to easily find everyone providing information to Wikileaks, the DNC leaks, etc. We will regret the government being able to control reporters in any way, such powers are inevitably misused :


Personal savings rates predict recessions. The US SR is down :


All secret government groups abuse their power. So do secret private groups, but they normally don’t have the resources to do as much damage, although the ultra-wealthy apparently have achieved great control over government, especially the secret agencies :


The US torture program (has they NYTimes started calling it ‘torture’ yet?) was intended to elicit confessions to bolster the government’s 9-11 fantasies. This names names of the officals who fostered that program of torture :


This is the standard dystopian ‘end of energy’ view. It is much too extreme, it seems to me. Yes, the financial system and much of the corporate world will be involuntarily and unexpectedly downsized via bankruptcy, but that alone won’t affect life so much for anyone who doesn’t lose their jobs, there will be plenty of regional banks and local savings and loans to take up the slack. Supermarkets won’t have the range of products in prepared foods, but except for temporary disruptions of the supply chains, farmers will go on producing and processors must process, so people won’t go hungry.

Farming will change, and that will favor local producers providing for local consumers. There are huge improvements to be made in farming, all for the better and most consuming less energy while improving the land and environment. As farmers are already going bankrupt because of low crop prices and drought, that change is already starting, people like Gabe Brown have been showing the way.

The same progress in understanding how to reverse desertification will improve lives throughout the arid regions of the world, diets will improve, causes of war will decline.

Likewise, loss of the electronic industries, the internet, …? I don’t think so. The supply of oil won’t get shut off in a year, the prices will fluctuate trending higher and those will reduce the rate of progress, but progress in electronics and software won’t stop and the internet won’t stop. Rather, much fluff with be blown away, including Silicon Valley’s hunt for unicorns. Unicorns will still happen, but they will be companies that evolve from local beginnings meeting local needs that turn out to be general everywhere. In an evolving network, those will continue to be found.

Telephones will get much cheaper, as they already are in Asia, but the services will not disappear. Medical services ditto. Drugs will get cheaper as the FDA’s control of the system is eliminated. Yes, there will be quality issues in all of these, but there already are, and cheaper testing equipment can and will deal with the problem.

Transportation will evolve to bicycles and motorbikes for local, more work-from-home, and trains for long-distance goods. People around the world live well with lesser versions of the US civilization.

The major local problems will be out-of-work people living homeless with no sources of food and shelter.  That can produces serious crime rates unless prevented via food banks, soup kitchens and help for the homeless.  Civil groups in the US have been stepping up these efforts continuously since 2008, but will need more help as this Greater Depression bytes deeper into the economy.

So it isn’t that there is nothing to worry about, but also, barring a civil war and local civil disturbances, the coming world-wide Greater Depression isn’t something that will make life impossible. Keep as much food on hand as you can, along with the ability to cook it and stored water, keep those water bottles topped up when water is available. :


Gary Larson is my favorite cartoonist. I was sad when he quit cartooning :



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