Daily Reading #18B

The Saker is an excellent analyst.  Here he discusses the options open to the Israeli-Neocons in starting another war to take the heat off the investigation of their corruption :


Glen Greenwald understands the CIA’s goals and methods, and the ongoing infiltration :


Antiwar thinks the military doesn’t need a coup, they already have the power :


Stockman thinks the swamp is undrainable :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd sourcers continue the investigation.  I linked to Trish’s interview with Charles Ortel yesterday, but didn’t emphasize how important it is.  Rod Rosenstein is clearly part of the Deep State, closely allied with Comey, Clinton and Mueller. That puts a different light on Session’s problems. I should have known from the laudatory statements about him in legacy media when he appointed Mueller.

Ortel is an important source to understand the corruption. It was known as early as January 2016 that the FBI had empaneled a grand jury investigating the Clinton Foundation :





Fire McMaster :


Fire Sessions :


I was driving today, heard a Saturday afternoon NPR piece on ‘Social Trust’. Long discussion, in which they revealed that trust in the US has fallen very far, and discussed the many reasons, chief of which is ‘diversity’. Somehow, they never discussed the effects of a lying media, CIA propaganda, lying politicians, politicized everything in life, loss of the rule of law, …, all by objective measures discussed very widely. They earn their moniker of ‘National Propaganda Radio’ every day obediently repeating whatever the ruling class wants to hear, never mentioning anything they don’t.

Another thing that won’t show up on NPR, or in the NYTimes, voter rolls vs population of possible voting age :


Nicholas Taleb is a sparking gem of mind in a world of dull intellects considering themselves intellectuals :





On the End of the Nation State. Yes, the nation-state is a hopelessly flawed institution that has lead to endless wars, obstruction of trade and restrictions on human progress, we badly need a replacement :


The unfortunate part of the bubble in rental property is that the benefits will arrives just as the potential tenants lose their jobs :


Why do they bother to use such weak security for things that will inevitably be revealed? :


Another good read from Medium, this on how people 100 years ago handled the fact that sexual identity is sometimes not defined by physical form :


I am not the only person avoiding Google’s search engine in protest of their censorship and predicting a loss of their market share. People say the same of FaceBook. Youtube does a lousy job of providing me with links of the kind I normally read because they have demonitized many sites and people and don’t suggest demonitized links, so I am anxious to find a replacement :



I love unintended consequences :


This is good reality and personal philosophy, tho I don’t think it is only the left that are subject to envy and base political goals on envy :


Monsanto is causing non-Hodgkins lymphoma with glyphosate, the evidence is pretty clear. The left will blame this on the corporations. The right will blame it on the government.



Financial stress is coming to S Dakota because of the doubt, conditions are ripe for a dust bowl. The smart ones will switch to organic methods to reduce their cash outflow and increase production for minimal rainfall :


I had not known much about Patreon, this is excellent PR, maybe convinced me to use it :


Ian Welsh is a systems-level analyst also, tho he seems to have not read any of the literature :


Excellent discussion of how CBs are being stupid, their assumption are wrong.  Yes, abolish the Fed, there is no possibility of them accomplishing their goals, complex systems prevent simple solutions based on simple measures :


And another :


Strong passwords are random passwords.  Non-random passwords, especially when very clever, are weak :


This says that people started using the techniques that American Indians used in the Amazon 45K years earlier in the Asian tropics :


Stockman points out that the Fed has enabled the private equity companies in their raping the economy :



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