Daily Reading #18A

The US is a few years from automating its ubiquitous surveillance state for the US and Europe, the rest of the world will follow quickly. That is the only important issue in America, the only important issue for Trump. War and all of the other major issues are distractions from that.

George Webb’s investigations show what that automated surveillance and control will be used for, what the existing system is already used for :


The Israeli-Neocon push for war continues and intensifies.  Trump is surrounded and pressured for war by arms interests who want another arms race and immediate war with Iran.  That is Israel’s interest, not a US interest :







In the interests of Peace, NATO should be ended, not extended.  If the US does not cut the military budget and stop the push for war, too bad about our country’s future :


This is the days’ most incredible BS. The reason the US has such a high rate of overdose death is that the CIA is smuggling Pakistaki opioids which are half- and quarter-strength and mixing them into the nation’s full-strength drug supply, especially the VA’s drugs, then both being sold illegally. That mix produces the overdoses, quite intentionally a means of producing organs for transplant-for-profit as well as lowering VA and SS costs. At the same time, our Federal government has been intent on keeping cannabis out of the nation’s drug supply, as cannabis is the chief competition to opioids for pain relief and has none of the side-effects.

Our CIA is a most evil organization producing great evil around the world, by far the worst in the world :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron and the crowd of researchers.  There are two important trends being discussed in the last few days, the fact that the Deep State seems to be restricting Trump’s information flow and that their sources are getting scared as more and more unexplained deaths come to light and McCabe’s ability to follow leaks and identify leakers becomes clear :





The Awan Brothers spy case in Congress that George has been investigating is getting into the alt media, but not the legacy media :


If Sessions was serious about draining the swamp, in addition to cracking down on leakers he would promise to protect whistleblowers instead of prosecuting them :


This explains contradictions I have seen in the news lately, e.g. the NYTimes claiming Muller instantiated a Grand Jury to investigate Trump vs another this AM saying Demratic leaders do not have the votes in the House to impeach him. Of course, we have no idea how many Congessmen are compromised by the FBI, CIA or other security group :


Where is Sessions? Samantha Power belongs in jail :


Also Bolton :


The US system of justice is broken, this was murder :


Trump’s problems with Generals are the same that Lincoln had in the Civil War, the General’s obsolete thinking and inability to win. I haven’t read any analysis of how the initial failures contributed to the thinking of the Generals who ultimately won and whether they were necessary :



Our foreign policy establishment learns little from history, they do not control events and normally make things worse by their efforts. The CIA is never correct on anything important. The military fights the last war. All are different ways of saying ‘open systems are complex beyond human comprehension’, and ‘evolution beats planning when dealing with complex systems’ :


The move to open access online journals continues. The journal publishers will eventually fail :


Whigs are the classical liberals, who depended upon local sensibilities to control the political system and prevent central control.  Evolution, not planning :


Archeaology of the 10th century BC in the Israel-Edom-Philistine-Egyptian kingdoms :


How Louis CK tells a joke. Understand that all PR people understand all this and use it. Of course, most of them are not as good as Louis CK nor as focused on making an hour of standup work well :


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