Daily Reading #189

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Patricia Negron and the crowd continue their investigations.

The impeachment process continues and now appears un-stoppable, based on the empty ‘RussiaGate’ and general dislike by all news media of Trump and his administration. That, imho, will be a fatal mistake by our rulers, as it will inevitably lead to the dissolution of the US and conflict between military units, as the criminal Deep State cannot be allowed to win this contest. Trump putting so many military into his administration was a good move, and no doubt Flynn knew who could be trusted.

George’s conclusion is that this episode in US history could easily be ended by Trump declassifying some emails, but the Deep State has some blackmail hold over Trump.  It certainly would explain why Trump is acting so dim, and Sessions is not moving on prosecutions. Flynn is more important in this story than I had understood.

We need an insider to leak those 650K emails on Antony Wiener’s laptop and Patraeus’s 30K emails :





The continuing coup. I have been writing that guilt for 9-11 made the continuing coup inevitable, as otherwise many people will hang. George’s revelations of crimes such as child sex and organ trafficking merely add to that.

The faint-hearted Libertarians did this to us, as they were the only organized political party which had the standing to expose the crime, but instead decided to be part of the Establishment :


If the CIA wins, we will have automated ubiquitous surveillance of every American citizen and complete control of the media :


The push to war continues because the economic and political systems are failing :


McCabe can’t be reassigned for 4 months after the new FBI Director takes office. This never discusses the reality of the $1M+ bribe McCabe received :


The CIA has cover stories in depth for its significant operations. This release of documents has them having second thoughts about whether the Warren Commission’s story was correct or not. Complete BS, as the CIA organized and managed the assassination, Oswald was their patsy.

You can be sure their archives are filled with the same layers of coverup for their 9-11 operation :


The US and Europe continue to lose their centrality in the world :




Other countries are pulling ahead in the honesty game :


Putin is still leading an intelligent administration, unlike the one Trump is saddled with :



This week’s sanction law will very likely be used to eliminate alternative media in the US :


I hope Trump didn’t actually agree to the destruction of the Palestinians :


More reasons not to read the NYTimes. Context, Context, Context has the meaning of everything, including communism :


I have not seen ratios for deaths of insurgents vs occupying troops with modern weapons, e.g. in Iraq.  That wasn’t so much the number of American deaths as it was the cost of the occupation, due to IEDs and the cost of protecting against them :


Trumps ending the CIA’s support of ISIS and other ‘rebels’ in Syria doesn’t mean the US is out of that beleagered country, we still have the military supporting Kurds and other ‘rebels’ :


City vs country has always been a divide, ever since towns. When high bandwidth links are available everywhere, the disadvantages of small towns will be much less and the divides narrower :


Al Gore is typical of socialist leaders, rich and extremely hypocritical :


Technology is always melded with humanity in its many aspects :


We have forgotten the many positive interactions between cultures of earlier times, and don’t seem to notice the ones of today.  The same people hating ‘Pakis’ love curries and all the other ethic food that has come along with immigrants.  Marriages are now happening between Indians and others, so this will get sorted out, if we can avoid community violence :



Microbes and parasites can become virulent and pathogenic by accident :


A reminder that Randall Carlson’s view of the role of catastrophes in civilization is likely accurate.  I read that the new systems check the entire sky every two weeks for anything brighter than Magnitude 13.  This was 18, and so they missed it until it was past the earth :




Einstein’s brain was different, it had more astrocytes :


‘Japan has low inflation’. Right. That is why all of their prices require so many zeros to the right. The failure of official statistics to show inflation is likely the same as in the US, they have copied the US’s economic measures, which under-estimates the CPI :


How can it be legal for a browser extension to send your browsing history to a 3rd party? Of course these end up in NSA’s datasets, just in case NSA misses any of them in copying  all the world’s fiber optic links to NSA’s servers :


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