Daily Reading #188

For several years, I have thought that the legacy media were acting as a COINTEL-PRO in the center of our society, intentionally polarizing every issue.  I ran across these in the last few days that confirm the CIA guided the media to that frame for the news :


In direct opposition to the spy agency’s cultural strategy of fragment and polarize, …


Illargi has a good overview of the state of the world’s political systems, fragile and prone to war. Fabius Maximus backs it up with academic evidence, Thierry Meyssan with a discussion of the effects on Europe and the ME :





This ‘Counter Intelligence’ series has been excellent. So many whistleblowers over so many years, and the CIA and NSA have not been reined in in any respect. Clearly, the secret state has metastasized and is out of control of the Executive Branch and the rest of society :


George Webb and the crowd source team continue their investigation of corruption in the US :










Libya is the kind of thing our Deep State enables, the theft of Libya’s oil, gas, gold and $150B of Gaddafi’s and Libya’s money :


The Deep State could not arise until the Administrative State assumed control of the political system.  The Deep State has infiltrated the important elements of the Administrative State and Constitutionally-based executive branch :


These fractures in political alliances are appearing before any of the serious economic effects. Expect many more such problems, and military actions based upon them :



Venezuela is a warning about what happens when you pursue bad economic policies. Don’t think it can’t happen here :


Fixing the failing health care system :


Spatial organization in ecosystem resilience. “… ecosystems with self-organized spatial patterns are likely to benefit greatly from conservation and restoration actions that use the emergent effects of self-organization to increase ecosystem resistance to disturbance.” Do you suppose manufacturing is an ecosystem that would benefit from these same factors and thinking? Education? Medicine?  :


Another aspect of that, this in human cities through European history :


I read today that Bannon’s goal is to destroy the Administrative State. Excellent, we will be a better nation for returning to our Constitutional roots :


Proscribing political groups is a terrible idea.  The way to combat Islamism is to engage with it, debate the ideas openly. This should be lead by Muslims, of course, part of their own social improvement. Muslims around the world are killed by these people, they suffer the most, and should be taking the lead.  There are many groups doing it, and trying hard to make progress, e.g. the large group that Putin organized a month or so back.  Why is no one helping them?

Because the CIA needs them, of course. ISIS is entirely funded by the CIA and Gulf States :


Yesterday, I critiqued Marx. Just now, I found an essay by Jerry Pournelle doing a much better job of that :


Trade schools don’t fix the overall problem of the job market and the evolution of trades, so not a panacea.  A good review of the recent study :


More things attributed to Anthropogenic Global Warming, although they don’t use those terms any more.  It isn’t that they aren’t real, weather and local climate change continuously, we may be faced with the 1930s Dust Bowl. Who can predict those?

But the idea that human activity control the future climate is ridiculous — we are at the end of the best 10,000 year period for the earth’s climate in the last half million years, during which we have had a dozen or so major ice ages.  Who thinks the older patterns are gone forever?

As for the problem of flash floods because ‘the soil has changed to concrete’, that is a result of farming methods. Natural prairie and forest do not have soils that change to concrete in a drought. Ecosystem farming corrects the loss of permeability, and stores water for dry times — Gabe Brown’s soils aren’t concrete, and his crop losses won’t be nearly as severe :


I haven’t linked to the many videos I watch, these are a small example of a wide range of interesting stuff :

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