Daily Reading #187

This is the best summary of the situation of Trump as President supervising the agencies I have seen :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and the crowd continue the investigation.

The 2nd of these discusses the MUND program to protect translators and other assistants to US forces, which is beng used to bring 1000s of ISI noncoms into the US. Combine these with the 23 arms caches and the illegal weapons they are distributing around the world, and those people could trigger the Continuity of Government law, equivalent to a Deep State coup.

George provides another summary in the 3rd of these.  My version of these is that it is now beyond question that our CIA is run by a criminal syndicate coordinating international mega-criminals, among whom are the Clintons.

This story distilled is Trump vs the Deep State.  Be damn careful who you support in all this — you don’t have to love Trump to understand he is the best alternative we have at the moment.  If this country is to be saved without a shooting revolution, Trump will have to do it. The smartest money has been out of the market for at least a year, probably 2 :







The CIA has much experience in replacing leaders around the world, including John F. Kennedy :


The CIA is behind the RussiaGate fake news, of course.  Now Seymour Hersh confirms it. Has the CIA always been so obvious, or are we just more understanding of their methods and patterns? :


And the Deep State is behind the push to make Russia an enemy.  The recent vote on sanctions reveals how completely AIPAC and the Deep State control congress. The Saker’s article is excellent :



Measures of the Neocon’s stupidity, the US is losing on all fronts because of Neocon policies :


The CIA’s #2 was one of the torturers. Germany is suing her for war crimes, which will inhibit her movements around the world.  Excellent, the world is slowly re-imposing the rule of law on the US :


The trends in policing are also bad, due in part to the CIA’s training of police and other federal leadership :




Jeff Hawkins agrees with me that AIs won’t be grading their own papers any time soon :


Bees are somewhat recovering, pesticides are such a bad idea :


Evolution uses variations on what exists to produce improvements. What exists is never perfect, the tradeoffs necessary for improvements do not produce perfection. ‘Competitive enough to reproduce’ is all that is required :


Systems are complex. Fishery management has to consider a lot of ecosystem variables :


Marx’s major mistake was the labor theory of value.  Other than that, he was an outstanding early economist :


Centralization leads to various forms of dictatorship, inevitably :


Indeed, bitcoin’s usefulness is that it easily spendable, whereas gold is a long-term store of value. Everything is worth what you can sell it for on any given day, gold is no different than bitcoin :


Nobody with any perspective doubts the fact that a huge market crash is coming, probably soon. IMHO, they have delayed the inevitable and pushed this bubble to such insane heights, along with the sizes of the various governments around the world, that a World-wide Greater Depression will be the result.  The stock market will not recover for more than a decade, and many companies will be bankrupt, their stocks worth nothing. This is a time that great fortunes are lost, not made :


Charles Hugh Smith has an excellent grasp of the various system-level aspects of the bubbles produced by easy money :


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