Daily Reading #186

The big list of government lies :


The view of AIPAC as a Meyer Lansky mafia successor is interesting, and fits with Likud being a Eastern European mafia offshoot. Certainly those entities don’t represent the interests of Israelis or Americans :


George Webb, et al. :









A measure of the need for cheaper medical care :


NAFTA was a bad deal for working people on both sides of the border and Mexican rural people :


Venezuela’s economic-political crisis is certainly viewed as an opportunity by our CIA :


Again I note that Israel is not good for Jews :


NSA’s compliance programs never find problems :


The preponderance of evidence, imho, is that Earth is entering another cold phase. Another reason to dis-believe any climate model predictions is that they do not predict that, and do not encompass, so far as I have ever read, the weather that produced the Laurentide Ice Sheet in Canada along with a temperate Siberia :


Coding culture at NASA :


Young people everywhere are disenchanted with government, it seems to me :


Congress critters were being surveilled, so finally got concerned about NSA’s ubiquitous wiretaps :


The argument that central planning is more effective than standard capitalist “magical thinking”. Of course, it doesn’t discuss any of the problems the central planning has produced, which many lie in the immediate path to the future.

The US’s version has its own problems, e.g. the CIA is working hard to take over Congo, which has a few side-effects in our political system :


Google’s search is significantly less useful for me. Youtube rarely provides me with a possible link that is interesting, I see the same links again and again. So their algorithms and presentation of data (so sparse!) are a competitive disadvantage. I rarely use Google for search, although so far there are no replacements for Youtube :


America’s Propaganda Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Propaganda Radio keep up their good works :


Seems to me that the culture is doing this to all women :


The CIA’s torture program cost $81M dollars paid to the psychologist ‘architects’ :


Yes, small is beautiful, and the road to national success is many local businesses :


China’s great firewall has not yet blocked VPNs, but may required all VPNs to be supplied by an authorized provider. Other countries could follow, although fake certificates are easier :


Crime clearance rates are a measure of public confidence in the police, a positive feedback system. There are more than 25,000 unsolved murders from the previous 5 years in the US :


Nina Illingsworth is a fine researcher and writer, this is as unbiased as any discussion of the RussiaGate and associated political phonema gets :


Other versions of the Deep State’s story, endlessly repeated by legacy media, making no sense whatsoever as measured against external realities :



This is the Deep State’s story on the Ukrainian situation. Complete BS, because the US produced that ‘revolution’ in cooperation with the local genuine, derived from Hitler’s policies, Nazis, not the Ukrainian people. Russia only reacted by making it easy for the Eastern Ukrainians, of mostly Russian extraction, to get the arms necessary to prevent the takeover of their land :


More BS. The Right to Bear Arms was abrogated by the Slave-owning South, which produced all of the prohibitions of carrying arms. Among other reasons, there have been 30+ article in State Law reviews bearing such titles as “The Unfortunate Second Amendment”. All but a couple, written by gun-grabbing partisans and not up to the level of scholarship of the others, have concluded the the 2nd Amendment means exactly what it says, and was the standard understanding by EVERYONE in those early days :



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